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									                                    Job Description

Job Title: Build Consultant

Reports To: Store Manager

Direct Reports: None

Based: Position will be based in the specific store location in the geographic market.

Purpose of the Role within Organization: The build consultant will be responsible to
guiding customers through the building of their custom fragrance. They will be
educators and trainers for the business. Their main focus is to make certain customers
who have purchased the opportunity to design their own fragrance have the best
possible experience available. They will also be responsible for promoting additional
products to the customer. They may have to fill in as an assistant Store Manager from
time to time.

    Learning the build process
    Memorizing the 14 perfume family trees
    Customer education during the design process
    Customer Satisfaction
    Additional product sales to customers
    Management of 5 stations and up to 10 customers at one time
    Maintaining the business atmosphere

    Assistance with cultivation of opportunities within the local market
    Educating and Guiding customers through their build
    Customer experience
    Station management (stock, cleanliness, etc...)
    Equipment cleaning after each build
    Recording and transferring customer builds to back office
    Issuance of customer certificates
    Packaging customers build into final container with label

Experience Required:
    Associate of Business Administration
    3 years retail experience
    Training experience beneficial
    Customer Service experience beneficial

Must be proficient with Microsoft Windows standard applications such as MS word, MS
Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook, etc...

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