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					                                   BUSINESS OF THE CITY COUNCIL
                                      WINDSOR HEIGHTS, IOWA
                                        AGENDA STATEMENT

                                                                              Item No.______8___
                                                                                       For Meeting of 7/02/08

ITEM TITLE: Consideration of a resolution adopting updated position descriptions for Administrative
             Support/Code Enforcement Officers

CONTACT PERSON(S):                 Marketa George Oliver, City Administrator

 Attached for your consideration is a resolution adopting current position descriptions for the
 Administrative Support Clerk/Code Enforcement Officer position.

The goal for some time now is to have the two support positions (one in Police and one in
Administration) cross-trained and for each of the people in these positions to be able to
provide back up to the other. This is critical for business continuity.

In fact, one of the main reasons upcoming remodeling project, is to create a workspace for the
two employees to be able to provide the back up to one another that is needed for
organizational function. As part of this effort, it is necessary to have some organizational
updates to accompany our structural changes. It is important to have a job description that is
the same for both of the positions. Chief Walters and I have worked on the revised job
descriptions and provided copies to each of the employees soliciting input.

Also attached is the revised organizational chart for the City.

   X Resolution              Ordinance         Contract     Other (Specify)

Funding Source           General

                                                            City Administrator

RECOMMENDATION:                    Approve resolution on a roll call vote.

                                    RESOLUTION NO. 08-0708/


         WHEREAS, the City has employees who render valuable services in performing their
duties; and

        WHEREAS, the City strives to maintain a workforce of knowledgeable, well-trained and
motivated individuals; and

        WHEREAS, the City wishes to continue to provide superior municipal services to its
residents, businesses and visitors; and

        WHEREAS, updated position descriptions and accompanying organizational chart are
necessary for various positions to maintain the City’s workforce; and

WHEREAS, the pay scales for these positions was adopted with the City’s budget;

        NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the City Council of the City of Windsor
Heights, Iowa, that the attached position descriptions are hereby adopted.


                                                      David J. Sullivan, Mayor

Marketa George Oliver, City Administrator/Clerk

                           ENFORCEMENT OFFICER.

Description:               Administrative Support Clerk/Code Enforcement Officer is
                           under the direct supervision of the Chief of Police, and is
                           responsible for various City functions and, on a regular
                           basis to all City departments with clerical and records
                           support and responsibility including but not limited to
                           Public Safety records, building and zoning questions,
                           building permits, filing and maintenance of City records,
                           both those in the Police Department and Administration,

Essential Job Functions:   The ASC/CEO assists the public by answering telephones,
                           receiving bill payments, handling questions, registering
                           voters, answering zoning questions, taking complaints and
                           addressing them to the appropriate department, opens and
                           sorts the mail, provides administrative support primarily to
                           law enforcement and administration, but may be called on
                           to support other departments and areas. S/he is the primary
                           public contact upon entering City Hall.

                           The ASC/CEO is responsible for public safety
                           department’s administrative support. The ASC/CEO is
                           responsible for record keeping. S/he keeps a current alarm,
                           and bill for false alarms and vacation house-check list,
                           mails check list and maintains records of business owners
                           or contacts. Also maintains records of OWI restitution.
                           S/he maintains the criminal charge record book, a file for
                           misdemeanor citations, fingerprint/identification cards, a
                           record of stolen items. S/he is responsible for all other
                           filing and record keeping as well, including maintaining the
                           files in the City vault. The ASC/CEO issues pet licenses to
                           the public and handles other animal control-related
The ASC/CEO provides copies of press releases to the
media and a monthly crime report for the Mayor and City
Council. Other reports which are included in the
ASC/CEO duties are: UCR reports and submitting them to
state and make necessary corrections. Police Activity
Report, Calls for Service Report, Investigative Activity
Report, Case Management on all open cases, Impounds,
and Lien Verifications for Auction, submitting all
necessary passwords or access to programs for officers,
send paper work for warrants filed for and enter and
maintain active warrant. S/he handles the disposition of
paid parking tickets, accident reports, traffic citations,
police record checks, and Iowa Department of
Transportation forms. Send all requested copies to
insurance companies and attorneys, along with billing.
Verify NCIC information, and keep records to keep
certification required by NCIC. Dispatch non emergencies.
Locate and collect on delinquent parking tickets, and bad
checks written to the police department. Distribute all
subpoenas and information needed for court by officers.
Incident report verify all blank case numbers. At officer
request provide Intel information. Make aware of
corrections need to cases. Attend ILEAD meetings.
Correct errors from ILEADS System Management. Enter
arrest photos in ILEADS, record system. Enter L.O.S.T
application. Maintains back up tapes for finical system and
back up tape for PD.

In the event that the ASC/CEO is female, she is required to
be/become a Police Matron. This is required so that in the
event the police department has a female prisoner, the
Matron will be charged with her; it will be the Matron’s
duty to search the prisoner, inventory her belongings and
accompany her to the Polk County Jail. Also required to be
on call.

The ASC/CEO assists with preparations and any other
requested duties pertaining to effective City operations.
The ASC/CEO may handle payroll entries for all City
employees, elected officials, and fire fighters/EMS
personnel. S/he will assist the Chief Financial Officer with
preparation of quarterly payroll records and reconciliation
of payroll contributions. S/he balances and records daily
receipts and may be called on to write checks on occasion.
                             The ASC/CEO handles rental housing registration and
                             inspection verification and works with the rental inspector
                             to maintain compliance on rental units. S/he maintains the
                             database for rental properties. S/he handles nuisance
                             abatement, along with proper documentation, to the extent

                             The ASC/CEO processes permits and licenses as required
                             by the City.

                             The ASC/CEO works closely with all City Departments to
                             abate and enforce established codes, ordinances and
                             regulations. The ASC/CEO conducts field investigations
                             and responds to alleged violations verbally and in written
                             form including, but not limited to: nuisance abatement,
                             zoning and signage issues. The ASC/CEO must have the
                             ability to confer with the general public, businesses and
                             citizen groups to review and explain code requirements in a
                             tactful, firm and impartial manner. Maintains effective
                             working relationships with citizens, property owners,
                             visitors and City employees. Maintains a variety of logs
                             and records related to inspection and enforcement
                             activities; monitors abatement progress. Prepares notices
                             of violations and remedy for correction. Prepares
                             documents for submission to the City Attorney to file the
                             proper complaint for non-compliance; testifies in court as
                             required on behalf of the City. Participates in hearings and
                             makes appropriate recommendations. Assures that the
                             City’s mission, goals, and objectives are fully supported
                             and initiated.

                             S/he is required to maintain confidentiality in all
                             appropriate matters.

Other Duties/Responsibilities:

                             The ASC/CEO is also responsible for record keeping,
                             typing, phone messages and all other general clerical
                             operations. The ASC/CEO will also handle other duties
                             and projects as required. The ASC/CEO will provide
                             administrative support to all members of the management
                             team when necessary.
Entry Requirements:
                              o   Must be at lest 18 years of age
                              o   Must have a high school diploma or GED. Associate’s
                                  Degree in a related area is strongly preferred.
                              o   Knowledge of/education in general accounting
                                  principles and payroll a plus.
                              o   Must be or become a Notary Public.
                              o   Municipal experience and/or education is preferred.
                              o   Knowledge of state and municipal code is also preferred.
                              o   Must be able to read, write and speak the English
                              o   NOTE: a physical examination may be required if there
                                  is a question of possible health problems. The
                                  examination would be conducted by a department-
                                  chosen physician at the expense of the City.
                              o   Must be able to acquire and maintain NCIC certification.
                              o   Must be able to provide a certificate of insurance for
                                  each motor vehicle that he/she may use to respond to the
                                  department activities.
                              o   Must be reachable by telephone at his/her residence
                              o   Must be willing to actively participate in all department
                                  activities required by the position held
                              o   Must be willing to abide by the Rules and Regulations,
                                  orders and Standard Operating Procedures of the
                                  Department, Personnel Policies and any other directives
                                  or work rules.
                              o   Must be willing to complete the initial training required
                                  and to participate in the various training programs
                                  established for the Department for the position to which
                                  he/she is assigned
                              o   Must be willing to maintain any certification acquired
                                  through training provided by or for the department
                                  through successful completion of any required
                                  continuing education requirements to maintain
                              o   Must be willing to attend special schools and
                                  conferences held by other departments and agencies
                                  when said schools are approved by the department

Knowledge/Skills/Abilities: Knowledge of municipal code and policies. Ability to
                            operate 10-key calculator by touch and a variety of
                            computer programs. General knowledge of City
                            government. General clerical skills. The ASC/CEO must
                            have a working knowledge of all administrative office
Major Work Characteristics: This position works in an office environment, sometimes
                            working alone. This position also works directly with
                            elected officials, city staff, and members of the public on a
                            regular basis. Reasonable accommodations may be made
                            to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the
                            essential functions.

Salary/Benefits:              Current compensation information is available from the
                              City Payroll Officer. Information regarding benefits is
                              included in the Personnel Policies Manual.

    This position may be subject to pre-employment and on-going drug and alcohol
    screening for cause. This position is also subject to a pre-employment physical.

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