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                           Body Contour Effects of a Bipolar
                         RadioFrequency, Infrared Energy and
                    Dr X           xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
           xxxxxxxxxx         Pulsatile Device Deployed After
                                          Liposuction Surgery

             by                    Liposuction remains the most commonly                residual lipo-excess received additional passes.
    R. Stephen                     performed cosmetic surgical procedure in the            Results were evaluated by comparing (1)
Mulholland, MD,                    United States.1 Unfortunately, liposuction is        circumferences measured at standard anatomical
    Toronto, Canada                often associated with a fatal outcome. Despite       locations before the treatment program, at 2-
                                   recent advances such as ultrasound                   week intervals, and after the final treatment and
                                   technologies, microcannulas, and tumescent           (2) digital photographs taken before the
                                   technique, body contour concerns following           treatment program and after the final treatment.
                                   liposuction remain, with concomitant revision        At the completion of the study, liposuction
                                   liposuction rates ranging from 8% to 16%.            revision rates of patients treated by both
                                   Exacerbation of cellulite is also common. This       liposuction and the combination device were
                                   study evaluates the efficacy and safety of a         compared to those of a cohort of the 30
                                   bipolar radiofrequency (RF) and infrared (IR)        consecutive patients treated by liposuction alone.
                                   energy device used to treat patients during the
                                   post-liposuction period.The use of this device in    RESULTS
                                   the treatment of focal lipodystrophy and             The overall revision rate for the liposuction-
                                   cellulite has been described.1-3                     combination device cohort was 5.7%
                                                                                        compared to 13.3% in the cohort of
                                   METHODS AND MATERIALS                                liposuction-only patients.
                                   During a 6-month period (January-June 2004),            A measurable reduction in circumference
                                   35 consecutive liposuction patients (32 women,       (mean 1.2 cm) was achieved in 88.6% of
                                   23-48 years of age, mean 32) underwent               patients who received post-liposuction
                                   postoperative treatments with a combination          treatment with the combination device. Among
                                   bipolar RF, IR light, and pulsatile suction device   patients given liposuction of the outer and
                                   (VelaSmooth, Syneron Medical Ltd., Israel).          posterolateral     thigh,     26%      treated
                                   Liposuction treatment sites included the             postoperatively with the combination device
                                   abdomen (23), hips (32), outer thighs (26), inner    reported worsening of cellulite in the treated
                                   thighs (18), anterior thighs (18), upper arm (4),    areas compared to 42% in patients who received
                                   braline (15) and love handles (3). Standard          liposuction alone.
                                   small-diameter (2.4-3.7 mm) Mercedes tip
                                   cannulas and the Klein tumescent technique           SUMMARY
                                   were used in the liposuction procedure               Liposuction remains a popular and successful
                                   performed under general anesthesia. Patients         body contouring technique. Although patient
                                   were fitted with compression garments and            satisfaction is high, the incidence of minor
                                   compression foam (Topifoam [LySonix, Tuscon,         revision is also high when body contour
                                   AZ]) for 6 weeks after liposuction.                  improvement is critically evaluated. Most
                                      Six weeks after liposuction, each treated site    post-liposuction revisions involve small
                                   received 12 treatments (twice weekly for 6           lipo-excesses or body contour irregularities
                                   weeks) with the combination bipolar RF, IR           resulting from incomplete removal of localized
                                   light, and pulsatile suction device. Each            fat. The results of this study suggest that
                                   treatment consisted of 3 to 6 passes over            sequential post-liposuction treatment with the
                                   liposuction-treated sites. End points were deep,     bipolar RF, IR energy and pulsatile suction
                                   radiant warmth and erythema. Sites of obvious        device may decrease the incidence of

   1 8 AU S T R A L A S I A N J O U R N A L O F C O S M E T I C S U R G E RY                   AU S T R A L A S I A N J O U R N A L O F C O S M E T I C S U R G E RY 1 8
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enhancement liposuction by 50%. In a previous
study,1 the author showed that such a program
reduced circumferences by 2 to 6 cm in a cohort
of nonsurgical patients. The noninvasive
liporeduction was attributed to thermogenic                                 A simple, safe procedure –
lipolysis induced by bipolar RF and IR energy.
   This study shows that a series of post-                                  with no credit risk to you.
liposuction treatments with the combination
                                                                            We make the whole process of financing surgery
bipolar RF, IR, and pulsatile suction device over
areas of residual lipodystrophy results in a                                convenient, confidential and relaxed. Your patient
further liporeduction. The author postulates that                           simply decides how much they need to finance,
the combination device induces localized
                                                                            from $1,500 to $30,000 and (subject to lending
thermogenic lipolysis, localized liporeduction,
and      improved      post-liposuction     body                            criteria) we will transfer the full amount to your
contouring. Other potential benefits include                                account prior to the treatment day. There's no extra
textural skin enhancement and improvement in
                                                                            work for you, but a guaranteed greater number of
localized cellulite. The program may even
minimize cellulite extension after body                                     treatments!
contouring, a common occurrence in the outer
and posterolateral thigh.
   The application of this noninvasive adipocyte-                           How can we help your
responsive technology to post-liposuction
recovery marks an exciting opportunity to                                   practice grow?
improve our surgical body contouring results.
                                                                            The benefits to your surgery include:
                                                                            • Increased cash flow and reduced accounts
1. Mulholland, RS. Bipolar frequency, infrared heat and pul-
    satile suction in the non-surgical treatment of focal lipodys-            receivable
    trophy and cellulite. Paper presented at: Australasian                  • Greater acceptance of your procedures by
    College of Cosmetic Surgery Conference; August 27, 2004;
                                                                              offering more affordable treatment plans
    Canberra, Australia.
2. Sadick NS, Mulholland RS. A prospective clinical study to                • Payment in full from us up to two weeks prior to
    evaluate the efficacy and safety of cellulite treatment using             the procedure
    the combination of optical and RF energies for subcutaneous
                                                                            • No financial risk on your part – we assume all
    tissue heating. J Cosmet Laser Ther. 2004;6(4):187-190.
3. Alster TS, Tanzi, EL. Cellulite treatment using a novel com-               responsibility for the loan and its repayment
    bination radiofrequency, infrared light, and mechanical tis-            • No cost to your practice for participating
    sue manipulation device J Cosmet Laser Ther. 2005;7: 81-85.
                                                                            • The likelihood of more referrals for you
The author makes an unsupported statement that                              Wholly owned by Macquarie Bank – a name you can trust
“unfortunately liposuction is often associated with a                       Register now and watch your practice grow!
fatal outcome”. Many would vigorously oppose that
statement. In fact it is widely considered that
liposuction has a particularly low mortality. In fact
meta analysis of studies by Jackson and Dolski of
AACS and Hanke and Bernstein of ASDS showed
a mortality of 1/65,000. It has not been stated but
the cohorts need to be matched for age, build, BMI,
gender and weight and volumes removed in                                    Finance provided by Fundcorp Pty Ltd ABN 80 106 204 862,
liposuction to be able to draw the conclusion that the                        a member of the Macquarie Bank Group of Companies
addition of the RF/IR device produced the improved
result claimed. In the conclusions the author
postulates a mechanism of action for the RF/IR                                         1300 737 059
device. It would be interesting to have the scientific
basis for this postulate explained. John Flynn

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