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					                              JOB DESCRIPTION


Job Title:                            Head of Health Information Services

Responsible to:                       Director of Service Delivery

Department(s)/Location:               Service Delivery. Base to be confirmed
                                      with postholder. Travel to all Contact
                                      Centres on a regular basis.

Job Reference number (coded):


 i      To ensure delivery of an exemplar Online and Telephone Health
        Information Service for the people of Scotland (approx. 5 million).

 ii     To advise the Executive Team on and contribute to the strategic
        development and implementation of the health information service
        strategy, policies and operational procedures across NHS 24 national

 iii    To lead and line manage the Health Information Team as outlined within
        the organisational chart.

 iv     To provide strategic leadership to the Health Information Advisors to
        facilitate delivery of an integrated model of online and telephone health
        information services.

 v      To deliver, coordinate and develop all aspects of NHS 24s Health
        Information Services.

 vi     To lead the delivery of key Scottish Government joint programmes e.g
        NHS inform and Care Information Scotland

 vii    Ensure robust links with other projects which will impact on the Health
        Information Team

Vii     Manage resources in an efficient and effective manner to achieve NHS
        24’s strategic objectives and operational goals.

      ADON                    Director of Service

      CSM                                                      Support
                          Head of Health Information
      Team                Services (THIS POST)                 Web Support

    Health              NHS Inform               Knowledge             Care
    Information         Coordinator              & Library             Information
    Advisor                                      Services              Scotland
    Service                                      Manager               Manager
                        Officers (inc
                        external posts)          Information           Information
                                                 Officers              Officers

                        Information              Information           Information
                        Support Officer          Support               Support
                                                 Officers              Officers


The postholder is responsible for the provision of Health Information services through
the online and telephone channel of service delivery. Specifically, the postholder is
responsible for NHS 24.com/NHS inform incorporating online enquiries, along with the
service provided to the public via the Health Information Advisor (HIA) service. In
addition, the postholder is responsible for the management of the Knowledge
Management System which provides vital information to frontline staff, along with the
management of the libraries across the sites.

The postholder is also responsible for ensuring effective delivery of NHS inform and
Care Information Scotland.

The Health Information Services Team consists the following staff: –

Health Information Co-ordinator
Knowledge and Library Services Manager
Care Information Scotland Manager
 Health Information Officers
Website Administrator
 Information Support Assistants
PA/Project Support
Health Information Advisors – communication link for the strategic development of the

21.60 WTE

Manage a total budget of £820K

•   Line manage and provide leadership for the Health Information Services
•   Lead the development of nhs24.com/nhs inform as a channel for service
•   Lead the strategic development of the telephone channel of delivery for health
    information services
•   Lead and support the development and review of the Knowledge
    Management System through SFLA programme of work
•   Lead strategic business developments for self care and health information to
    support NHS Scotland and the Scottish Executive Health Department ie via
    programmes such as NHS inform and Care Information Scotland.
•   Link with other projects which will impact on the delivery of health information
    via telephone and online channels.
•   Involvement in the development of new media as a source of providing new
    information channels e.g facebook, bebo and twitter


•   Responsible for defining, developing, managing and leading the
    implementation of the health information strategy across the organisation,
    encompassing content, people, processes, and technology.

•   Providing expert advice to Executive Team as national NHS Scotland policy
    evolves, and reviewing and adjusting health information plans to reflect new
    aims and directions.

•   Development and management of solutions to health information needs to
    enable effective service delivery in both clinical and health information

    Continuous analysis and evaluation of usability of NHS 24s Health
    Information services; appraise development options; make recommendations
    and produce specifications to deliver improvements
•   Ensure robust processes are in place to ensure effective governance systems
    across the team.

•   Operationally manage the delivery of NHS 24s Health Information services

•   Interactwith commercial and non-commercial content suppliers ensuring
    tendering processes are applied as appropriate.

•   Manage evaluation of NHS 24 Health Information services on an ongoing
    basis ensuring this information informs future service development and
    contributes to the NHS 24 strategy.

•   Line manage the Health Information Team including:
       o appoint staff;
       o train staff and enable continuing professional development;
       o setting of objectives and regular reviews
       o ensuring compliance with e-ksf
       o monitor team performance informally and formally through personal
          development plans/key performance indicators.
       o motivate and encourage and support team members to provide
          positive working environmentimplement NHS 24 organisational policies
          and values within the Health Information Team.

•   Set in place effective communication systems with partners in other Health
    Information Services at local and national levels, in NHS, 3rd sector and other
    and sectors.

•   Present on NHS 24 Health Information services at conferences and seminars
    involving senior stakeholders in NHS Scotland and other sectors.

•   Work actively to develop and improve health information services through
    participation in and contribution to National Groups.

•   Identify current and future health information business needs and through gap
    and needs analyses, and source or develop solutions to those needs.

•   Lead, design, execute and manage workstreams and projects which bring
    concrete results or solutions to health information needs both within NHS 24
    and beyond; for NHSScotland and the public.

•   As a member of the Management Team contribute to the immediate and long-
    term strategic direction of NHS 24

•   Work with IT staff to translate business needs into IT solutions all Health
    Information services.
•   Responsible for procurement of resources and applying the tendering process
    where appropriate.

•   Lead new business development in Health Information services in support of
    NHS Scotland and Health Department health improvement agenda. This
        o assessment of new service / business requests, business case
           development and guidance of proposals through NHS 24 Executive
           team and NHS Board approvals processes
        o the project leadership, service design, development and
           implementation of Online Health Information and the integration of new
           services into NHS 24 organisation.

•   Responsible, as business lead for Health Information Services to work in
    partnership with Scottish Executive Health Department and NHS 24 Service
    Delivery across all sites, providing business leadership and operational
    guidance to ensure online service delivery meets public needs and

•   Accountable for ensuring clinical governance structures, supported by robust
    systems and processes are in place to deliver a safe and effective service.

•   Responsible and accountable for the implementation of NHS 24
    organisational risk reduction policies within Health Information Services. This
    includes the management and recording of risks and implementation of
    solutions for risk mitigation.

•   Responsible and accountable for ensuring that the Health Information Service
    complies with statutory regulations including Health & Safety, Equality &
    Diversity and DDA.

•   Manage a total budget of £820K ensuring appropriate use of public funds
•   Develop financial proposals for joint working programmes where the funding
    stream is external to NHS 24. Provision of regular financial updates.


Word – for the provision of records, reports, communication.
Excel – for the storage and production of data to enable the generation of
reports including financial reporting and processing of expense claim forms,
annual leave and sickness records.
PowerPoint – for the design and production of presentations.
Outlook – for effective and efficient communication and diary management.
Project – for effective and efficient management of knowledge services
Content Management System – for updating the NHS 24 intranet and public
General Equipment – use of PC, laptop, printer, telephone, fax, photocopier,
scanner, audio visual equipment, video and teleconferencing units, laminator,
binder, shredder. Use of a mobile phone with prolonged conversations on a very
frequent basis. Use of telephones for call conferencing on a very frequent
Internet Explorer – to identify guidance and research topics for knowledge
Intranet – for access to organisational policies, procedures and updates.
Knowledge Management System – to ensure information for nhs24.com is up
to date and accurate.
SHELCAT – library management system
NHS 24 Systems – Cipher, Cedar and others as appropriate
A4C – use of e-ksf and the development of role profiles and associated


As a direct report to an Executive Director , the post holder is required to bring a
high level of management expertise o help inform Executive Team decision
making.The postholder is responsible for the day to day delivery of health
information services to the people of Scotland (approx. 5 million potential users) .
The postholder is expected to:

      •   Exercise their own initiative, judgement and discretion in how the key
          objectives of the post are achieved, e.g. in the delivery of programmes
          of                                                                 work.

      •   The postholder is required to interpret and make decisions across a
          wide range of issues including legislation, policies and guidance which
          have frequent conflicting priorities, assessing courses of action and
          making recommendations on implementation.

      •   The postholder is required to demonstrate and use effective leadership
          and decision making skills in order to support their staff, and to ensure
          effective communication across a range of internal and external

      •   The postholder is required to exercise high level initiative, judgement
          and discretion in deciding the appropriate action(s) to be undertaken
          when negotiating, communicating and consulting on any change which
          will impact on service delivery
       •   Analyse information and assess the impact of any wider NHS 24 and
           national developments and make decisions regarding the direction of
           the    Health    Information  services    programme     of    work.

       •   Make decisions regarding interpretation and implementation of national
           strategy and policies.

       •   Undertake option appraisals and make recommendations to Executive
           Team and Board for approval.

       •   Make judgements and decisions to set priorities and work flexibly in
           order to gain support for health information services amongst


The postholder is expected to communicate with a wide range of senior clinical
and non-clinical staff within NHS 24 and with senior officials of external
organisations. Excellent communication skills are required since a major
purpose of communication is to persuade others and negotiate the
implementation of change.

The postholder is expected to have strong presentation skills and to be able to
express a view convincingly and coherently, both verbally and in writing,
encompassing sensitive issues and information as facilitator, coach and mentor
for individuals and groups.

The postholder may find themselves in conflict with staff and external partners at
all levels where current delivery models are being challenged necessitating
conflict   resolution  and    strong   negotiation      and    coaching     skills.

The postholder is required to demonstrate competence in consultation,
negotiation and influencing skills.

The day to day management of all direct reportees, which may include the
allocation of work responsibilities, the setting and monitoring of performance
objectives, disciplining of staff where performance does not meet the
requirements of their job description, the selection and recruitment of staff of both
a temporary and permanent nature.

Key internal relationships are with:
   • Director of Service Delivery
   • Executive & Non Executive Directors
   • Associate Directors of Operation and Nursing
   • Service Delivery Senior Management Team
   •   Head of National Service Management & Performance and team
   •   Head of Technology
   •   Head of Planning
   •   Finance Director and senior team
   •   Head of Recruitment
   •   Learning & Development team
   •   Equality & Diversity Team
   •   Clinical Governance team
   •   Partnership
   •   Administration and other key support staff

Key external relationships are with:
   • Scottish Executive Health Department
   • NHS Education for Scotland
   • NHS Health Scotland
   • NHS Boards
   • Local Authorities
   • Voluntary Groups e.g. Health Rights Scotland, CAS
   • Lobbying Groups e.g. Patient Information Forum


Physical Effort & Working Conditions:
• Daily requirement for desk work with concentrated periods using a computer
• Requirement most days to attend and sometimes chair organisation and
  external meetings with prolonged periods of sitting (1-3 hours).
• Required to undertake frequent (twice a week or more) travel between NHS
  24 sites and across the UK, regularly involving physical lifting/carrying of
  laptop, quantities of working papers and other documents and luggage. Also
  involves periods of driving / rail travel with long periods of sitting in restricted
• This team are currently in a transition phase from Clinical Development into
  Service Delivery and as such there are a number of high priority areas to be
  addressed resulting in high volume workload and consequent competing

Mental Effort:
• Daily requirement for discussion and negotiation with external partners and
  internal organisation with high level of concentration.
• Most days - requirement for written documents, reports and other
  organisational documents
• Most days - requirement to participate in telephone / video-conferencing
• Mobile phone / email communication with frequent expectation of interruption
    to daily tasks
•   Multi-tasking and effective time management.

Emotional Effort:
• Demands of prioritising challenging workload and meeting challenging project
  delivery timescales.
• Regular expectation of overnight stay and periods away from home and


•   Responding positively to change and the demands of differing priorities within
    a large national organisation
•   Establishing robust operational management systems within a dynamic
•   Balancing strategic leadership with the operational management role
•   The ability to meet tight timescales whilst dealing with persistent interruptions
    and conflicting priorities.
•   Persuading and gaining recognition and support, both within and external to
    NHS 24, of the value and importance of health information services and their
    development as part of wider NHS Scotland health improvement plan.
•   Ensuring NHS 24s Health Information services are accessible and provide
    quality-assured information about health and health services for the people of


•   Educated or working towards masters degree level, with postgraduate
    management qualification
•   Minimum of 5 years of Senior Operational Management experience within the
    NHS across a range of service areas
•   Strong focus on achievement and delivery, with a creative but pragmatic
    approach to problem-solving
•   Experience in managing major organisational change and development
•   Evidence of successful project management skills and experience
•   Evidence of sound financial management
•   Evidence of innovative development of services
•   Evidence of successful partnership working
•   Excellent staff management, high level interpersonal skills with the ability to
    demonstrate a professional attitude at all times, especially when under
    pressure and to facilitate, persuade and influence others at all levels
•   Leadership skills, drive and enthusiasm with the ability to manage staff who
    are not direct reports
•   Excellent communication skills to present complex information to a variety of
    audiences in the form of oral, written and presentation.
•   Analytical interpretation of management information
•   Strong planning and organisational skills
•   Ability to work independently, at a senior level, and as part of a team
•   Enthusiastic individual with a ‘can do’ attitude
•   Sufficient IT or IT project exposure to understand possible applications
•   Experience of the NHS and UK health information is an advantage


A separate job description will need to be signed off by each
jobholder to whom the job description applies.

Job Holder’s Signature:                                           Date:

Head of Department Signature:                                     Date:

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