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									                                                                                     Phone Number: 646-202-2871
                                                             E-Mail: info@chinaprep.com | Website: www.chinaprep.com
                                           Mailing Address: China Prep | 119 West 72nd Street, #116 | New York, NY 10023


General Background

China Prep provides small groups of high school students with dynamic, experiential programs to
educate and inspire them to understand Chinese language and culture.

Our China Prep in New York program combines structured two weeks of Mandarin language classes
with an exploration of New York City’s vast China resources. For example, participants might attend
Chinese class in the morning and visit a modern Chinese art gallery in the afternoon. As another
example, the group might discuss U.S.-China trade relations in culture class and visit with a prominent
company owner with business interests in China. New York City is home to some of the best China
resources in the world. From art museums to Buddhist temples to Chinatown wet markets to
multinational companies, we see NYC as the ideal environment outside of China to explore Chinese
culture while building participants’ language skills.

CP in NY participants will spend several hours a day devoted to Chinese language and culture study.
They will attend two structured hours of Mandarin class time in the morning taught by seasoned
bilingual educators followed by an hour of Chinese cultural activities. Students will be given a
placement test and assigned to either the beginner or intermediate levels. Language learning will
continue in the evening through twice a week one-on-one sessions with a teacher and independent
homework time to prepare for the next day’s class.

We encourage you to view our website, www.chinaprep.com, to learn more about our unique programs,
including information about itineraries and past programs.

China Prep in NY 2010 Dates: June 9-18 and June 16-25

Job Profile
The CP in NY Chinese Teacher will implement the language class component of the above summer
program for high school students in New York City. In addition to the responsibilities listed below, the
ideal Chinese Teacher shares our passion for China and our core mission to spark a long-lasting
relationship between China and our participants. In conjunction with CP in NY Program Leaders,
Chinese Teachers will be enthusiastic, proactive and responsible facilitators of our participants’ learning
experience, providing support and encouraging team work and personal growth.

Responsibilities (to be shared with other program leaders and Chinese teachers)
   • Implement China Prep schedule during weekdays, June 9-25, 2010
   • Attend a two-day orientation in May or June in the U.S. to meet program team, review specific
      goals, challenges, and emergency action plans.
   • In consultation with CP staff, develop Chinese language curriculum for two-week program,
      including placement and final assessment tests
   • Design and lead dynamic classrooms with a small group of students (around 10) that generate a
      positive and interactive learning environment
    •   Design on lead bi-weekly one-on-one sessions with students
    •   Provide written evaluations of each participants’ progress at the beginning and end of the
    •   Create final report detailing successes and challenges for future improvements

Academic Qualifications
   • Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in one of the following areas: Asian Studies, Chinese Language,
     Education or related field
   • Master’s Degree or Teaching Certificate in Chinese Language Education preferred

   • Experience teaching Mandarin and developing curriculum for high school students
   • Experience working with youth in education, summer programs, travel, etc.
   • CPR certified
   • Demonstrate success in managing stressful situations within a multi-cultural atmosphere.
   • Positive team-player
   • Demonstrate leadership and creative qualities
   • Be organized and responsible
   • No criminal record

  • Competitive salary
  • All room and board if live on site (possible option to not live on site and commute)
  • Additional benefits, training etc

Please send your resume and cover letter to:

Please write ¨CP in NY Chinese Teacher¨ in the subject line.

Or mail to:
China Prep LLC
119 W 72nd Street, #116
New York, NY 10023


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