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 Position in Structure

 End User  Site Owner  Site Collection Administrator  Helpdesk  Farm Administrator  Evangelist  Architect

 Purpose of Post

 Technical team lead architecting topology and scalability of farm. (Can also be the operational, day to
 day decision maker on the running of the platform if there is no fulltime person for this in the

 Key Performance Indicators

 Architecture :
  Architect Enterprise Search capability.
  Design farm with licensing restrictions and future upgrades in mind.
  Analyze Production implementation – identify and resolve errors, ensure ongoing stability of the
  Assess implications of leveraging Enterprise Features and architect solutions accordingly.
  Identify legacy systems that can be replaced with SharePoint.
  Communicate topology to Farm Administrators.
  Identify admin / management tool to be deployed on the platform.
  Plan and architect intranet, extranet and internet SharePoint environments.
  Establish bandwidth limitations and plan accordingly.
  Initiate and manage POC’s and prototypes as required.
  Perform load testing on different environments.
  Design Enterprise applications.
  Establish end user access policy and permissions and delegate permissions authority to applicable

 Governance and Procedures :
  Document what constitutes custom development.
  Document custom development systems development lifecycle.
  Document SharePoint implementation.
  Establish Governance Forum consisting of business and IT role-players.
  Write preliminary Governance Plan for collaboration with business and IT at Governance Forum.
  Communicate all procedures to business.

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 Projects :
  Technical advisor to business on what SharePoint can offer out of box – diagnose and map business
  Recommend project approaches and submit time and cost estimates.
  Lead, plan and manage business / solution design, configuration and implementation.

 Development :
  Technical team lead for all development projects ensuring top quality delivery and best practices are
  Provide technical impact assessment of custom dev requirements.
  Analyse, test and approve any custom development.
  Analyse, test and approve any 3rd party tools required by business.
  Integrate business systems with SharePoint – full systems development lifecycle.
  Develop extensions and custom components.
  Develop collaboration, workflow and InfoPath forms.
  Architect technical solutions with detailed documentation.

 Post Dimensions

 Typical Problems :
     Too many legacy systems already in the company making it very time consuming to map to
     Resistance to change on another technology being introduced to the organisation.
     Once identified as the SharePoint expert, everybody in the company will knock on your door for
     Getting approval and budget to build a strong team to support the platform.
     Business finding their own vendors and doing custom development without guidance creating
         problems when they want the solution put into Production.
     Getting the support teams to take ownership of their various tasks.
     Lack of internal developer skills.

 Impact of Decisions :
     Architecting an implementation that is not scalable can cause huge costs for the company down
        the line in manpower and infrastructure.
     Bad planning on an extranet environment could expose the intranet to the outside world.
     Not testing a 3rd party product thoroughly that has technical flaws could destabilize the

 Special Aspects of Post :
     Need to stay very current with industry best practices and trends at all times.
     You need to understand the company software footprint sufficiently to recommend the moving
         of some data onto SharePoint where applicable.

Example : Job Description – SharePoint Architect : Rev 1.0   Last Updated : 24 January 2010   www.letscollaborate.co.za   Page 2 of 4
               You need to communicate daily with the Farm Administrators and Evangelist on issues,
                management and future of the platform.
               The ability to communicate well is essential as you are effectively guiding the SharePoint teams.
               Must have strong leadership skills and mentor and empower your support teams.
               You will communicate with top management so need to be professional and articulate at all

 Interaction Levels :
      Business users.
      Management team.
      IT staff.
      Vendors.

 Work Experience Required :
     Minimum 5 years implementation and management of a SharePoint platform in multi server
        farm installation.
     Understanding of SOA, SaaS, Business Intelligence, Information Management, Knowledge
        Management, integration, portals, etc.
     Solid knowledge and experience on Microsoft technology landscape including various server
     Capacity Planning.
     Growth Management.
     Intranet / Internet / Extranet Collaboration.
     Intranet Central Search Portal.
     Business Process Management.
     Software testing and training.
     Database administration.
     Licensing.

 Skills Required :
       MCTS 70-631 : Configuring Office SharePoint Server 2007.
       MCTS 70-630 : Configuring Windows SharePoint Services 3.0.
       STSADM.
       SQL Server 2005, 2008.
       IIS 6 / 7.
       Windows Server 2003 / 2008.
       DNS / WINS (Name resolution).
       TCP / IP.
       SQL Server 2005 Advanced Administration.
       Basic Firewall rules and Proxy.
       IT Infrastructure Design.
       Hardware Acquisition.
       Performance Monitoring.
       Windows Workflow Foundation.
       K2 blackpearl / blackpoint.

Example : Job Description – SharePoint Architect : Rev 1.0   Last Updated : 24 January 2010   www.letscollaborate.co.za   Page 3 of 4
               Client Troubleshooting and Support on Browsers, Office and Windows versions.
               HTML and Client Side Scripting (Javascript, AJAX, DHTML, XSL, XSLT, XHTML).
               Exchange and SMTP integration.
               Microsoft Cluster Services and Windows Network Load Balancing.
               SAN Storage.
               Backup Solutions.
               Hardware Load Balancing, ISA Secure Web Publishing.
               IAG Whale Communications.
               Single Sign-On Integration.
               Connection Monitoring and Troubleshooting.
               Multi Farm Deployments.
               Stage Deployments (Dev, Test, UAT, Prod).
               MOF, ITIL, MSF Frameworks and strong understanding of SDLC.
               Virtualisation – Virtual Server 2005, Virtual OC, VMWare.
               SharePoint Designer 2007.
               Visual Studio 2008.

 Attributes Required :
      Strong leadership skills.
      Excellent bilingual written, verbal and presentation skills.
      Very technical.
      Highly analytical.
      Innovative thinker.
      Ability to see the ‘big picture’.
      Work with all levels of staff up to top management.
      Willingness to take ownership.
      Attentive to detail.
      Ability to multi-task.
      Stress tolerance.
      Developing and building a successful team.
      Contributing to team success.
      Willingness to share information.
      Communication.
      Culture interpersonal sensitivity.
      Trustworthiness.
      Work without supervision.

Example : Job Description – SharePoint Architect : Rev 1.0   Last Updated : 24 January 2010   www.letscollaborate.co.za   Page 4 of 4

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