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					                       Sport, Culture & Recreation District
                            CEO JOB DESCRIPTION
    Salary Range   Job Title                         Accountable to:        Location
    T.B.D.          Chief Executive Officer          Board of Directors     T.B.D.
                      Executive Director


     • To implement the S,C&R District strategic plan and fulfill the organization’s
       operational mandate
     • To actively represent the interests of sports, culture and recreation within
       the District structure and with community agencies and community
     • To provide effective management and administer the activities of the
       District, including the supervision of the office;
     • To undertake various projects and partnerships that will benefit
       communities and people through sports, culture and recreation activities
     • To ensure that decisions of the Board of Directors are carried out in a timely
       and appropriate manner.

   3. TERM

     •   The term for this full-time position is negotiable but should not be less than
         one year.

   4. SCOPE

     The Chief Executive Officer supports the Board of Directors in the following
         •    Management and administration of the District office;
         •    Liaison with key community stakeholders and Global organizations;
         •    Records and financial management;
         •    Gathering and sharing information;
         •    Organization of & secretariat at various meetings;
         •    Project Management;
         •    Co-ordination of events/activities that facilitate community development
              through sport, culture and recreation
         •    Partnership development and media relations;
         •    Supervision of staff
         •    Other duties as required

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S,C&R District                                                 Job Description: CEO


     The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the following activities:

     Management of the Office
       • Develop an annual work plan linked to the Strategic Plan;
       • Maintain effective operations of the office;
       • Ensure appropriate stewardship of the assets and resources;
       • Provide timely information, advice and recommendations to the Board of
         Directors, as required;
       • Maintain a professional manner and appropriate levels of confidentiality;
       • Build a positive image for the District and as an organization and
         industry representative.

     Human Resources Management
       • Develop a HR plan, including staff and volunteers
       • Ensure HR polices and procedures are in place and followed
       • Supervision of District staff

     Community Development and Capacity Building

        •     Ensure that District services meet communities’ needs
        •     Support community leaders and volunteers in their efforts
        •     Building community capacity and interest in activities
        •     Assesses needs and evaluate effectiveness of District services
        •     Promote and encourage participation on all levels

     Liaison and Partnerships
         • Act as the chief point of contact for the District;
         • Develop appropriate CD partnerships and promote collaboration;
         • Address inquiries and take action, as appropriate;
         • Provide advocacy and policy support to the industry;
         • Maintain good relationships with the sector and communities.

     Records Management
        • Maintain in good order all records of activities, including minutes of
           meetings, correspondence, financial records, legal affairs, etc
        • Maintain current and accurate systems and records for grant programs
           and other funding.

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S,C&R District                                               Job Description: CEO

     Gathering and Sharing Information
        • Actively network with key contacts and organizations to represent the
           interests of the district and to stay apprised of sector and community
           issues and activities;
        • Monitor and gather published information concerning the sector
        • Inform the board and stakeholders of any new information that may be
           of interest or concern to them;

     Organization of Meetings
        • Provide logistical support for the organization of meetings, including
           Directors’ Meetings, Volunteer meetings and Annual General Meetings;
        • Prepare and circulate draft agendas for all meetings and attend as
           appropriate and where required take, prepare and distribute minutes of
           the meetings;
        • Provide follow-up, as needed.

     Project Management
        • Seek funding sources and draft funding proposals for Board approval;
        • Manage all projects ;
        • Prepare and follow an effective process for grant administration
            including reporting and evaluation
        • Coordinate all aspects of projects and ensure that the objectives are
            realized within the timelines and funding requirements;
        • Report to Board the progress of all projects;
        • Ensure all accounting and other funding requirements are met including
            final reporting and follow-up submissions.

     Co-ordination of the Events and Activities
        • Design and coordinate community and capacity building
        • Maintain effective communications with all stakeholders
        • Build and maintain networks to promote sport, culture and recreation
        • Attend events that help to form relationships for the sector

     Communication and Media Relations
       • Develop a communication strategy and implement it
       • Monitor the media for articles that may be of interest, and distribute such
         articles as appropriate;
       • Arrange any media or community briefings, interviews, press
         conferences; and attend any relevant community meetings
       • Ensure there is a spokesperson for the District

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 S,C&R District                                                                                             Job Description: CEO

       Financial Management

             •     Maintain the financial records in good order;
             •     Prepare draft annual budgets and operating plans for Board
             •     Arrange for any bookkeeping and audits that may be required;
             •     Brief the Board of Directors on the organization’s financial status,
                   including variance reports, as appropriate.

           • Develop and implement strategies and plans for transition
           • Perform other duties as appropriate.

       The following knowledge, skills and abilities are required:
             •     Self-starter with strong motivation;
             •     Solid knowledge of the sports, culture and recreation, supported by a
                   post-secondary diploma or degree in a related field
             •     Experience in community development and partnerships
             •     Proven ability to deal simultaneously with multiple files and tasks;
             •     Ability to think strategically and translate goals into operational
             •     Ability to work in a politically sensitive environment;
             •     Ability to work independently and in partnership with others;
             •     Ability to build rapport with wide array of stakeholders and interests;
             •     Strong experience working with the sector and government;
             •     Demonstrated sensitivity to individual and community issues;
             •     Good analytical, writing and communication skills
             •     Strong facilitation, presentation and networking skills;
             •     Good computer skills and the ability to run and effective office including
                   financial and records management;
             •     Strong proposal writing and project management skills.
             •     Staff supervision experience

             Desirable skills:
             • Knowledge of community capacity building
             • Knowledge of granting programs and related processes;
             • Knowledge of various governance models, including a policy board
             • Knowledge of working in the non-profit sector and experience in working
                   with a volunteer board of directors
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