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									                                                                    DANISH RED CROSS
                                                                     JOB DESCRIPTION

Position Title: Country Coordinator                     Region: East Africa / Horn of Africa                    Location: Kampala, Uganda

Line Manager: Head of Region                            Reference to: Head of Region (HoR)                      Date Completed: 09 February 2010
                                                                  PURPOSE STATEMENT

The Country Coordinator in Danish Red Cross forms part of the East Africa / Horn of Africa team, and is overall responsible for implementing Danish Red Cross’
strategic plan for Uganda and for the successful management of Danish Red Cross’ programme portfolio in the country. Depending on the situation and in agreement
with the Head of Region the Country Coordinator may be assigned additional duties in one of the other partnership countries within the region.

   KEY RESPONSIBILITIES                                                                        MAIN TASKS
   Programme Management                     •   First point of entry for the Uganda Red Cross Society (URCS)
                                            •   Strategic planning for Uganda in cooperation with Head of Region (HoR) and the team
                                            •   Identify new project ideas
                                            •   Fundraising locally
                                            •   Responsible for identification and formulation of all programmes in the country, including preparation of applications
                                                and Terms of Reference (ToR), facilitation of assessment missions and preparation and quality assurance of
                                                programme documents in cooperation with the partner national society
                                            •   Provide support to the URCS in programme implementation, including facilitation of review missions, and provide
                                                input to and ensure quality assurance of all reports
                                            •   Responsible for completion of all programmes in the country, including facilitation of evaluation missions, preparation
                                                of ToR and preparation and quality assurance of all final reports
                                            •   Frequently undertake monitoring visits
                                            •   Responsible for the financial management of all programmes in the country, including budgeting, financial monitoring
                                                and facilitation of audits in cooperation with the national society
    Human Resource (HR)                     •   Supervision and evaluation of one bilateral delegate in Uganda
        Management                          •   Recruit and contract locally hired consultants
   Disaster Response (DR)                   •   Coordination of Danish Red Cross disaster response contributions in Uganda in collaboration with the Head of
  Representation and                      •   Enhance the URCS’ ownership of Danish Red Cross supported programmes in accordance with DRC partnership
     partnership                              strategy
                                          •   Support Capacity Building (CB) and Organisational Development (OD) processes in the URCS
                                          •   Work through the Secretary General of Uganda Red Cross and in close cooperation with the programme
                                          •   Undertake current negotiations on adjustments to programme activities and programme management
                                          •   Support to development – and response to – local and international appeals
                                          •   Develop and maintain donor relations and networking in-country
                                          •   Participate in multilateral coordination and liaison in-country
                                          •   Support the URCS in their national and international networking and cooperation, as well as advocacy and media
                                              contact in-country
                                          •   Facilitation of DRC missions and visits to Uganda

                                                         NON-GENERIC RESPONSIBILITIES

Tasks specific to this position to be identified and agreed upon by the job holder and line-manager


    •   The Country Coordinator will host and/or participate in relevant internal meetings, development forums, workshops, courses etc.
    •   Take part in the development and management of the regional programme
    •   Upon request by the HoR and depending on the development in the programme portfolio in Uganda the Country Coordinator may be assigned duties in
        other partnership countries within the region including traveling to these partners.

We have carefully reviewed this job description and we are both satisfied that it fully and accurately describes the requirements of the position


Signature: _____________________________

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I have read this document and agree to undertake the duties and responsibilities as listed above. I also acknowledge this description of tasks is only indicative and that
it is my responsibility to be an active and supportive member of the team. Therefore, I may be required to undertake additional duties and responsibilities from time to
time that are not detailed herein. However, if the new tasks constitutes a substantial change of the duties and responsibilities listed above the line manager and the job
holder can at any time request renegotiation of the job description. (For the changes to be considered substantial is should amount to at least 15% of the total working


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