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									                        a ASSOCIATED BRITISH PORTS

                                                                                         Vacancy Reference: 41/10
Job Title:                    Assistant Dock Master
Job Grade:                    Supervisory
Location:                     Grimsby

Company:                      Associated British Ports

Reporting to:                 Dock Master

  •     Possession of Certificate of Competency (Deck Officer) Class 1 Master Mariner preferred
  •     Knowledge of the statutory, regulatory and safety responsibilities relevant to the main duties.
  •     Good leadership and communication skills (including I.T.)
  •     Knowledge of Port Operations, and other port emergency plans.
  •     A flexible and committed approach to teamwork
  •     Undertake shift work.
  Main Duties:
   •    Plan, control and facilitate the safe navigation of vessels within Grimsby Port Area, with the
        associated application of by-laws and statutory requirements and regulations.
  •     Carry out the Port’s Statutory Harbour Authorities duties in line with the Grimsby Marine
        Operations Manual.
   •    Maintain effective relations with customers and provide relevant advice.
   •    Liaise with the Humber River Authority and other Terminal operators to ensure safe Marine
        Operations in the Grimsby Port Area.
  •     In conjunction with customers and Assistant Operation Managers, plan vessel’s berthing and
        docking requirements
   •    Respond and take control of emergency situations as required and control them until relieved
        by a Manager.
   •    Lead and supervise the Marine staff in their duties, ensure safety procedures are followed
        and relevant Health and Safety and employment legislation is complied with.
   •    Liaise with the engineering department to ensure the maintenance of port equipment.
   •    Carry out other duties as required by the Marine Managers
   •    Write up reports of any accidents, incidents or damage and represent ABP’s interest.

Applications should be submitted by: 12 May 2010
To: Emma Beardsley, Assistant Personnel Manager, Associated British Ports, Port
    Office, Cleethorpe Road, Grimsby DN31 3LL
If you wish to be considered for this vacancy, please advise your manager and ask him/her to counter-sign your application form. The
Internal application form can be downloaded from the ABP Intranet or obtainable from your Personnel Department.

Only applications submitted on an ABP application form will be considered. The form can be downloaded from the Associated British
Ports web site or you may request a copy from the above postal address.

RECRUITMENT/EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES Please note that we do not wish to fill this position via an agency. Please do not make
unsolicited approaches with reference to the above post.

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