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									                   BINGO FAMILY NIGHT COORDINATOR

                                BINGO VOLUNTEER

                                 JOB DESCRIPTIONS

BINGO Family Night Coordinator

        Work with Parents’ Club board to schedule and plan Bingo night.

        Decide on prizes and/or set up as a “Candy Bar and/or Book Bingo”

        Make sure all supplies are procured including: Bingo Cards, Kit for calling out
        numbers, Microphone, White board for displaying called numbers and crayons for
        marking cards. Procure prizes if needed.

        Purchase snacks for resale along with coordinating with Treasurer for cash box.

        Set up Table to track students/teachers who attend.

BINGO Volunteer

        Will work with coordinator to provide assistance with set up or sign in lists at the

        May walk around during event to provide assistance to younger players and/or
        deliver more cards.

                            Davenport Parents’ Club, 2008 - 2009

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