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What is your key objective? Many people who need a website or a new website fail to consider some very important factors when it comes to time to begin building a successful website.

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									        What Your Website Must Have

What is your key objective?
Many people who need a website or a new website
fail to consider some very important factors when it
comes to time to begin building a successful website.

The first thing to consider is “What is the key objective
of my website?" Over 90% of all business owners
state that the key objective for their website is for lead
generation purposes. This means that the main thing
they would like their website to do is generate more
sales enquiries. With over 80% of people now
searching for Goods and Services online Search
Engines are the main source for generating new
business leads.

Search Ranking Experience a Must
So the first question one must ask is does the
Website company I am considering to build my site
know anything about Search Rankings? (Search
Engine Optimization or SEO).
If the answer to this is no then one must ask, how on
earth would they know how to build a Search Engine
friendly website?

Many of these website companies play on the lack of
knowledge of the business owner by talking up Meta
tags, titles and keywords. While being important, if
your site is not built in a search engine friendly way it
doesn’t matter what Meta tags you put in.

Also website keywords and content is only part of the
SEO battle. So when considering a Website firm, one
of the key considerations must be, “Can this company
build a website that will get results?" So if the first
consideration is SEO expertise the second
consideration must be “Can they build a site that is
easy on the eye?"

Will my Website Look Good?
The majority of websites that I see are in short
“terrible". A website with visual appeal while not
compromising Search Rankings is so important. In
most cases a prospects first impression of your
business may be your website. If it is ugly or out of
date and lacks professionalism then what impression
do you think your website gives your business?

The 2nd most important objective business owners
respond with is that they want their website to deliver
credibility to their business. A site that is not good to
look upon, or is out of date or perhaps is hard to find
relevant info on is not going to deliver business
owners with the necessary credibility they are after.

A Website that can be Changed
So a website that gets results and looks good. But
how about a website that looks good, gets results and
is easy to update and manage content on? This
brings me to the 3rd and final thing in this article. If you
as a business owner really want to establish credibility
having an up to date, easy to manage website is

That is where Content Management Systems (CMS)
come in. Say good bye to expensive payments to web
designers who slug you with fees each time you need
to change something on your website, also say
goodbye to time waiting for these changes to take
place. If you are thinking of going with a website firm
who only build static sites and you don’t have the
budget to continually pay for changes please

Content Management Systems
CMS enables you to make web changes to your
website with ease and for free. CMS is designed to
allow you to update the content in your web site with
virtually no web skills or experience. Did you know, by
having the skill to use Microsoft Word you would be
able to edit, manage and update the content all by
yourself, from anywhere in the world?

In conclusion you can have a website that people can
find on the search engines, that looks good and that
you can make changes to with ease.

In my next article I will talk about the importance of
CMS and developing good content.
Mark Peterson is the founder and Director of Web
Performance. With offices in Australia and the USA
Web Performance specializes in building websites
that get results.

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