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Position Title: Manager, Energy Services                         Position No: 298581

Department: Facilities Management and Planning

Reports to: Assistant Director, Facilities Engineering and Construction Services

Date: September, 2009
Approved by:

General Accountability:

Reporting to the Assistant Director, Engineering and Construction Services, the Manager of
Energy Services is responsible for managing the effective and efficient utilization of energy
resources to provide a quality indoor environment within the facilities at Carleton University.

The Manager of Energy Services oversees the development, operation and maintenance of
the University’s Central Control and Monitoring System, and associated distribution systems
and building mechanical systems.


Number of Staff Directly Supervised: 6
Payroll: $360K
Budget: Utilities $11.6M gross ($4.2M Recoveries = $7.4M net)

Number of Buildings: 43
           Building area    368,500M2
           Building value   $592,968,881
           Size of Property 62 hectares

Organizational Structure:

This position is one of seven reporting directly to the Assistant Director, Engineering and
Construction Services. The other six positions are: the Manager of Central Heating Plant,
three Project Coordinators, Project Support Clerk and CAD Operator.

The Manager supervises the Control Technicians, and contracted or assigned staff as
required to implement assigned projects.
There are two positions reporting directly to the incumbent. They are:

•   Controls Engineering Officer
    Accountable for efficient equipment maintenance, system modifications, overall design
    strategy of the Central Control and Monitoring System (CCMS); utilities metering system

Manager, Energy Services
Department of Facilities Management and Planning
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                                                                                       September, 2009
    and energy management software; and monitoring and implementation of energy saving

•   Control Technician – Leadhand
    Accountable for the day-to-day operations of the Central Control and Monitoring System
    (CCMS), assisted by four (4) Control Technicians.

Nature and Scope:

Carleton University is geographically located in the south central district of the City of
Ottawa. The buildings are segregated on a triangular shaped campus of 62 hectares
surrounded by residential and government buildings and bounded by the Rideau River,
Rideau Canal and an arterial road. The University has been in its present location since
1958 and its buildings of various sizes vary in age between 1 to 44 years. In response to
the anticipated influx of students attributed to the double cohort in Ontario, the university is
in the process of a ‘super build’ project to expand the facilities across the campus. The
mandate of this position is to ensure the most efficient and environmentally safe deployment
of energy resources across the University community.

As the manager responsible for the Central Control and Monitoring systems, building chilled
water and mechanical systems, Utilities Administration(in cooperation with the Manager of
the Central Heating Plant), the Energy Management Program, Retro-commissioning of
building systems, a challenge is to effectively integrate and coordinate these functions to
meet multiple objectives in a cost effective manner. Another challenge of this position will
be to motivate, educate, and direct this unit to identify and undertake energy conservation
initiatives, as well as facility renewal related to the distribution and building mechanical

The incumbent must possess an excellent comprehension of mechanical systems, central
control and monitoring, metering concepts with knowledge and experience in selecting and
specifying and operating these systems. The incumbent is relied upon to provide relevant
and current engineering expertise to Physical Plant staff regarding the resolution of
environmental and air quality concerns; project manage Energy Conservation, BAS, CHP
and Mechanical Systems projects.

The incumbent is responsible for the development and management of people and budgets
in an effort to achieve energy resources objectives of the department and the university.
These responsibilities require excellent leadership, written and verbal communication,
negotiation and management skills, tact and diplomacy as well as a knowledge and
awareness of engineering theories and principles. While policies and procedures and
collective agreements exist and guide day-to-day operations, the incumbent must interpret
the policies and collective agreements and update, revise or develop new procedures as
well as establish new management systems and procedures to support and direct the
activities of this unit.
The incumbent must act independently to make decisions based on sound knowledge,
experience, expertise and judgement. The incumbent must possess the ability to identify
and prevent as well as solve problems, often under pressure, budget restraints and time
constraints such as in emergency situations. The incumbent only seeks direction or
approval from the Assistant Director, Facilities Engineering and Construction in exceptional
situations or circumstances, such as when additional funds are required for non-budgeted
situations. The requisition of payroll, staff, supplies and services, as well as the internal
Manager, Energy Services
Department of Facilities Management and Planning
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                                                                                  September, 2009
allocation of budgeted funds and scheduling of work, is within the authority granted to the

The incumbent is responsible for ensuring that the unit is adequately staffed to meet
operational requirements. To ensure the efficient deployment of financial and human
resources, the incumbent develops integrated workflow processes, establishes objectives,
and effectively allocates duties and projects to staff. The incumbent develops job
descriptions, hires new employees in consultation with the Assistant Director, provides
direction and performance feedback to staff, disciplines staff as required, monitors leave and
approves overtime.

The incumbent will be required to liaise directly with other Assistant Directors, Directors or
Managers across campus. For example, the incumbent would be expected to deal with
senior finance staff members concerning budget issues as well as ancillary managers
concerning their utility costs. The incumbent will also be required to deal directly with the
necessary representatives of the individual agencies (Hydro Ottawa, R.M.O.C., Enbridge
Gas, BP, Ontario Power Generation, etc.) as well as with various consultants to discuss and
resolve issues, and to negotiate terms of service. Should any such agency related to the
incumbent’s area of responsibility be appointed, it would be the responsibility of the
incumbent to manage their work on behalf of the university.

Specific Accountabilities:

•   Manage the Energy Services unit. This involves ensuring that all staff and consultants
    perform their duties effectively and conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the
    Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Environmental Protection Act.

•   Manage both the Campus Metering System and the Central Control and Monitoring
    Systems in a cost effective manner to ensure that these systems provide the level of
    control and monitoring to support the university’s objectives

•   Identify and manage energy conservation, mechanical systems and control systems

•   Establish, update and coordinate the application of the university standards on
    mechanical, electrical and control installations with the cooperation of the other
    management on all projects.

•   Manage the university’s commissioning processes

•   Manage the response to Indoor Air Quality complaints in conjunction with the
    Environmental Health and Safety Unit.

•   Develop, review and approve utility invoicing. Utilize the Energy Management Software
    to; Prepare utility recoveries, Maintain utility consumption and projection summaries,
    Generate analytic diagrams and reports on utilities to the building level.

•   Assist the Assistant Director in establishing the energy priorities and budgets, and to be
    responsible for ensuring that funding is applied for and received for approved energy
    reduction projects.
Manager, Energy Services
Department of Facilities Management and Planning
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                                                                                 September, 2009
•   Be current on environmental legislation and energy regulations

•   Manage the Utility budget; tracking, forecasting, charging back

•   Manage the Building Automation System strategy for all building systems controls

•   Provide engineering review of mechanical aspects of projects

Manager, Energy Services
Department of Facilities Management and Planning
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                                                                              September, 2009

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