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									PINAL COUNTY JOB DESCRIPTION                                            JOB CODE: 1060


Position Summary:         Plans, facilitates and coordinates with schools, education
institutions, businesses, civic and other agencies to develop educational programs to
meet the needs of the educational community. This includes management of the Pinal
County Educational Service Agency ensuring that goals and objectives of the agency
are accomplished within prescribed time frames and funding. This is a department head
position under the County Superintendent. Positions at this level manage a major
department/division of the organization. The most critical and time consuming
responsibilities include program development, implementation, facilitation, service
delivery, providing information on state and federal regulations and seeking and
securing funding that is aligned with the agencies goals and The decisions made affect
the goals, services, and objectives of the organization and may involve highly sensitive
and political issues affecting the organization as a whole. Work is accomplished within
the broadest framework of policy guidance.

EXAMPLES OF DUTIES: The duties listed below are examples of the work typically
performed by employees in this class. An employee may n be assigned all duties
listed and may be assigned duties which are not listed below. Marginal duties (shown in
italics) are those that are least likely to be essential functions for any single position in
this class:

   •   Represents the County School Superintendent in his absence and serves as the
       Director of the Educational Service Agency
   •   Represents the County Superintendent’s Office, as designated by the
       Superintendent, on County, State and Federal Councils
   •   Reviews and edits all grant applications prepared by the County Educational
       Service Agency before submission
   •   Consults with legal counsel to ensure that policies comply with the Federal and
       State law
   •   Coordinates department activities with activities of Arizona Department of
       Education or US Department of Education
   •   Develops programs and directs and coordinates personnel activities.
   •   Manages programs and serves as the fiscal manager for a variety of school
   •   Seeks, applies for, manages and reports on grant and Intra-governmental
       funding on behalf of the schools and County Educational Service Agency
   •   Coordinates and facilitates with schools, businesses, civic and other
       organizations and agencies to set goals, objectives, and action plan to meet the
       needs of the students of Pinal County
   •   Analyzes data collected from state and norm referenced tests, surveys,
       interviews and focus groups to evaluate educational needs and programs
   •   Provides quarterly and yearly reports of programs managed by the County
       Educational Service Agency
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   •   Acts as public relations officer in overseeing and supervising instructional and
       public information to be aired relating to the Pinal County School
       Superintendents Office in Superintendent’s absence.
   •   Writes and delivers presentations to boards, schools, departments or
       government officials


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: The knowledge and abilities listed below are
required to allow the employee to perform the duties listed above at the Department
Head/Administrative Officer level.

   Knowledge of

       •   Principles and practices of educational leadership
       •   Strong foundation in curriculum and professional development
       •   Principles and practices in management and supervision
       •   Skilled in facilitation of programs and meetings
       •   Budget preparation and administration
       •   Administration of external funding source monies such as grants, intra-
           governmental agreements and financial contracts

  Skills To

       •   Apply educational leadership techniques, curriculum and professional
           development knowledge and practices in administration and supervision

  Ability To

       •   Communicate with the County School Superintendent, education community,
           government officials, other County employees and the general public
       •   Analyze education programs, professional development and curriculum
       •   Plan, organize and supervise programs, committees and employees
       •   Define problems, collect data, establish plans, and develop effective
           educational programs
       •   Read, analyze, and interpret common scientific and technical journals,
           financial reports, and legal documents
       •   Provide technical support to school districts on educational issues
       •   Serve as a liaison to schools, helping them with state and federal programs
           and regulations
       •   Establish and maintain effective working relationships with school employees,
           state and federal agencies, the public and office employees
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Education, Experience and Training: The knowledge, skills, and abilities listed above
may be acquired through different types of education, training, and experience. An
example of a typical way to acquire the qualifying knowledge and ability is listed below.

Education: Bachelors and Masters degree in an education related field , Arizona
Teaching Certificate, Arizona Principal or Superintendent Certificate (recommended)

Experience: Minimum 3 years teaching experience, supervisory or administrative
experience which demonstrates the ability to perform the duties of the position, and
Curriculum and professional development experience which demonstrates the ability to
perform the duties of the position.

EEO Category: Officials and Administrative

FLSA STATUS: Exempt                                                                                            03/10/2004

The job description does not constitute an employment agreement and is subject to change at any time by the employer.

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