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					        North Coast Unified Air Quality Management District
              2300 Myrtle Avenue, Eureka, CA 95501
                       (707) 443-3093      FAX (707) 443-3099

                    Deputy Air Pollution Control Officer
                                    Job Description
                                  (January 21, 2010)

GENERAL - Under the direction of the Air Pollution Control Officer (APCO), the Deputy
Air Pollution Control Officer (Deputy APCO) will assist the APCO with the daily operation
of the District office, including technical and administrative assistance in the
management of the District's staff and activities, and furthering District goals and
objectives in an effective and efficient manner. The Deputy APCO will primarily oversee
the burn program, special projects program and permitting division, of the District, which
will require coordinating and accomplishing the goals and objectives of these assigned
division/programs. The Deputy APCO will act as APCO in the absence of the APCO,
and will then fulfill the responsibilities of the APCO as directed, which may include
temporarily managing, coordinating and accomplishing the goals of additional District
divisions and programs as specifically assigned by the APCO for the period of the

PRINCIPLE DUTIES (The following is used as a partial description and is not exclusive
of required duties):

    Directing the development of strategies, programs and policies to meet the
     overall goals and objectives of the District;
    Serving and participating with the District management team;
    Directing division managers, as assigned by the APCO, in completion of tasks;
    Planning and organizing assigned air pollution control program activities;
    Participating in the development of the District budget;
    Developing and administering air pollution control statutes and emission
     reduction plans,
    Coordinating a comprehensive air quality management program with the state,
     federal, and local government agencies;
    Reviewing and issuing permits for approved air pollution control devices or
    Developing public relations programs to educate the public on air quality
     problems and corrective measures;
    Representing the District at conferences and meetings;
    Making recommendations to the APCO on how to improve District operations;
    Reviewing and evaluating the work of one or more divisions;
    Developing goals and objectives for the divisions;
    Implementing policies and procedures as directed by the APCO;
    Evaluating District programs, procedures and systems for overall effectiveness;
    Balancing workload and missions between divisions, assisting in coordinating
     division and District efficiencies;
    Serving as acting Air Pollution Control Officer in his/her absence as assigned;

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    Performing other work as required.
    Evaluating the performance of subordinates.
    Providing technical guidance and rule interpretation.
    Assisting and making recommendations in personnel matters including internal
     investigations and labor relation matters.
    Developing and implements programs supporting subordinate employee training
     and morale.

      A bachelors of science degree from an accredited college or university in
      engineering, administration, public policy, environmental science, natural studies
      or related degree.
      A minimum of eight (8) years experience in the field of environmental regulation
      or an equivalent public administration position.
      Any combination of appropriate education and experience equaling a total of at
      least 12 years experience may be acceptable.
      Knowledge of air quality administration (e.g., basic budgeting, legislation,
      personnel, federal and State grant programs, and public policy development).
      A background in air quality permitting (e.g., Title V, Title III, PSD, and NSR
      An understanding of air quality compliance programs (e.g., field inspection of a
      variety of industrial sources, public complaint investigations, investigation of
      industrial upset/breakdown conditions, implementation of civil penalty program,
      NOV, Citation, evidence collection, and environmental investigation procedures).
      An understanding of air quality monitoring (e.g., ozone, particulates, SOx, NOx,
      CO, ROG/TOG, GHGs and toxics).
      Experience reviewing air quality laws (e.g., Federal Clean Air Act, California
      Clean Air Act, and relevant Government and Health & Safety Code provisions,
      relevant environmental litigation experience).
      Experience in air quality research (e.g., development of testing protocols, air
      pollution impacts to the public/ vegetation).
      Experience in air quality planning functions (e.g., rule and regulation
      development, non-attainment planning, state implementation planning, and
      CEQA/NEPA evaluations).
      Knowledge of Federal, state, and district laws, codes and regulations relating to
      air quality control.
      Ability to direct and manage the staff of a unified multi-county air quality
      management district.
      Possession of a valid California Drivers license.

     Graduate degree in environmental, legal, or engineering field.
     Knowledge of basic engineering principles of combustion processes and various
     types of air pollution control devices.
     Knowledge of accounting and supervisory procedures necessary to manage an
     independent government agency without direct supervision.
     Knowledge of Emission Inventory Program.
     Knowledge of Land Use, Environmental, and Air Quality Law.
     An ability to work cooperatively with the APCO and elected Governing Board of
     the District.

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       A demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with federal, state, and local
       governmental agencies, industry representatives, and the public.
       A demonstrated ability to interpret and apply state and federal legislative and
       program requirements pertaining to air quality.
       A demonstrated ability to prepare and conduct public presentations and public
       education campaigns.
       A demonstrated ability to develop and implement competitive grant programs.
       A demonstrated ability to prepare and manage contracts for service.
       A demonstrated ability to supervise and lead support personnel.

COMPENSATION: Salary is commensurate with education and experience. The
position is paid biweekly.

Payroll Range 500 Series: 500.2: $72,297 to $ 92,739 annually commensurate with

FLSA Status:

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