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JOB TITLE:                      Community Development Officer

TEAM OR DEPARTMENT:             Community Development

RESPONSIBLE TO:                 Senior Development Officer (Community)

JOB PURPOSE:                    To work as part of the Trust Community Development Team engaging
                                with groups and individuals encouraging involvement, understanding and
                                development of projects that improve their local environment.

Since its creation as an independent Charity in 1999 the Trust has an excellent track record of developing
and delivering environmental projects in partnership with a range of Local Authorities, Statutory
Organisations, the voluntary sector and local communities.

The promotion of greater community involvement in decision making is becoming a much higher priority
for both Government and Local Authorities as well. The Trust to date has been highly successful in engaging
communities and stakeholders to develop environmental plans and projects for our area [Green
Infrastructure Plans]. These plans help identify the needs and aspirations of our communities relating to
their natural environment, producing action plans and projects to protect and enhance the assets they
have. High levels of growth are predicted for our region, which will inevitably effect many of our
communities directly or indirectly. Modern housing developments can be built more sustainably, but are
increasingly restricted in their provision of open space and gardens due to higher densities of dwellings.
This is why Green Infrastructure Plans are so important.

In assessing and developing the regions Green Infrastructure we help ensure new and existing communities
have the freedom to explore accessible green space, have room to breathe and enjoy the rich heritage,
wildlife and landscapes of the area.

The role of the community development officer is to encourage and support community activity, aid
people’s understanding of their environment, and identify areas of local interest. They will provide the
support, knowledge and experience to empower communities to conserve, protect and enhance these
areas for today and future generation.

The Community Development Officer will work from an office base but due to the nature of the work will
spend a lot of time visiting people in the communities, their homes and other community locations such as
village halls.

   • Engage with Communities, Local Groups, Private Sector, People, Projects, Partnerships [P3], Parish
      and Unitary councils to identify and develop projects to conserve and enhance the wildlife,
      landscape and heritage features of the area in partnership with public, private and voluntary
      sectors e.g. This includes:
          o Build on and enhance working relationships with key individuals, partner organisations,
              local authorities and companies
          o Ensure effective communication of Trust activities; raising awareness and support for Trust
              projects and initiatives
          o Using Parish Plans, Parish Green Infrastructure Plans and other engagement tools, to help
              communities identify what is important to them, developing action plans and to aid their
          o Represent the Trust and where necessary act as facilitator at presentations and meetings;
              prepare and deliver talks and presentations at meetings and events; attend local meetings

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                  o    Co-ordinate parish activities and identify new opportunities for GST involvement.
                  o    Work with volunteers and friends groups, organising recruitment and training and support
                       in line with community and Greensand Trust needs
                  o    Develop and support initiatives such as People, Projects, Partnerships (P3) groups in line
                       with agreed outputs (reviewed annually) acting as a facilitator for environmental projects in
                       the community
                  o    Develop and support volunteering opportunities and initiatives such as the GST Volunteers
                       groups and the Greensand Ridge Walk warden scheme.

        •     Work with the Community team and other Greensand Trust teams to identify, develop and
              promote specific projects, providing advice and seeking community input and engagement from an
              early stage to ensure successful and sustainable projects.
        •     Develop and maintain project implementation plans, identifying outputs and coordinating tasks
              both internally and externally where appropriate. Supervising outside contractors and work
              contracts, ensuring they follow Trust policies and procedures, particularly in relation to health and
              safety and attitudes to the public
        •     Produce reports for internal communications and external funding bodies or partners as required.

Community Development Officer – Person Specification
Requirements                                                                    Essential   Desirable        Evidenced
                                                                                                        AP = Application form
EXPERIENCE, TRAINING & QUALIFICATIONS                                                                   I - Interview
   1.       Significant (paid or voluntary) experience of environmental and        √                    AP & I
            or community development work
   2.       Experience of consulting / engaging with communities                   √                    AP & I
   3.       Experience involving local communities in projects                                 √        AP & I
   4.       Experience of partnership working with public, private and                         √        AP & I
            voluntary sector partners.
   5.       Experience of developing and implementing projects                                 √        AP & I
   6.       Experience of planning and prioritising your work programme,           √                    AP & I
            time management
   7.       Costing projects and monitoring project budgets, milestones                        √
            and outputs
   8.       Experience of drafting successful funding bids                                     √        AP & I
   9.       Experienced in carrying out risk assessment for sites, activities                  √        AP & I
            and tasks
   10.      Experience of planning and organising events, guided walks                         √        AP & I
            and designing exhibitions and displays
   11.      Experience of facilitating workshops or meetings.                      √
   12.      Experience or Involvement in environmental education e.g.                          √        AP & I
            working with schools or youth group activities or events
   13.      Experience of reporting management group or committees /               √                    AP
            steering groups
   14.      Practical qualifications e.g. brushcutters, strimmers, chainsaws                   √        AP
   15.      First Aid qualification                                                            √        AP
   16.      Educated to at least HND or equivalent experience in relevant                      √        AP
   17. Knowledge of and an interest in community development in                    √                    AP & I
       relation to the environment
   18. Knowledge or understanding of the range of formal and                                   √        AP & I
       informal Green infrastructure, the range of habitats and
       countryside facilities in both rural and urban settings
   19. Basic Knowledge of main UK habitats and their management                                √        AP & I
   20. Knowledge of current environmental and countryside issues                               √        AP & I
   21. Knowledge of the Trusts geographical area and or communities                            √        AP & I
   22. Excellent interpersonal and oral and written communication                  √                    AP & I
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Community Development Officer – Person Specification
Requirements                                                             Essential   Desirable        Evidenced
   23.   Highly self motivated with excellent administration and            √                    AP & I
         organisational skills
   24.   Flexible and adaptable to changing workloads and outputs           √                    AP & I
   25.   Good Office IT skills: Competent in working with MS Word,          √                    AP
         Excel, Outlook and the internet
   26.   Specific IT skills: Competent knowledge of MapInfo (GIS),                      √        AP
         PowerPoint , Publisher
   27. Ability to generate new and innovative ideas and communicate         √                    AP & I
   28. Ability to communicate effectively and sensitively with diverse      √                    AP & I
   29. Self-motivated, with an ability to work independently                √                    AP & I
   30. Ability to work as part of a team and motivate others                √                    AP & I
   31. Ability to analyse problems and devise appropriate, creative         √                    AP & I
       but realistic solutions
   32. Ability to manage a demanding workload, remaining calm               √                    AP & I
       under pressure and delegating effectively to others
   33. Sense of humour and a lot of common sense                            √           √
   34. Willingness to work out of office hours including evenings &         √                    AP & I
   35. Clean driving licence                                                √                    AP
   36. An enhanced CRB check will be required to fulfil this post                                AP

 Salary: £15,500 - £20,000 depending on experience
 Prospects: Opportunities to take on more challenging development, project management role
 Hours of work: 37.5 hours per week based on 7.5 hour day. A significant amount of evening and/or
 weekend hours often required, to meet community groups at a time to suit them. We operate a time of in
 lieu (Toil) system so you may take time off during the day (with agreement from line manager) to
 compensate for after hours work.
 No overtime will be paid. You may negotiate your own flexible work hours, within reason, with your line
 manager and colleagues so long as it is not to the detriment of your work or the rest of the team.
 Annual leave entitlement: You will be entitled to 25 days annual leave plus public holidays (or days off in
 lieu of public holidays worked).
 Pension: A Stakeholder Pension is available with employer’s contribution of 5%
 Vehicle & travel requirements: The Trust operates vehicles for work purposes, however they are shared by
 the other officers and rangers. Therefore a certain amount of travel will be required as part of your work
 and between sites and to the Trust’s other offices which will require you to have access to your own
 transport. A mileage allowance is given for travel for work purposes in your own vehicle or by bicycle.
 Cycle scheme: Trust has signed up to the government’s cycle scheme to encourage a healthier more active
 work force, giving access to discounted cycles and accessories
 Uniform/dress code: n/a
 Location: This post will initially be based with our Community Team Leader in our Leighton Office for
 induction purposes but may be based at any of our offices from there on

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