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					                                 Job Description –Firefighter
Skilled Firefighters care about what is in the best interest of the District, its citizens and its guests. They are
responsible for providing a high level of proficient and competent service with enthusiasm---per the District’s
long-term Vision, focused Mission and supporting Value Set.
1. Tasks:
   a. Operate swiftly and safely to all emergency calls in a smooth effective manner. Executes tasks on emergency
       scenes to best facilitate rescue and maximize application of extinguishing agents using the latest technologies,
       standards and guidelines.
   b. Working with the Driver Operator confirms that apparatus and equipment are in good working order, participates
       with station maintenance and duties.
   c. Have a solid familiarity of the District geography and commercial/residential occupancy while setting the standard
       of excellence in service delivery per NFPA, ISO, Idaho Survey and Rating Bureau and IFSTA standards, as they
       directly relate to this position at this time in the company’s development, with clear servant leadership.
   d. Develop proficient skill set and character performance with the goal of achieving well-executed, key strategic
       goals and connected tactics, set the standard for highly motivated professionals and mentoring of up and coming
       personnel in the area of fire suppression.
   e. Assist in instructing and drilling firefighters in operations of District equipment.
   f. Work to help educate members of the community in the risks and hazards of fire. Conducts station tours for the
       public, schools and community.
   g. Ensure completion of and prepare daily and weekly truck check forms, list any service needed, checking for
       damage and report how and when it happened. Report fire/medical call locations, actions taken and types as
       directed by a Lieutenant.
   h. Execute positively other assigned duties, per the company’s mission, as directed by the Lieutenant.
2. Skills:
   a. Provide Fire Suppression service using Thoroughness -
       i.   Skillfully and safely execute tactics during fire suppression activities
   b. Ability to take direction using Flexibility and Obedience -
       i.   Quickly and cheerfully carry out the directions of higher ranking personnel while meeting the District’s
            Mission, Vision and Core Values.
   c. Ability to operate equipment using Alertness –
       i.   Skillfully and safely operate all equipment owned by the District with the goal of 100% competency.
   d. Ability to communicate using Discretion and Discernment -
       i.   Effectively communicate both written and verbally in a non-offensive manner; actively listen and keep yourself
   e. Customer Service using Benevolence and Honor –
       i.   Actively looking for ways to provide the highest level of service possible even in unpleasant circumstances.
   f. Perform routine and preventative maintenance using Initiative –
       i.   Recognize and perform needed maintenance to apparatus and stations before being asked to do it; promptly
            report major issues to responsible parties.
3. Attributes:
   a. Passion
       i.   Display service rather than occupational philosophy and devotion to service above self.
   b. Accountability
       i.   Accept responsibility for any and all actions demonstrated
   c. Team Player
       i.   Show not only an interest in your own success, but in the success of your supervisors and coworkers;
            recognizing that their success is as vital as your own. Do not just be a member of the work group.
   d. Loyalty
       i.   Show continued commitment to our organization, the people we serve and each other. Have a willingness to
            stand up for what’s right based on the District’s Mission, Vision and Core values.
   e. Training
       i.   Constantly seek ways to make methodical and reasonable decisions. Skills must be kept sharp on
            equipment, SOG’s and policies.

Firefighter Job Description                                                                    Adopted: 04/27/09
The following Character Traits are what the District expects a Firefighter to demonstrate:


Vs. Inconsistency
Fulfilling what I consented to do even if it means unexpected sacrifice.
As a firefighter, you are relied upon to protect life and property and aide those in distress. A dependable firefighter can be counted on to
not just do what is needed, but to wholeheartedly tackle any project that is required of them to the best of their ability. Inconsistency in
effort and accomplishment leads to distrust and micro-management.

Vs. Slothfulness
Investing my time and energy to complete each task assigned to me.
Northern Lakes Fire Protection District sees diligence as careful attentiveness to accomplish any task undertaken. Firefighters should
actively look for what needs to be accomplished in the best interest of the District, while also assuring full completion of each task. An
inattentive and idle firefighter adds to an already stressful work environment, becoming part of the problem and not the solution.

Vs. Arrogance
Acknowledging that achievement results from the investment of others in my life.
A humble firefighter is one that seeks opportunities to better not only themselves, but the entire District. Through the eyes of a humble
firefighter, building up others is also an opportunity to build up themselves. Humility is recognizing that success as well as failure is a
team effort. Arrogance in the fire suppression service can be taken as uncaring and a lack of compassion.

Vs. Unfaithfulness
Using difficult times to demonstrate my commitment to those I serve.
Understanding that fire service emergencies are by definition difficult times, a loyal firefighter earns trust by fully accepting their
responsibilities to protect life and property and to aid those in distress. An example of an unfaithful firefighter is one who continuously
“stirs the pot”.

Vs. Unreliability
Knowing and doing what is expected of me.
Members of our organization are expected to be professional, proficient, and competent in our ability to perform fire suppression services.
Firefighters realize their responsibility on fire scenes to the customer, their commanding officer and to each other; life safety, incident
stabilization and property/environmental conservation.

Firefighter Job Description                                                                                     Adopted: 04/27/09

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