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									                  Job Description (Dublin Institute of Technology)

Position:             Project Manager/ LC-MS Researcher – ASTOX2
Duration:             33 months.
Grade:                Research Administrator aligned with Staff Officer Grade 5
Employer:             Dublin Institute of Technology.
Location:             Marine Institute, Rinville, Co. Galway & Dublin Institute of

Brief description of the Dublin Institute of Technology

Dublin Institute of Technology is a partner in the ASTOX2 project.
The Dublin Institute of Technology was established as an autonomous institution under the
DIT Act in 1992, but its origins go back to 1887 and the establishment of technical
education in Ireland. The Institute continues to build on its long and proud tradition of
providing educatio n to the highest levels

The Institute is a comprehensive higher education institution, fulfilling a national and
international role in providing full- time and part-time programmes across the whole
spectrum of higher education, supported by research and scholarship in areas reflective of
the Institute’s mission. It aims to achieve this in an innovative, responsive, caring and
flexible learning environment with state-of-the-art facilities and the most advanced
technology available. It is committed to providing access to higher education for students of
different ages and backgrounds, and to achieving quality and excellence in all aspects of its
work. This commitment extends to the provision of teaching, research, development and
consultancy services for industry and society, with due regard to the technological,
commercial, social and cultural needs of the community it serves.

Project and Working Environment.

The Project Manager will be employed by D.I.T. to work as part of the ASTOX2 project
team, which is located primarily in the Marine Institute (MI) facility in Oranmore Co.
Galway. DIT are one of the partners in the project with the Shellfish Safety Section of the
MI. The Shellfish Safety section of the Marine Institute has been designated by the EU and
the Irish government to be the National Reference Laboratory (NRL) for Marine Biotoxins.
It is responsible for a wide range of monitoring and analytical services to the Government,
Food Safety Authority, the shellfish industry and the EU. The unit is part of the Marine
Environment & Food Safety Services Group, which is committed to high quality services
under INAB accreditation. Assignments may also be carried out at other D.I.T. and Marine
Institute locations from time to time.

Brief Description of the Position:

A project manager is required to manage the ASTOX2 project. This project is a 36- month
international multi-disciplinary research project, with partners in Ireland, US, Canada,
Norway and Germany (duration of the contract for this position is 33 months). A summary
of the project is available separately (ASTOX2_summary.pdf). The person will work as part
of the Marine Environment & Food Safety Services Group of the Marine Institute. The
person will work as part of the DIT / MI joint project team and the position has supervisory,
communication and scientific roles.

Job outline

The successful candidate will have a Project Manager (PM) role both within MI and towards
the international partners. At MI, the Project Manager will be responsible for ove rseeing the
preparative isolation of Azaspiracids, LC-MS method development and validation and
preparation of tissues to be used in toxicology studies. The PM will also be responsible for
participating in these tasks at a research level and will have access to facilities as appropriate
(mainly LC-MS-MS and preparative HPLC). The PM will also be responsible for the day-to-
day management of budgets and the preparation of cost statements. The PM will be assisted
in her/his managerial duties by D.I.T Assistant Head, School of Chemical and
Pharmaceutical Sciences (Barry Foley) the MI Shellfish Safety Management Team, including
the two Shellfish Safety Section managers (Joe Silke and Terry McMahon) and the team
leader of the Biotoxin Chemistry Team (Conor Duffy). Interaction with international
partners will include day-to-day communication on scientific issues, managerial issues (e.g.
ensuring cost statements of partners are obtained) and ensuring that the project proceeds
according to plan. He/she will also be involved in organising steering committee meetings
and project workshops, writing project reports and publication of research in the peer-
reviewed press.

Principal Tasks

The successful candidate will be responsible for managing the project. This duty includes a
number of tasks:

   •   Supervision of staff and responsibility for decision making within the section.
       Provision of a high level of administrative support, involved in research, minute
       taking, report writing and supervision of staff.
   •   Provide scientific advice to staff and students working on the project at MI on a daily
       basis (20 %)
   •   Conduct scientific research on preparative isolation of azaspiracids (20%)
   •   Conduct scientific research on development and validation of methods of analysis
       based on LC-MS-MS for the characterisation of mammalian tissues, shellfish and
       phytoplankton (20%)
   •   Coordination and integration of work of partners, including communication of
       progress of partners to research consortium. (20%)
   •   Organisation of 6- monthly cost statements annual progress meetings with partners
       and advisors; preparation of annual reports and the draft final report.
   •   Present studies at national and international scientific meetings and stakeholder
   •   Participate in regular management meetings both within MI and DIT reporting project
   •   Prepare, and assist in the preparation, of reports and scientific papers to be published
       in peer reviewed journals.
   •   To identify consumables/chemicals required to undertake their work.

   •   To ensure procedures are undertaken in accordance to the Health and Safety
   •   Troubleshooting of faults in equipment and liaise with manufacturers/suppliers.
   •   Other tasks appropriate to the grade, as assigned from time to time.

Contacts Required In the Performance Of Duties

The Project Manager will report to D.I.T Assistant Head, School of Chemical and
Pharmaceutical Sciences (Barry Foley) and liaise on a daily basis with the Biotoxin
Chemistry Team Leader (Conor Duffy) who will guide their work. Also further contacts, as
required, with Chief Executive, Directors, Section Managers and Marine Environment &
Food Safety Services Staff and Staff of the Marine Institute and Dublin Institute of

Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Food, Food Safety Authority Ireland, other
governmental agencies, members of the aquaculture industry and international scientists at
partner organisations.


A full range of training will be provided as required, on the job and through appropriate
courses. Training needs will be identified by DIT and MI partners through an agreed
Performance Management and Development System (PMDS) system.

Education, Professional and Technical Qualifications, Knowledge, Skills, Aptitude,
Experience and Training

The criteria for the job are:
a) Essential -
• A degree in chemistry or a subject directly related to the chemical sciences.
• Hands on experience in modern chromatographic techniques, in particular HPLC.
• Minimum of 2 years relevant postgraduate laboratory experience.
• Experience in sample preparation and cleanup for trace organic analyses.
• Familiarity with the Microsoft Office software suite.
• An aptitude for solving problems in a logical, stepwise manner.
b) Desirable -
• A PhD in chemistry or a subject directly related to the chemical sciences.
• Working knowledge of LC-MS and experience in method development and validation.
• Working knowledge of the preparative isolation of marine natural products.
• Experience at working level with marine biotoxins.
• Project management experience.
• Knowledge of the marine and aquaculture sector.
• A full driving licence.

Special Personal Attributes

It is essential that the successful candidate is a good communicator who is able to work well
with colleagues. Additionally, he/she should be industrious, decis ive, have a proven ability

to use his/her own initiative while at the same time working well as a team player. An
important attribute is the ability to work in an organised, tidy and above all safe manner.

Reporting Structure

The successful applicant will report to D.I.T Assistant Head, School of Chemical and
Pharmaceutical Sciences (Barry Foley), and liaise closely on a daily basis with the Project
Coordinator of the ASTOX2 project.

Salary Scale

The salary has been set as part of the project proposal and will be paid monthly by D.I.T. The
salary will be on a pro rated based on time worked in this role. Incremental increases are
subject to approval by the supervisor. The salary has been adjusted to include an amount to
be used for pension purposes. Pension arrangements are the responsibility of the successful
Remuneration per annum
Year 1 - €40,213 (incremental credit may apply in years 2 and 3 but is subject to DIT policy)

Annual Leave

Annual leave entitlement will be 23 working days, exclusive of Public Holidays. All annual
leave must be approved in advance by both your DIT manager and team supervisor in the

Duration of Contract

The contract will be issued by DIT on a specified purpose basis for a fixed duration of up to
33 months to work as a Project Manager on the ASTOX2 project funded under National
Development Plan 2007-2013, Science, Technology and Innovation Programme. There is a
six-month probationary period.


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