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                                Part-Time Student Employment

Augustana Vikings Athletics provides various part-time employment opportunities to the
students on campus. There are a variety of positions available as minor officials at the
Vikings home games. These positions can range from time keepers, ticket takers, game
announcers, sound technicians, etc. There is also various positions available in the
Athletics Department listed below.

A general meeting for all interested minor officials will be held on Tuesday,
September 14th at 5:30 p.m. in Room G202. Bring with you your Social Insurance
Card and a blank cancelled cheque (for payroll). You cannot work without a SIN
or valid work permit.

Announcer (Basketball/Volleyball/Hockey)
Introduces team, announces score, infractions and penalties. Promotes and explains special events and
thanks sponsors. The announcer for hockey also runs the sound system ‘Sound Director’ and is in charge
of filling out the score sheet. You must have strong hockey awareness. Understanding of penalties and
timing protocol is essential. Previous experience is an asset.

Timekeeper (Hockey)
Responsible for running the time clock – imputing penalty minutes, etc. Will also assist announcer with
the completion of the score sheet.

Penalty Box (Hockey)
Opens and closes penalty box door as required throughout the game. Replaces pucks shot over the
boards, assists announcer and timekeeper with any problems. During half time you will be required to
move the nets around for the rink attendant on the Zamboni. Being able to skate would be a definite
asset. You will also be required to assist with half-time events.

24-Second Clock (Basketball)
Running the 24-second clock throughout the women’s and men’s basketball games. It is your
responsibility to ensure that the numbers on the score clock are correct and in place before game time.
Statistician (Basketball/Volleyball)
This position sits at the scorer’s table and tracks all stats accurately according to ACAC guidelines
throughout the women’s and men’s games. Stats are operated through a computer software program
called Dakstats. Training will be provided. Strong basketball awareness is essential. The program must
be ‘game ready’ 15 minutes before the game starts

Score Sheet (Volleyball)
Handle all paperwork according to ACAC regulations. Ensure that all information is phoned in and faxed
to the appropriate places

Score Clock (Volleyball)
.The main role of this position is to run the clock for warm-up, in game, and intermissions. You must pay
very close attention to the game to insure the clock is started and stopped at the proper time.

Ticket Seller (Basketball/Hockey/Volleyball)
Will sell tickets and programs at game entrances to the arena or gymnasium. Assists with various special
events (draw boxes). At basketball and volleyball games you will also sell concession items. You will be
required to fill out summary sheets (which includes managing a float and deposit form) for attendance and
any other duties as required.

Score Clock (Basketball)
The main role of this position is to run the clock for warm-up, in game, and intermissions. You must pay
very close attention to the game to insure the clock is started and stopped at the proper time.

Rate of Pay:
Off-Court          :    $45.00 per game ($9.00/hr. x 5 hours)
Off-Ice Officials:      $36.00 per game ($9.00/hr. x 4 hours)

Training will be provided for all positions although experience would be an asset!

Employees must show up on time for their shift. LATENESS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!

Employees must look neat and tidy (wearing provided jacket or golf shirt) and act in a manner that is in
accordance with the ACAC and Augustana Athletics guidelines.

Employees will be required to work every game of the sport or sports that they are hired for. A substitute
will be provided for extenuating circumstances. Your assistance in finding a suitable replacement is

Campus Recreation Facilitator
Assists the Campus Recreation Coordinator with the day-to-day operations of activities. Must be available
evenings and some weekends. See Tom Tigchelaar (780) 679-1149, email Room
G115 for more details.

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