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									                                    STATEMENT OF DUTIES
Position Title:                                       Employment Consultant

Division:                                             YWCA NSW Programs Department - SWR

Award Classification:                                 CETTS Award

Hours per Week:                                       Full Time

Responsible To:                                       Regional Manager - SWR

Primary Purpose
•   Role Definition:
    - The Employment Consultant role is a key frontline position responsible for working with job seekers and
       employers to maximize sustainable employment for unemployed people. These services are offered
       under the Commonwealth Job Network program
    -   The consultant will have training and marketing skills to market and match jobseekers to employer
        requirements. The employment consultant identifies and co-ordinates delivery of assistance tailored to
        each job seeker’s needs, including working directly with employers to provide access to job placement
        and work experience opportunities.

Duties & Responsibilities
1. Major accountabilities of position:
    •   Achieve sustained employment outcomes for long term unemployed and disadvantaged job seekers in
        line with site targets
    •   Identify and secure work opportunities for job seekers, particularly those hardest to place
    •   Adhere to JOB futures values and services strategies in delivering Job Network services
    •   Develop and maintain quality relationships with key stakeholders
    •   Ensure compliance with contractual and legislative requirements, in particular the service guarantee

2. Operational & Strategic Objectives
    •   Positively impact on job seekers lives by assisting them into sustainable employment consistent with a
        plan to achieve their long term aspirations
    •   Contribute to JOB futures goal of becoming the best performing Job Network provider, particularly for
        disadvantaged job seekers
    •   Identify and co-ordinate delivery of assistance for job seekers that will improve their employment
        prospects – through building self-esteem, providing high quality job searching and assistance
    •   Document and administer the Job Network program to meet DEWR’s standards of ethical practice and
    •    Identify and generate opportunities for job seekers in the local labour market
    •   Provide a valuable service to employers which will encourage the creation of more opportunities for long
        term unemployed people

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3. People Objectives
    •   Work as part of a close team to ensure that no opportunities are lost to meet long term unemployed job
        seekers needs
    •    Work as part of a wider network of JOB futures organizations to share opportunities and learning
    •   Networking in the local and wider community to develop opportunities for jobseekers, employers and
        other stakeholders

4. Major activities in position
    •   Assess job seekers strengths, obstacles and opportunities in the labour market
    •   Work with each job seeker to develop an action plan to achieve sustainable employment consistent with
        their long term goals
    •   Reverse marketing of job seekers to employers and manage employer relationships
    •   Motivate and support job seekers to sustain job search and employment
    •   Coach job seekers in job search strategy both individually and in small groups
    •   Ensure compliance with contract/legislation, maintain accurate records

5. Performance Indicators
    •    Achievement of placements for disadvantaged job seekers through reverse marketing
    •    Achievement of 13 and 26 week employment outcomes
    •   Achievement of 13 and 26 week employment outcomes for equity target groups and very long term
    •   Vocational profiles when required, assessments and job search plans which address the needs of
        individual job seekers and their labour market context
    •    Compliance with JOB futures service plan and approach
    •    Documentation of activities and contacts to DEWR/JOB futures standards
    •    Effective relationships with Centrelink, DEWR and other service providers

    Baseline KPI’s to be achieved in conjunction with the team include:
    •    Achievement of excellent performance reflected in star rating
    •    Quality service to job seekers and employers
    •    100% compliance with contract and legislative requirements
    •    identification and generation of job opportunities for job seekers through ongoing employer relationships
    •    Positive community impact

6. To comply with the OH&S responsibilities relevant to your position, as specified in the YWCA Corporate
   Manual, Section 5 – Occupational Health & Safety Policy, of Employer and Employees.

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General Requirements
1.    Whilst at work, accept responsibility for compliance of all personal, professional and organization obligations
      −   Occupational Health and Safety.
      −   Equal Employment Opportunity.
      −   Infection Control and Risk Management.
      −   Notifications in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements.
      −   Compliance of all services under the position’s control with all Statutory and Legislative requirements.
      −   Carry out all functions in accordance with the philosophy, mission and values of the YWCA NSW

Performance Management
•     It is a policy of YWCA NSW for all staff to undergo a qualifying period of six months. Continuation of
      employment is dependent upon successful completion of the qualifying period. Performance appraisals
      are conducted annually after the first six months.

 It is an offence under the NSW Child Protection (Prohibited Employment) Act 1998 for a person convicted of a
serious sex offence to apply for this position. Relevant Criminal History, Apprehended Violence Orders and prior
employment checks, including relevant disciplinary proceedings, will be conducted on recommended applicants.

As occupant of this position, I have noted this Statement of Duties and agree with the contents therein. I
understand that other duties may be directed from time to time that I also agree to strictly observe the YWCA’s
policy and procedures. I understand and agree to treat all information regarding current privacy laws and
regulations and agree to treat all information relating to client and organisational details confidential at all times.

Name: Employment Consultant                                         Signature: Employment Consultant

Name: Regional Manager - SWR                                        Signature: Regional Manager - SWR

Name: Director CSP - Metropolitan                                   Signature: Director CSP - Metropolitan

Z:\My Documents\Human Resources\Job Descriptions\Programs Department Job Descriptions 2006\Employment Consultant 2 November 2006.doc
Last Updated 2 November 2006

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