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									The Easy Step-by-Step Method To
Claiming Your Free Facebook Username
Facebook now allow us all to have their own unique
username - a facebook address. Anyone facebook
user can claim theirs and business pages with over
25 fans can do the same.

Facebook has become the largest and most visited
website in the world. Facebook has become the
essential marketing, networking and communication
tool in today's new 2.0 web. Having a Facebook url
makes it much easier for your friends and associates
to find you or your business fan page. Facebook's
username is not always the name that appears on
your profile home, it is often a variation.

You can get your facebook url using the following
quick guide. You can also use these steps to claim a
name for your fanpage (business).


Login to your facebook account


Visit facebook.com/username. You will see a screen
where you can pick your username.

*IMPORTANT* You must setup your personal
facebook username before you can claim a name for
your fanpage. You must be the admin of a fanpage in
order to claim its name and the page must have more
than 25 fans.

3 - personal

Facebook will offer you with a few suggested
usernames, most will be similar to your real name.
You can choose one of those or create your own.
Every persons username must be unique. Many
common usernames have been chosen by other
users so you might have to get creative when
choosing your name. However, choose wisely as
once you pick your username you cannot change it.
Facebook like you to use your real name as often as
possible however if security worries you, you might
pick something random. When choosing a username
you might need to consider one of the following
variations: firstName_lastName / firstInitial.lastName
or firstName.lastname or firstname.nickname etc etc
You can make up any username if nothing suitable is
available, but it is probably best to have some part of
your name somewhere.

3(a) - fanpage username

Once you have chosen a personal name you will see
a drop down menu for any fanpages you are an
administrator of. You do the same thing - pick a
unique username and again it cannot be changed.
Yep: it cannot be changed. Take time and pick your
name with care!

4 Finishing up

When you have picked chosen a username, click the
Confirm button. You now have a unique and easy to
remember Facebook username. People may now find
you just by typing your address in their browser:

The important thing to remember is that your
username cannot be changed.

Put your on business cards, stationary your BLOG etc
for MORE free exposure.and offline. Add it to your
email , put it on your resum or add it to an online

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