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Agenda for Change Update May Matching Progress Matching is by bullsonparade


									                        Agenda for Change Update
                                May 2006

Matching Progress

Matching is now completed for the majority of posts in the Trust and we are
now working to match the final few posts in the Trust or where job analysis
questionnaires are being completed. For remaining posts these are generally
in areas where services are organised slightly differently in different parts of
our Trust but carrying out similar work and we therefore need to take some
to ensure that panels have robust information on the work being carried out
as part of the duties of each post in order to complete matching.

Payment of Agenda for Change Bands

A working meeting has taken place involving staff from our matching,
assimilation and payroll work areas and these staff are working closely to
resolve any queries in relation to assimilation calculations that are preventing
payments being made. These queries are now being worked through to
ensure staff are paid new bands and with May salary wherever possible.

We do appreciate that it is frustrating and worrying when your colleagues are
in receipt of Agenda for Change pay and you are not but we are close to
ensuring all staff are receiving their new rates of pay. All new rates will of
course be backdated to 1 October 2004 or whenever you started working with
the Trust if this was after 1 October 2004.

Back Pay

Payroll will calculate any back pay due and we have agreed with payroll that
this back pay will be paid to you 3 months after you first move to an Agenda
for Change band.

Acting Up

One of the reasons some staff have not yet been moved to an Agenda for
Change band is that staff have been acting into a different post other than
their substantive role. We need to ensure that we arrange for the substantive
and acting post to be matched and assimilation calculations carried out for
both roles in line with arrangements set out in the Agenda for Change terms
and conditions of employment and to talk to local managers to confirm dates
for acting up before applying acting up arrangements. This has proved a
more complex process than originally anticipated and we are at present
scoping how we could speed up the process to ensure staff are paid Agenda
for Change bands as quickly as possible.
Requests for Reviews

If you have concerns about the Agenda for Change banding for your post,
please read through the Appeals Policy enclosed with your assimilation letter.
You will have 3 months from the date you receive your assimilation letter to
register your request for a review. We have been holding briefing sessions
for community nurses on a pilot basis and depending on feedback about the
usefulness of these events, may hold further sessions. The first stage of the
process for all staff who submit a request for a review of their banding will be
to meet with an Agenda for Change manager and staff representative,
together with their own manager and if they wish their own representative,
for advice on the review process and compiling information for a review

Competency Framework for Nurses in the Former D and E grade

A competency framework for nurses in their first roles after completing nurse
training was launched in 2005. Many nurses have now completed their
competency assessments and as detailed in the framework are ready to move
to an appropriate point on the old E grade pay scale as set out in the
framework. Following the introduction of the Agenda for Change terms and
conditions, we need of course to arrange for the competency framework to be
altered to link in with the new Knowledge and Skills Framework and Gateway
arrangements for staff on band 5, which encompasses the former D and E
grade bands. While this takes place, we need an interim arrangement for
staff on band 5 who have already passed their competency assessment. Tim
Loveridge, Staff Lead for Agenda for Change and Joint Project Manager, has
prepared interim guidance and this is being circulated to ward managers and
nursing leads for use. If you have completed your d to e grade competency
assessment, please contact your Ward Manager who will lead on contacting
Human Resources and making arrangements for the interim provisions to be
actioned for you.

Occupational Therapists, Music Therapists, Art Therapists,
Dramatherapists and Assimilation of Student Training Allowance

We have now agreed arrangements for assimilating the national allowance
payable to staff who had completed the necessary training to supervise
placements for students carrying out professional training under Whitley pay
arrangements to the Agenda for Change bands. Assimilation calculations for
staff whose posts had been matched had been put on hold pending these
arrangements being agreed and we are now in a position to finish assimilation
calculations and to send details to Payroll for action. Agenda for Change
bands will appear in pay slips for this group of staff from May onwards.
Matches for technician and former basic grade staff in Occupational Therapy
not receiving student training allowance under the Whitley national pay
arrangements had already been actioned.

Matches for Administrative and Clerical Staff

We have been working to achieve a consistent approach to matching of posts
held by Administrative and Clerical staff across the Trust. To help with this,
we identified a series of benchmark matches for posts represented across the
Trust with which similar job descriptions could be clustered if posts were
found to be sufficiently similar after consideration by a matching panel.

Matches were also completed and reviewed taking into consideration
guidance prepared at sector level for matching Administrative and Clerical
posts where specific experience could be considered equivalent to
qualifications or other forms of structured learning or development of skills.

We are in the process of carrying out assimilation calculations for staff based
on these matches. For some staff this means that we are passing a revised
assimilation calculation to payroll and revised assimilation letters are also
being prepared.

Psychology, Psychological Therapy and Family Therapy

These matches are now substantially complete with just a few job
descriptions to be submitted and matching for posts where points have been
clarified to be scheduled. Some service heads and Borough Directors have
asked that we hold a series of initial briefings on the key points from
matching outcomes before wider communication and arrangements for this
are in progress.

Knowledge and Skills Framework

KSF outlines

Outlines have been agreed for admin, OT, Psychology and Nursing, which
accounts for approx 75% of the organisation. These outlines will now be
consistency checked and will be added to the intranet for all staff to access.

Further work is taking place with Finance, Estates & Facilities and other
groups to ensure full coverage.

Appraisal/PDP training

It has been agreed that the appraisal/PDP training will be rolled out across
the Trust using a train the trainers model rather than running the training

Directors will be identifying a lead for their area and a number of people who
would deliver the training. Each borough lead would then work with the
workforce development team to develop an implementation strategy for their

A standardised toolkit for the Trust will be developed so that training can be
delivered locally in a way that suits each department. The training is likely to
be ½ day for staff and ½ day for managers.


The intranet has been updated with new KSF information, including a
background to the KSF and some frequently asked questions.

The Pay Progression policy and the Personal Development Review policy have
also been added to the policy section of the intranet as well as the KSF

Contact points for KSF queries are:

Delia Miller                                     Kit Chiew
KSF Project Lead – Management                    KSF Project Lead – Staff

Questions and Queries about Agenda for Change

   •   There are several ways you can raise your questions about Agenda for
   •   Look on the intranet at http://nww.beh- here/AFC/index.asp
   •   E mail or call one of the Agenda for Change team:
   •   Sue Keating, Project Administrator, 020 8442 6153
   •   Tim Loveridge or Gail Nicol, 020 8442 6121
   •   Check the team brief update to see if your query has been included in
       one of the briefings
   •   Ask your manager
   •   Ask your local HR team
   •   Ask your local representative

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