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					                                                  Salisbury Church
                                                   Job Description
POSITION TITLE:              Executive Pastor
REPORTS TO:                  Senior Pastor

POSITION: PURPOSE/ SCOPE: The responsibilities of the Executive Pastor focus on the ministerial or business
functions of the day-to-day management of the church. The Executive Pastor ensures that the business affairs of the
church, including the supervision of the staff and the appropriation of allocated resources, enhance and enable the
effective ministry of the church. The role of the Executive Pastor frees the Senior Pastor to devote more time to
preaching, teaching and mentoring. The Executive Pastor will play a significant role in the vision/strategic planning
of the church and will help drive the vision throughout the staff as well as actively work with the Ministry

                                                 Major Job Expectations:
                         Personnel Management / Staff Supervision & Development:
 o   Direct and oversee annual evaluation process
 o   Shepherd, guide, support and develop church leaders and maintain regularly scheduled contact with leaders
 o   Implement an accountability system that ensures the church personnel are setting, measuring and achieving
     specified and objective goals in line with the vision and direction of the church
 o   Responsible for hiring and dismissal of staff after consultation and guidance from the Elder Board
 o   Maintain efficient and effective lines of communication between the staff, ministry leaders and Senior Pastor
 o   Coordinate staff retreats
 o   Manage personnel matters such as vacation dates, staff evaluations, interviews, training and professional
     development, and maintaining balanced work schedules

             Financial Operations:                                                     Administration:
 o   Oversee financial record system and direct its                o    Oversee development of and adherence to church
     operation                                                          policies and procedures
 o   Periodic review wage/salary structures and                    o    Meet regularly with the Senior Pastor to apprise him
     make recommendations to finance committee                          of status of church operations and staff activities
 o   Budget planning                                               o    Assist the pastoral staff in goal setting, planning,
 o   Prepare for yearly audit                                           prioritizing and ministry implementation
 o   Oversee financial data management                             o    Evaluate insurance and benefit package needs of the
 o   Facility budget and expenditures                                   church

              Strategic Planning:                                                           Ministries:
 o   Coordinate and lead weekly staff meetings and                 o    Maintain strong accountability with Salisbury ministry
     other activities designed to clarify and execute                   leaders in all areas of ministry for growth spiritually,
     Salisbury’s goals and objectives                                   numerically, and evangelistically
 o   Coordinate with Senior Pastor in vision and goal              o    Perform pastoral functions or duties as needs arise or as
     setting                                                            directed by the Senior Pastor
 o   Monitor the pulse of the congregation through
     research and evaluation
 o   Ensure staffing, facilities and programs are
     appropriately and effectively aligned to best meet
     Salisbury’s vision and mission.

                                                   Facility Management:
 o   Oversee the management and development of all facilities owned or operated by Salisbury. This includes scheduling and
     utilization of all facilities and ensuring the completion of business, facility, and logistical support functions through staff
     and lay volunteers.
 o   Direct the maintenance program of the church; work with the appropriate committee to establish a maintenance and
     housekeeping schedule
 o   Establish and maintain a facility use schedule
 o   Maintain an inventory of church property and equipment

      o   Requires commitment to biblical Christian principles and teachings both professionally and personally
      o   Requires a high school diploma or equivalent
      o   Degree preferred and/or experience related to administration/management finance or other comparable
          business or financial training
      o   Requires the ability to listen effectively and to communicate clearly, both orally and in written form
      o   Requires quality leadership skills
      o   Requires exceptional administrative skills
      o   Requires basic ability to use computer software, such as Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, and
      o   Requires passing appropriate background checks

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