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									My job descriptions are not "written in stone", as I only have four staff in the office including

The 4 job titles are Assessor, Chief Deputy, Chief Appraiser & IT Admin. and Chief Clerk (Asst.
Assessor, as of new budget).

As Assessor, I also serve as Guthrie Co. Zoning Admin.; so I have quite a few various job
descriptions. Some being all the administrative work decisions in Assessor's Office (Budgets,
Requisitions, Decisions on Revaluations & Alternate Equalization Orders, Hiring Outside
Consultants; ie. Vanguard Appraisers, Inc. or the Sidwell Company, etc. and Appraisal of large
complex Industrials, Commercials, & Residentials, to name a few. As County Zoning
Administrator I approve all "Splits" property divisions whether platted surveys or subdivisions,
before they are recorded. I also issue all building permits in the County if they are non
agricultural. Hold public hearings, in conjunction with the Zoning Commission, Board of
Adjustment, & Board of Supervisors.

The Chief Deputy is primarily responsible picking up new construction, yearly revaluations,
reconciliation reports, abstract of assessments, reporting forms; ie cable TV,etc., being accounted
for, as well as, administrating the running of the Assessor's Office in the absence of the Assessor.

The Chief Appraiser & Information Technology Adm. is also primarily responsible picking up new
construction, yearly revaluations, assisting the assessor on large projects, making decisions on
computer hardware & software purchases, daily backups & updates on VCS & CMS, reconciling
property splits for Sidwell, as well as Asst. Zoning Admin.

The Chief Clerk or Assistant Assessor (now) is primarily responsible for the daily tasks of keeping
up and filling out the Declaration of Value transfers, keeping all name, address & legal description
changes, answering the phone, FAXs, signing up Homesteads, Militaries, Family Farms, etc; or
deleting them when required, etc.

As a footnote, I might add these are very broad job descriptions and all the personnel, including
myself are cross trained in all of the above jobs, with the exceptions of
major administrative decisions & technical IT decisions. I have been here 28 plus years, Chief
Deputy 16 years, Chief Appraiser 7 years and Assistant Assessor 18 years, so
As it stands, most of these tasks are interchangeable between all personnel, when the need

I hope this helps?

Barry C. Stetzel
Guthrie County Assessor & Zoning Administrator

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