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									                                Community Involvement Intern
                                    Position Description
Community Involvement (CI) Interns advocate for service on and off campus and act as liaisons between
University of Maryland students interested in service opportunities and community partners in the
Maryland/DC metro area seeking volunteers. The CI Interns will be a function of Leadership and
Community Service-Learning (LCSL) in the Adele H. Stamp Student Union.

Specific responsibilities include:

    Manage student volunteers in Terps for Change program. Duties include: program marketing,
    volunteer recruitment (application process), volunteer placement (coordination of schedules),
    maintaining regular email correspondence and office hours, and program evaluation (exit interviews).

    Create and facilitate monthly community dialogues for each site that incorporates service-learning
    reflection, community building, and social justice education. Additionally, interns are expected to
    foster a sense of community among volunteers though documentary series and social events.

    Coordinate community service sites for Terps for Change program. Duties include: researching
    potential service sites (related to chosen social issues), site visits and outreach to potential site
    supervisors, collaboratively identifying meaningful service initiatives, planning transportation
    logistics, evaluating program partnership, and communicating regularly with site supervisor.

    Serve as link between students and community partners to create intentional, on-going service
    relationships. Consult with students (interests, availability, etc.) and match with community partners
    (needs, availability, etc.).

    Co-create a learning agreement with the Coordinator for Leadership and Community Service-
    Learning, outlining the nature of and articulating a commitment to reflective thought and meaning-

    Espouse the mission and values of service-learning, community voice, student development in
    academic, personal, and professional growth, respect toward others and self, and passion for service.

    Act as student LCSL ambassador: field questions from students and community partners, give class
    presentations, staff LCSL table at events such as the First Look Fair and Stampfest, etc.

    Keep LCSL supervisor informed on project reports, future goals, updates on Terps for Change
    (student volunteers and community partners), and any other notable accomplishments, problems,
    and challenges. Attend regular one-on-one meetings with LCSL supervisor and weekly team meetings
    with fellow interns.

    Coordinate Mid-Year Celebration and Year-End Celebration that conveys the lessons learned,
    relevancy of service-learning to the Maryland community, and celebrates the accomplishments of the

    Serve as the Terps for Change representative on the Voices of Social Change speaker series planning

                                                                                          Revised March 8, 2010

        Strong written/ oral communication skills             Easy-going and flexible attitude
        Passion for service-learning                          Proficient computer skills (word, google,
        Organizational management skills                      facebook, twitter)
        Previous service experience                           Creativity, professionalism, and ability to
        Time management skills                                work well as a team member
        Strong email etiquette and efficiency                 Caring and friendly attitude, easily
        Ability and willingness to take initiative            approachable
        Willingness to learn

This position is a 12-month, 10 hours/week position, reporting to the Coordinator for Leadership and
Community Service-Learning. Remuneration consists of a stipend with the option to also receive
academic credit through your department (up to 3 credits/semester). NOTE: There is a required 2.5
minimum cumulative GPA to receive credit. New hires will start in June 2010.

Please send resume, cover letter, and two references to:



Leadership and Community Service-Learning
Community Involvement Internship Program
c/o Mei-Yen Hui
0110 Stamp Student Union
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

Anticipated interview timeline: All application materials are due April 5, 2010. Interviews will be
scheduled and references will be contacted between April 12-23, 2009. Finalists will be notified by April

For more information or if you have questions please contact Mei-Yen Hui, Coordinator for Leadership
and Community Service-Learning, at meiyen@umd.edu or 301-314-0068.

                                                                                      Revised March 8, 2010

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