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									                                                University Apartments
                                           Community Assistant Job Description

Nature of position
As member of the Residential Life Programs staff, the Community Assistant will report to the Hall Director for University
Apartments. The Community Assistant must understand and relate to the unique needs of a diverse population.

The primary goal and responsibility of the Community Assistant is to promote a sense of community within the individual units and
among University Apartments residents. Responsibilities include providing a communications link between residents and the
University Apartments Office and to encourage resident interaction. A Community Assistant is responsible for programming activities
designed to meet the needs of University Apartments residents and to encourage activities, which will produce greater unity among
residents of the community.

Primary Responsibilities
To recognize and know all residents within their building unit.

To develop a communications network designed to keep residents fully aware of the policies and procedures established by the
University Apartments office and to keep the University Apartments office aware of the needs of residents.

To provide monthly programs for residents which will benefit them socially, educationally and culturally.

 To be on duty one night per week (Monday through Thursday) and one/two weekends per month. Duty will involve being available to
handle lockouts, minor maintenance problems, and crisis management and tenant mediation.

To be responsible for conducting new resident orientation sessions.

 To be available during holiday and vacation periods in order to provide adequate duty coverage (Holiday coverage is shared equally
among Community Assistants) .

To attend all staff meetings and training sessions as requested by the Hall Director for University Apartments.

Secondary Responsibilities
Secondary responsibilities for the Community Assistant position are to take responsibility for an outside assignment within University
Apartments. The assignments may include:
    • Helping with the University Apartments newsletter
    • Assisting in the University Apartments Community Center
    • Advising the Tenant's Association and conducting new tenant orientation
    • Facilitating parent-sponsored programs

    •   Must be eligible to live in University Apartments
    •   Must be a currently enrolled student at Indiana State
    •   University in good academic standing
    •   Must be in good conduct standing with the University
    •   Must be in good financial standing with the University
    •   Must be available for holiday duty periods
    •   Must be willing to relocate
    •   Experience in living in a community setting is desirable - but not required

Salary and Term of Agreement
Community Assistants will be hired for an academic year. The Hall Director for University Apartments will evaluate Community
Assistants each semester. Based on evaluations, Community Assistants may be rehired for a subsequent year.

The Community Assistant will receive a rent reduction per month as their employment compensation. This will be pro-rated according
to the date of employment.

Absences and vacations must be planned and approved in advance through the Hall Director for University Apartments. Staff
members must understand that staff coverage is essential during vacations, semester breaks and at the end of semesters.

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