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									Job Description - Housekeeper
Designation                         Housekeeper

Qualifications                      No statutory nursing qualification required

Training                            In-house and external training, supervision and support will
                                    be provided
                                   undertakes appropriately delegated tasks.
                                   Works alongside other clinical / administrative staff.

                                   Responsible to: Nurse Manager
                                   Managerially To Nurse Manager and GP Partners

Summary:                           The post holder is required to work within the multidisciplinary
                                   team under instruction and indirect supervision of the Nurse
                                   Manager. You are guided by standard operating procedures
                                   and required to use a degree of initiative. The Housekeeper is
                                   also responsible for ensuring that communication with
                                   patients, visitors and within the practice team is to the agreed

                                   Whilst there will be occasions where the post holder will be
                                   working autonomously the emphasis is always on the delivery
                                   of a high quality service based upon a team approach. It is
                                   essential that all staff are aware of their performance and the
                                   affect this may have upon colleagues, patients and visitors to
                                   the practice.

                 Leeds Student Medical Practice, 4 Blenheim Court, Blenheim Walk, Leeds LS2 9AE
                                                                        Telephone 0113 295 4488
                 Main Responsibilities of Housekeeper
Management of Patient Experience and Infection Control Standards
    §   Works within all relevant practice policies and guidelines
    §   Cleans and prepares clinical equipment efficiently in accordance with practice policy
        and ensures servicing is undertaken within agreed time scales

    §   Maintains and develops practice policy regarding infection control

    §   Maintains set standards of organisation in treatment / consultation rooms
    §   Prepares clinical areas (including instrument preparation) for specific clinical sessions

    §   Contributes new ideas to improve service delivery

Information Management
    §   Protects and maintains practice information in a confidential manner, in accordance
        with practice policy

    §   Receives and transmits information on the telephone to the agreed practice standard
    §   Records accurate information both manually and on the computer system (training
        will be provided for those not used to working with computers)

    §   Liaises with team members to supply and display health promotion materials in the
        waiting areas and consulting rooms

    §   Provides relevant health promotion literature for patients

Administrative Duties and Role Management
    §   Promotes effective communication and relationships within the practice team and
        interacts in a professional manner

    §   Organises own work schedule within constraints agreed with the Nurse Manager

    §   Provides clerical and administrative support for the nursing team

    §   Ensures stock items are ordered and provided in treatment and consultation rooms

             Leeds Student Medical Practice, 4 Blenheim Court, Blenheim Walk, Leeds LS2 9AE
                                                                    Telephone 0113 295 4488
   §   Assists in the movement and transfer of materials and equipment within and between
       the practice and university campus

   §   Reports to the Nurse Manager if standards are not being met
   §   Recognises potential areas of conflict, preventing where possible and reporting to
       senior members of staff if unable to resolve
   §   Identifies personal training needs and discusses them with the Nurse Manager

   §   Regularly attends Nurse and Practice meetings (whenever possible / applicable)

   §   Is committed to ongoing training and personal development by means of self-directed
       learning, in-house support and / or by attendance at externally held courses

   §   Maintains own record of personal and professional development
   §   Participates in matching organisational aims with personal objectives through
       personal development interviews (appraisal)

   §   The post-holder must comply at all times with the practice’s health and safety
       policies, in particular by following agreed safe working procedures and reporting
       incidents using the Practice Risk Incident Reporting System

   §   The post-holder must cooperate with all policies and procedures designed to ensure
       equality of employment. Colleagues, patients and visitors must be treated equally,
       irrespective of gender, ethnic origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion etc…
   §   Undertakes any other duties appropriate to the grade as required by the practice,
       after undertaking a period of training and supervision and when competence is

   §   The duties and responsibilities are expected to change as the role develops

   §   There is a requirement to be flexible to provide cover for holidays and sickness

Working Conditions
   §   Infrequent exposure to body fluids (e.g. blood and urine)

   §   Infrequent exposure to aggressive behaviour

   §   Occasional use of computer screens

                                                                 Gil Ramsden March 2005; updated May 2007

            Leeds Student Medical Practice, 4 Blenheim Court, Blenheim Walk, Leeds LS2 9AE
                                                                   Telephone 0113 295 4488
                                       Person Specification
                                            Practice Assistant

     Main purposes of post:

     ·   To be part of the primary healthcare team providing high quality and forward thinking support to the
         nursing team

     ·   To be responsible for maintaining and developing infection control systems within the practice

Attributes        Essential                                           Desirable             How identified

Qualifications    None required                                                             Application form
                  Ability to communicate verbally and in writing

Specialist        Willing to develop skills and competency                                  Application form
knowledge /       relevant to the role                                                      Interview
competencies                                                                                References

Practical and     and weaknesses, personal qualities and skills)
                  Demonstrates self awareness (i.e. strengths                               Application form
intellectual                                                                                Interview
skills            Able to communicate routine information

                                                                      Standard key board

Informed          Able to make judgements where there is more                               Interview
Judgements        than a straightforward choice of options (e.g.
                  when ordering and replenishing stock items)

Planning and      Able to organise own time and workload and                                Application form
organisational    cope with last minute changes                                             Interview
skills                                                                                      References

Training and      Willingness to undergo education / training for                           Application form
education         both practice and service needs                                           Professional
                                                                                            portfolio (if
                  Willingness to work towards professional and                              available)
                  performance objectives (appraisal)

                   Leeds Student Medical Practice, 4 Blenheim Court, Blenheim Walk, Leeds LS2 9AE
                                                                          Telephone 0113 295 4488
Attributes          Essential                                          Desirable               How identified

Disposition /       Demonstrates motivation, reliability and                                   Application form
personal            commitment to team working and the                                         Interview
                    development of others                                                      References

                    Flexibility, commitment and adaptability
                    Demonstrates an ability to value the opinions
                    of others

Physical effort /   Fitness to do the job                                                      Health screening
                    Ability to work with manual handling policy
                    Ability to handle simple medical equipment
                    (dexterity and manipulation skills)

                    Frequent requirement for light physical effort
                    for short periods

                    Must be able to travel between sites (practice
                    and university)

                                                                       Hepatitis B immune
                                                                       or willing to undergo
                                                                       an immunisation

Mental and          Concentration required daily
emotional effort
                    Ability to deal with infrequent distressing
                    circumstances or emotional events

                    Ability to cope with infrequent exposure to
                    aggressive behaviour

                     Leeds Student Medical Practice, 4 Blenheim Court, Blenheim Walk, Leeds LS2 9AE
                                                                            Telephone 0113 295 4488

The team currently consists of fourteen members and is lead by a H grade Nurse

In addition there are:
Two G grade Practice Nurses

Two F grade Practice Nurses

Two E grade Practice Nurses

Two D grade Practice Nurses
One C grade Health Care Assistant

One B grade Health Care Assistant

One Health Care Assistant (Vacancy)

One Practice Assistant (vacancy)

We also have a Secretary who works during term time only

The Nurse Manager divides her time between clinical and administrative duties.

The Practice Assistant will work between 08.00hrs – 13.00hrs Monday to Friday, year


            Leeds Student Medical Practice, 4 Blenheim Court, Blenheim Walk, Leeds LS2 9AE
                                                                   Telephone 0113 295 4488

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