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ec-definitions-and-job-descriptions--2008-2009 by sherinwilliam77



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Mission: The World Bank Family Network (WBFN) embraces and supports WBG
Families around the World.
WBFN relies on its volunteers to serve the World Bank Group families, with the assistance of paid staff
provided by WBG. Its goals are to facilitate the adjustment of World Bank Group families to their new envi-
ronment; to provide ongoing support to World Bank Group families; to serve as the advocate of spouses and
families, and as liaison between Bank Group management and families; and to increase the understanding of
the work of the World Bank group.

WBFN Executive Committee (EC)
The WBFN Executive Committee (EC) provides leadership to ensure that WBFN services and programs
reflect the changing needs and interests of the World Bank Group families. The WBFN President and Pres-
ident-elect are members of the EC. The EC is composed of a Secretary, a Nominating Chair and not fewer
than three or more than eight additional members. The EC meets monthly at the WBFN Office. The WBFN
President prepares the agenda and presides at EC meetings

                                   JOB DESCRIPTIONS

Common to all EC Members
A- Guiding Principles for EC Members
  1- Work within the overall WBFN framework to ensure that its mission, and short- and long-term objec-
     tives are met.
  2- Bring individual creativity to problem-solving efforts in response to WBFN member needs and to pro-
     mote member interests
  3- Promote team spirit within the EC and witin the broader WBFN membership.
  4- Represent EC views in all issues, in coordination with President/President-Elect, ensuring that these
     reflect the official WBFN position, reached through consensus.
  5- An EC chair may, with the approval of the EC, appoint a vice-chair to assist with duties. While this
     person can represent the chair at the EC meeting, he/she has no voting right.

B- Responsibilities of EC Members regarding designated programs and tasks:
  1- Attend monthly EC meetings. Prior to each meeting, write and circulate via email a brief written report
     on initiatives, activities and concerns related to designated groups and programs. Attend Represen-
     tative Council (RC), Annual meetings, and, when possible, WBFN Welcoming activities.                  1
   2- In coordination with WBFN President, serve as liaison with Bank units, as appropriate, and foster
      interaction with family associations at other International Organizations. Inform WBFN President of
      plans to meet with WBG Bank units and arrange to be accompanied to meeting by another EC mem-
  3- Ensure appropriate use of and accounting of budget allocation and look for other sources of revenue or
     funding when appropriate. Consult with WBFN Coordinator on budget questions.
  4- Communicate regularly with leaders of activities under responsibility to ascertain or respond to their needs
     and to ensure that WBFN information reaches them; look for volunteers to fill vacancies as necessary.
  5- At least once a year invite all leaders of designated groups to an informal meeting in order to promote
     communication, brainstorming and a sense of community among volunteers.
  6- Publicize designated programs in the Mosaic newsletter, on the WBFN website and through fliers and
     posters; create and update relevant webpages..
  7- Perform other duties as assigned and agreed to liaise with other EC Members on projects of mutual
  8- Become familiar with and follow all WBFN by-laws and the policies and procedures outlined in the
     various Guidelines included in the EC Briefing Book.

C- Competencies/Interests:
  1- Interest in volunteering
  2- Genuine interest in meeting and helping people
  3- Keen interest in working for the well-being of the WBG community
  4- Ability to work effectively in a multicultural environment
  5- Teamwork skills
  6- Problem-solving skills
  7- Communication skills
  8- Interest in personal growth and developing and/or strengthening skills

Terms of Reference for EC Positions
A- WBFN President
To act as guardian of the vision and mission of the WBFN, including leading and representing WBFN,
overseeing all WBFN programs and publications to ensure they meet the needs of the membership and are in
compliance with WBFN bylaws and World Bank regulations.
Primary responsibilities
  1- Represents, advocates, lobbies on behalf of the WBFN
  2- Strengthens teamwork among volunteers, especially the EC
  3- Reinforces existing relation with relevant WBG Departments and develops new contacts and relations
     as needed; liaises with WBG management, WBG units and with WBFN membership
  4- Reports periodically to the WBG HR Vice President
   5- Ensures appropriateness of all publications and public statements delivered under the auspices of
  6- Ensures WBFN is represented at the Staff Orientation, at the Spouse Orientation, at the Domestic
     Abuse Prevention Hub meetings and other programs which benefit World Bank families
  7- Maintains liaison with international community and sister organizations and organizes Annual Multi
     Org Meeting together with EC members relevant to the topic chosen that year
  8- Schedules and helps organize WBFN Alumnae Meeting (every other year)
  9- Ensures that the WBFN by-laws are respected
 10- Coordinates and cooperates with the WBFN Coordinator to ensure adequate support systems for the
     WBFN and a well-functioning office; conducts the Coordinator’s annual evaluation
 11- Monthly obligations: Chairs EC meetings, attends Budget and Finance Committee/Agenda meetings
 12- Acts as liaison with Book Project and Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund; attending respective
     Board meetings
 13- Displays readiness to listen to WBFN members; Practices open door policies and incorporates feed-
     back from members.

B- WBFN President-Elect
To prepare for assuming the duties of the Presidency.
Primary Responsibilities:
  1- Works closely with the WBFN President
  2- Functions as President in the President’s absence (including chairing EC meetings, checking in advance
     copy of Mosaic, e-announcements and articles on WBFN website).
  3- Organizes the WBFN Annual Membership Meeting and Exhibits.
  4- Chairs the Committee and is responsible for the WBFN Annual Dinner
  5- Serves on the monthly EC Agenda and Finance Committees
  6- Acts as EC liaison in developing new programs and works to see whether a new program should be
     continued and, if so, how it should be incorporated into the organization
  7- Develops or revises a program or aspect lacking in the organization with the intention of continuing this
     after assuming the presidency.

C- Secretary
To maintain records of the EC meeting proceedings and the decisions taken
Specific Tasks:
  1- Prepares minutes and handles correspondence of the EC and Representative Council
  2- Serves on monthly EC Agenda and Finance Committees, and may be appointed to chair these committees.

D-     Nominating Chair
To identify eligible candidates to fill the slate openings on the Executive and Nominating Committees and
present them to the EC for their approval
Specific Tasks:
  1- Chairs the Nominating Committee which is comprised of one representative each from DC, MD, and VA
  2- Publicizes needs and seeks recommendations to fill EC and Nominating Committee vacancies
  3- Informs potential candidates and new EC members about the EC and the responsibilities of their position

E- Education Chair
To serve as a facilitator for volunteers who are interested in organizing or offering education programs to the
WBFN. These include language and literature groups, information seminars, financial literacy classes, and any
other educational programs that arise.
Primary responsibilities:
  1- Meets periodically with activity group chairpersons or coordinates to ascertain or respond to their
     needs; maintains regular communication with them to ensure that WBFN information reaches them.
  2- At least once during tenure invites all education RC members to a social meeting in order to enhance
     friendship and communication among volunteers.
  3- Looks for volunteers to serve as language teachers or literature groups coordinators, in accordance with
     requests from members, and informs EC of Choices
  4- Liaise with the other chairs on projects of mutual interest.
  5- Responsible for notifying WBFN in writing if she will be away from the area.

F- Welcoming Chair
Contact, register and welcome newcomers into the WBFN. Help them through the relocation process for a
smooth transition.
Primary responsibilities:
  1- Coordinates activities of the various welcoming-related groups such as Neighborhood Coordinators,
     Open House Coordinators, Male Spouse Coordinator. Ensures that all the events happen on a regular
     and efficient basis.
  2- Responsible for the organization of the 3-steps of the Welcoming Process, especially the monthly Wel-
     coming Coffee, and works closely with and supports the SOP Coordinator and the Arrivals Multicul-
     tural Workshop Coordinator.
  3- Regularly checks/revamps the informational/promotional material (PowerPoint Presentations, etc.)
     used at the Welcoming Coffee and other Welcoming occasions.
  4- Responsible for the maintenance of the Newcomers Database, including recruiting and training volun-
     teers for this purpose; ensures a good exchange of data input/output with the WBFN main Database;
     available to help with queries by EC members (careers, teens, members abroad) for member contact
   5- Yearly update of the Welcoming material, including the contents of the binder (welcoming kit), wel-
      coming Mosaic special issue and/or brochure.
  6- Provides information about newcomers profiles to other chairs or RC members in order to always have
     a precise picture of WBFN members.
  7- Monthly sends to Mosaic the Welcoming Activities announcements and the list of newcomers.

G- Member-At-Large
  1- Th e Member-at-Large represents the interests of the general membership and conducts projects and
      accepts duties as assigned by the President and the Executive Committee (EC). Primary responsibili-
  2- Participates as a member of the EC, attending monthly EC meetings and special meetings as scheduled.
  3- Represents the general membership on issues of interest or concern, particularly those that arise outside
     of the standing committee structure.
  4- Conducts projects to further the goals of the organization or to develop services for the membership.
     Serves as chair of any ad hoc committee formed to develop these projects.
Skills Required, Ability to:
  1- Listen to membership and communicate their issues, needs and interests to the EC.
  2- Identify potential problems and opportunities.
  3- Work effectively toward common goals as a team member.
  4- Set objectives and develop action plans for selected and/or assigned projects.


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