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									Job Description
Residential Care Manager                                     up to £24,500

             Reports to: Director of Care
             Location: Ebonycare Residential Unit
                         (Streatham / Mitcham - London - UK)

  1.      Job Purpose

  To manage the everyday operations of the residential unit and provide
  High-quality care and support to the children and young people in care to
  Ebonycare within the guidelines set down in the Ebonycare Policy and
  Procedure manual, The ‘Children Act 1989’ and the ‘Children's homes:
  National Minimum Standards, Children's Homes Regulations’. In so doing,
  to meet the physical, social, health and emotional needs of each child and
  young person placed in accordance with the aims and objectives of

  2.      Dimensions

  In this role you will work closely with the Director of Care and Section
  Manager to provide high-quality care for each resident in care to

  3.      Internal and External Contacts

  Internal Contacts

  •    Staff in each of the four departments of administration, care, finance
       and human resources
  •    Director of Care and Managers

  External Contacts

  •    Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Consultant Child and Adolescent and
       Adolescent Forensic Psychiatrist, Systemic Psychotherapist and local
       Child Adolescent Mental Health Services
  •    Social Workers and other individuals involved in the welfare of children
       and young persons
  •    Parents and guardians
  •    Education facilities, NHS and other community services
  •    Statutory and regulatory bodies

                                      1                             J/Dscpn CM 10/05
Main Responsibilities


•   To promote the aims and objectives of Ebonycare and by so by so
    creating a positive environment for each resident, good quality care
    and promotion of a safe environment for each resident

•   To keep abreast of any changes in the residents’ situations within the
    residential unit with reference to the staff team, the diary,
    communications book, log book, daily care plans and notice boards.

•   To assess the developmental needs for each resident and monitor and
    improve the ‘Home Care Plan’ for each resident

•   To promote the health and welfare of each resident

•   All employees and volunteers have a responsibility to ensure health
    and safety of persons at work, including children/young people, visitors
    and members of the public in all Ebonycare premises and to ensure
    that the Health and Safety policies are complied with in the residential

•   To maintain a high level of discipline and control in the unit

•   To ensure that medication and prescribed drugs are taken by residents
    as medically directed and in accordance with Ebonycare policy

•   To assist and/or encourage residents in making complaints or
    expressing grievances or dissatisfaction on any matter of concern to

•   To respect each residents wish for privacy and confidentiality as is
    consistent with good parenting, and to respect at all times the racial,
    religious, cultural and linguistic background of each resident and to
    promote as far as is possible the continuance of their cultural identities

•   To contribute to reviews, case conferences and case planning

•   To attend staff and individual meetings and training courses as

•   To assist the Director of Care generally and to carry out all reasonable
    instructions either expressed or implied within the terms of the contract
    of employment

                                     2                               J/Dscpn CM 10/05

•   To be responsible for the day to day management of the unit

•   To forward plan as far as possible, and identify the day to day needs of
    the unit taking appropriate action where necessary i.e. staffing
    requirements, escorts, meetings, food requirements for the following
    days meals

•   The allocation of staff (under no circumstances must the home be left
    under the supervision of any person or persons who are not authorised
    by senior management of Ebonycare)

•   The supervision of staff in relation to attending the needs of children
    and young persons placed with Ebonycare


•   To maintain accurate records and reports on each resident in terms of
    their daily activities, moods, attitude and visitors, on a daily and weekly

•   To prepare monthly written reports on each child or young person and
    forward a copy to Head Office

•   To attend to the daily diary of events

•   To oversee the movements of children and young people

•   To record ALL incidents which may occur from time to time

•   To attend reviews and prepare and submit written reports in
    preparation for this

•   To be accountable for the use and accurate accounting of petty cash
    for the residential unit

•   To check and authorise staff timesheets for payment by Head Office

•   To notify Head Office of unauthorised absences by staff, persistent
    lateness and submit completed authorised request forms for annual
    leave and other permitted leave

•   To maintain an on duty rota at least six weeks in advance

                                     3                             J/Dscpn CM 10/05

•   To ensure that all messages for Head Office received after office hours
    are communicated at the earliest opportunity

•   To ensure that all information for reviews, court attendances etc., is
    passed to Head Office without delay

•   To channel all complaints via Head Office

•   To refer information regarding contact with a child or young person’s
    social worker, to Head Office

•   To provide access to all staff involved in the welfare of the child or
    young person

Training and Development

•   To work with the Director of Care and Human Resources department to
    ensure that staff supervision, appraisal and personal development
    planning is conducted and relevant material is sent out to staff

•   To work with the Section Manager and Human Resources department
    to ensure that the Director of Care is updated on training and
    development needs

                                   4                            J/Dscpn CM 10/05

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