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									                           4-H Citizenship Study Travel Program
                               Citizenship Washington Focus
                          Coordinator & Intern Position Description

Coordinator Qualities and Qualifications
       Strong organizational skills.
       Strong communication skills.
       Ability to work with teens and adults.
       Currently enrolled as a 4-H leader in good standing in his or her county.
       Budget management skills.
       Previous citizenship involvement is recommended.
       Training and current certification in CPR and first aid are a plus.

Coordinator Responsibilities
The coordinator will oversee and make logistical arrangement for his or her study travel trip. This will
include but not be limited to:

       Coordinate delegation visits to designated activities. Make transportation, housing, and field trip
       arrangements for the group.

       Attend all Group Coordinator meetings, adult advisor meetings, and all CWF functions at the
       National 4-H Center and take necessary action to fulfill the duties given there.

       Brief and coordinate youth and adult leaders during daily delegation huddles regarding activities
       while in Washington, D.C. and on the East Coast.

       Along with the Program Representative from the California 4-H Youth Development State Office
       be responsible for budget development and monitoring.

       Be responsible for the oversight of necessary actions in the case of behavioral difficulties by a
       youth or adult delegate.

       Spend a minimum of two days in training to deal with logistical detail, pre-conference study
       guides, and program management.

       Participate in the spring citizenship orientation program.

       Serve as a member of the Citizenship/Service Learning Advisory Council.

       Assist with the evaluation of the educational experiences and prepare a written evaluation of
       their current study travel experience. This report shall be submitted to the chair of the 4-H
       Citizenship/Service Learning Advisory Council and the Statewide 4-H office soon after the
       completion of the trip.
Intern Responsibilities
        The general responsibility of an intern is to work under the direction of the Educational
        Coordinator and assist her/him with all of the coordinator responsibilities. In particular, the
        intern will assist county delegations with their Plan of Action.

        The intern will be in training to serve as a coordinator during the following year if he/she
        receives a favorable evaluation of their intern experience from the coordinator and from the
        adults traveling with the program.

        The intern is responsible for submitting a written evaluation of the trip to the chair of the 4-H
        Citizenship/Service Learning Advisory Council and to the Statewide 4-H office soon after the
        completion of the program.

        This is a three-year commitment. In the first year, you would travel as an intern. The intern pays
        $300.00 in program fees with the balance of the registration fee covered by a scholarship. The
        next year after an evaluation and approval of the Council, you would act as the coordinator with
        100% of your program fees paid by the program. The third year you act as an advisor to the
        present coordinator.

        The coordinator and intern are not to act as chaperones for a county delegation.

How to Apply
      An application and three statements of recommendation must be completed (one by your 4-H staff
      person). Applications are due by September 13, 2005. Interviews will be arranged with the
      candidates and will take place in the DANR Building on the UC Davis campus on September 30 or
      Oct 1.

      Send to:
       Pat English, Program Representative
       ANR - California 4-H Youth Development Program
       University of California – One Hopkins Road
       Davis, CA 95616

For additional information contact Pat English at (530) 754-8520 or

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