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									Summary Statement
Under the general direction of the Director of the Molecular Instrumentation Center (MIC), provide
management and all aspects of technical support for a wide range of mass spectrometry instrumentation and
experimentation for research in chemistry, biochemistry, medicine, materials science, physics and engineering.
Additionally, provide technical support for the design and execution of appropriate experimental protocols to
enable collaborative research involving the application of modern mass spectrometric methods.

Type of Supervision Received/Exercised
The Associate Director of Mass Spectrometry is expected to work very independently with only general
guidance about MIC goals and policies from the Director of the Molecular Instrumentation Center.

                                                                                                  TYPE OF
PERCENTAGE                                                                                       FUNCTION
                                      CORE FUNCTIONS/DUTIES
   TIME                                                                                        E ( Essential) or
                                                                                                M (Marginal)

               The UCLA Molecular Instrumentation Center (MIC) is a state-of-the-
               art campus-wide facility created to enable the use of modern
               instrumentation in molecular characterizations. The MIC Mass
               Spectrometry Laboratory provides a wide range of sample
               characterization techniques for UCLA researchers that include:
               electron impact (EI), chemical (CI), matrix assisted laser desorption
               (MALDI), electrospray ionization (ESI), and atmospheric pressure
               chemical ionization (APCI). Analyzers currently available include
               magnetic sector, time of flight, quadrupole, ion trap and ion cyclotron
               resonance analyzers, and several tandem combinations of mass
               analyzers. Faculty and researchers require technical support for widely
               diverse research activities on the synthesis, characterization, testing and
               other studies that would benefit by the application of modern mass
               spectrometry to the problem. The wide range of research problems and
               diverse backgrounds of the user community requires careful attention
               to issues of high throughput, efficient training, and implementation of
               systems for productive shared usage.

    40%       A.    Manage and participate in the operation, maintenance, troubleshooting,            E
                    and repair of equipment in the mass spectrometry laboratory. Arrange
                    for outside vendors or campus shops to provide maintenance and
                    upgrades, as required.

                    1) Carry out mass spectrometry measurements on samples provided by
                    2) Maintain the hardware and software of existing and future
                       instruments to be acquired.
                    3) Plan and provide required regular maintenance.
                    4) Troubleshoot and repair instrument failures.

              B.    Design and apply experimental methods for the application of modern
                    mass spectrometry to a large variety of chemical, biochemical,
    25%             biomedical, and materials problems.                                               E

                    1) Consult with the individual researchers and when needed with the
                       faculty supervisors to ascertain the nature of the problems to be
                    2) Implement new methods to approach the problem based on
                       publications in the published literature.
                    3) Test new methods with known compounds to be assured of reliable

              C.    Manage training and train research users and students with various,
   10%              appropriate backgrounds on the correct procedures and methods of                        E
                    operation of equipment and to process the data as effectively as possible.

                    1) Write, for publication, concise directions for operation, data analysis,
                       and experimental details for all mass spectrometers in the laboratory.
                    2) Develop and continuously update appropriate in-laboratory
                       instructions to clarify operational procedures.
                    3) Provide information and advice to potential users of the facility.
                    4) Train and supervise appropriate students and other researchers in the
                       use of the equipment and interpretation of the results.

              D.    Provide laboratory management support.
   20%                                                                                                      E
                    1) Maintain database of user information and instrument reservation
                       and usage.
                    2) Submit recharge information on a monthly basis for processing by
                       business office personnel. Maintain, improve, and streamline
                       recharge systems including computer programs.
                    3) Project and determine recharge rates to recover consumable costs
                       and to regularly recommend to the MIC director updates of rates to
                       reflect changes in consumable prices.
                    4) Maintain the Mass Spectrometry Laboratory web site for information
                       that is beneficial to users of the facility.
                    5) Work with the MIC director and faculty to support the design,
                       specification, procurement and modification of space.
                    6) Implement and improve laboratory security measures and user
                       access authorization.
                    7) Lead compliance with all State and UCLA mandated safety and
                       environmental requirements.

              E.    Take the lead in actively improving the available instrumentation and
    5%                                                                                                      E
                    ancillary equipment required for effective application of mass
                    spectrometry to research problems at UCLA.

                    1) Participate in the preparation of grant proposals to obtain funding for
                       additional equipment.
                    2) Prepare reports to granting agencies for equipment obtained on
                    3) Manage all aspects of installation of new equipment.

                                                                                 DUTY              IMPORTANCE
COMPETENCIES (SKAs, Behaviors, Attributes)                                    REFERENCE
                                                                                                  required, preferred,
                                                                                                   or may be trained
Demonstrated skill in modern mass spectrometry.                              A,B,C,E              Required

Demonstrated broad knowledge of research and development in organic          A,B,C,E              Required
chemistry, biochemistry, ion chemistry, and chemical analysis to support
a diverse array of research and instrumentation.

Commitment to the implementation and utilization of modern                   C, E                 Required
instrumentation into undergraduate and graduate instruction.
Ability to teach experimental details to researchers with a broad range of     A,B,C     Required
scientific backgrounds.

Broad knowledge with hands-on experience in laboratory instrumentation. A,C              Required
Technical and scientific ability for operation, instruction, routine
maintenance and minor repair.

Demonstrated skill in troubleshooting hardware and software problems           A,C,D     Required
encountered with instrumentation.

Skill in prioritizing tasks in an environment where a large variety of         All       Required
research is conducted using shared equipment.

Ability to work simultaneously and productively on several projects in a       All       Required
demanding environment.

Supervisory skills to organize materials, information and people in a          All       Required
systematic way to optimize efficiency and minimize duplication of effort.

Excellent interpersonal skills to interact with graduate and undergraduate     All       Required
students, staff, faculty, and visitors.

Excellent verbal skills and ability to speak either on a one-to-one basis or   All       Required
in a group using appropriate vocabulary and grammar to obtain and
clearly convey information, and explain complex scientific and technical

Excellent skill in writing concise, logical, grammatically correct             All       Required
documents, e.g. instruction manuals, descriptions of the facilities and
technical capabilities of the equipment.

Problem identification and resolution skills to organize work flow to          All       Required
accomplish established objectives.

Ability to work independently or as a team, follow through on                  All       Required
assignments with minimal direction and identify potentially better
methods of operation.

Ability to work with individuals with a wide diversity of backgrounds.         All       Required

Ability to teach, demonstrate and guide others in the preparation, quality     B,C       Required
control, and setup of laboratory experiments and provide technical and
scientific expertise.

Knowledge of safe handling and disposal of hazardous chemicals and safe        A,B,C,D   May be trained
laboratory practices. Knowledge of current state, federal, OSHA and
UCLA regulations as they apply to the laboratories.

Working knowledge of inventory and material management procedures.             D         May be trained

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