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005-Communications Committee Job Descriptions Marketing Graphic Editor



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									Volunteer Job Description
Communications Committee. Marketing PR Task Force
Volunteer Position: Marketing Graphic Editor

USGBC Kentucky Chapter Vision, Mission, and Aim:
Our vision: To improve the health and welfare of all Kentucky citizens through a sustainable
and responsible built environment.  Our mission: To educate and promote the design, construction, and
operation of buildings and the built environment in Kentucky that are environmentally responsible places
to live, work and learn. Our aims: Develop an organization of excellence to solidify the Chapter’s capacity
to impact market transformation within the Commonwealth of Kentucky to a sustainable built
environment. Provide the education and forum for dialogue with all stakeholders including Kentucky’s
under served population to drive an overall increase in the market’s capacity for sustainable development
and access to all. Advocate for public policy advancing the mission and vision of USGBC and educate
policy leaders in the advantages of the LEED system as a standard for green building and neighborhood
development. Encourage the use of Green Building Best Practices and additional tools and standards for
certifying green buildings and neighborhood development.

Job Description:
Responsible for graphic formatting all marketing materials for consistency. Works closely with Graphic

Approximate Hours Per Month: 10-15 plus 5‐10 hours yearly

Commitment Timeframe: 13 months December (or starting month) – December (or last month). The first/
last month is an ‘overlap’ month between outgoing and incoming volunteer reserved for training, skills
development and coordination/oversight. Incoming volunteer takes over 100% beginning January (or
second month).

Desired Qualifications:
• Experience in Visual Communications, Graphic Design
• Experience with website-housed marketing programs (constant contact)
• Experience with graphic software (Adobe, etc)
• Strong organizational skills
• Ability to manage deadlines
• Member of Chapter or willing and able to join Chapter (fee of 65.00/year)
• Commitment to the Chapter’s vision and mission.

Specific Responsibilities:
• Formats chapter marketing materials, invites, letters to members, etc.
• Coordinates with Graphic Designers, Brand Manager Task Force Chair
• Participate in monthly Marketing PR Task Force meetings

Positions Reports to: Chair of the Marketing PR. Communications Committee

To apply for this volunteer opportunity contact: Ana Nouri Communications Committee

USGBC Kentucky Chapter | 743 E Broadway, Suite 182 Louisville, KY 40202 |   |

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