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iAnywhere Mobile Office
OneBridge Mobile Groupware Component Overview

Key Features                  OneBridge® Mobile Groupware, a component of iAnywhere® Mobile Office and Information Anywhere® Suite,
• Any mobile device         delivers email and PIM data (contacts, calendar, tasks and notes) to mobile workers anytime, anywhere—regardless

  - Windows Mobile          of the device, connection method or email application. As an enterprise solution, OneBridge extends Lotus Domino
                            and Microsoft Exchange to more than 250 mobile devices. OneBridge enables companies to accelerate
  - Symbian
                            communication, decision making and customer responsiveness.
  - Apple iPhone

  - Palm OS

  - OMA Data Sync clients

• Any wired or wireless

  - GPRS

  - GSM

  - W-LAN e.g. 802.11b

  - Infrared

  - Bluetooth

  - Cradle

• Any delivery method

  - Live Connect (Push)

  - Scheduled Sync

  - On-demand Sync

• Any email system
                                 OneBridge Distributed Architecture
  - Lotus Domino                 OneBridge is a flexible middleware solution. It provides a distributable architecture that meets enterprise requirements
  - Microsoft Exchange           for worldwide mobile deployments. Reference the associated numbered components to learn more about the individual
                                 features and functionality of OneBridge Mobile Groupware.

                              MOBILE DEVICE SUPPORT
                              Synchronization is supported via any handheld or smartphone using the following operating systems: Windows
                            Mobile, Symbian, Apple iPhone, Palm OS, as well as with OMA Data Sync (formerly SyncML) devices. OneBridge
                            supports more than 250 mobile devices.
KEY FEATURES    CONTINUED             Client OS support*
• End-to-end security,                     • Windows Mobile 2003, 5.0, 6
  FIPS 140-2-compliant                             – Pocket PC, Pocket PC Phone Edition, Smartphone,
• Central control and                                Classic, Standard and Professional Editions
  management                               • Symbian OS version 6, 7, 8 and 9
• Automatic rollouts                               – Nokia Series 60/80
• Central software distribution                    – Sony Ericsson UIQ 2.0, 2.1 and 3.0

• Easy-to-use device user interface        • Apple iPhone and iPod Touch (IMAP email and contacts)
                                           • Palm OS platform 3.5 or greater (minimum of 8 MB RAM)
• Distributed architecture
                                           • OMA Data Sync (formerly SyncML) 1.01/1.1.1 clients
                                      *For specific device support, please see the OneBridge Supported Devices List at:

                                      Apple iPhone Support
                                         Enterprises can provide access to email through the built-in email application available on Apple iPhone and
                                      iPod Touch devices. Users can also access corporate and personal address books through the Safari Browser. The
                                      new components used to specifically support iPhone devices integrate transparently into the existing mobile
                                      infrastructure. For more specific information about iPhone, please visit:

                                         CONNECTIVITY OPTIONS
                                         OneBridge Mobile Groupware allows users to update their data anytime and anywhere via the most suitable
                                      connection. During the transfer, data is compressed and encrypted. The software supports any wired or wireless

                                           • Desktop connector runs on Windows-based PCs (Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP/2003) and some Citrix Clients for
                                             synchronization via serial or USB cradle
                                           • Wireless connection over any TCP/IP connection, e.g. GSM, GPRS, Infrared, Bluetooth or W-LAN
                                           • The IT administrator can create actions/triggers based on the connectivity – for example an IT manager can
                                             ensure that software is deployed to cradled devices but not over GPRS

                                         DELIVERY METHODS
                                         OneBridge Mobile Groupware provides various delivery methods that meet
                                      individual user's needs for real-time data. Users can choose to have data
                                      delivered via Live Connect (push technology), scheduled synchronization (at
                                      defined time intervals), or on-demand synchronization.

                                         The Live Connect technology guarantees automated data delivery without
                                      user interaction through a variety of configurable modes. Live Connect always-
                                      on delivers data through IP-based push technology; Live Connect polling
                                      method delivers data in pre-defined time intervals. The administrator can also
                                      define different modes for different time ranges – for example, during normal
                                      working hours, weekdays, weekends and
                                      throughout the evening. Live Connect
                                      Push model works over any network
                                      connectivity option (ie., cradle, Wi-Fi).

                                      Live Connect modes
                                           • Always-on mode - Provides real-
                                             time configuration to push out
                                             the most up-to-date information.
                     • Power-save mode - Provides up-to-date information at a scheduled interval to increase battery life.
                     • Disable mode - Provides optimal battery consumption while allowing users to sync on demand.

                   END-TO-END SECURITY
                   Remote access via a wide variety of devices makes data security ever more complex. OneBridge Mobile Groupware
                 ensures maximum security consistent with industry standards and offers the highest security for all data during
                 transfer. This is achieved, among other methods, through a combination of authentication, symmetric and
                 asymmetric encryption with no data staging at any time.

                   OneBridge Mobile Groupware supports two-
                 tier user authentication, allowing security
                 administrators to fine tune network and
                 groupware access. The first-tier authentication
                 can be transparent if an administrator chooses
                 to use single sign-on.

                   OneBridge also supports a feature called
                 extended sessions that allows administrators
                 to securely persist an authenticated session for
                 a defined period of time. This feature helps
                 reduce processing time. The first tier allows
                 the user to authenticate against Active
                 Directory, Lotus Domino, Microsoft Exchange,
                 Windows NT Domain, Radius, LDAP, and database. The second tier allows the user to authenticate against Microsoft
                 Exchange, Lotus Domino or database. If the first and second tier authentication mechanisms are the same and the
                 same user ID and password are used for both, OneBridge Mobile Groupware allows the user to enter their user ID and
                 password only once. OneBridge Mobile Groupware supports connection-based authentication.

                   For example:
                     • Use Radius for connections made outside the firewall.
                     • Use Active Directory for connections on the corporate network.

                   OneBridge Mobile Groupware integrates several technologies to meet the needs of customers with heightened
                 security standards such as government agencies and financial institutions.
                     • Communications between the client and server are encrypted with a 128-bit AES and 1024-bit RSA algorithm for
                       the best combination of security and performance.
                     • The encryption modules used – RSA Security BSAFE Crypto-C Micro Edition – are FIPS 140-2 Level I compliant.
                     • If an encrypted connection like a VPN is used, OneBridge Mobile Groupware encryption can be disabled.

                 Advanced Device Protection
                   For enhanced device-side security, enterprises can deploy Afaria Security Manager. This security solution provides
                 administrator-defined password policy, on-device encryption and data fading, among other security capabilities. Data
                 fading is the ability for administrators to define certain actions if a mobile device doesn't contact the server within a
                 defined period of time, including hard resetting the device, forcing the device into administrative lock-down, or
                 deleting files.
                   PROXY SERVER
                   With the DMZ Proxy, the OneBridge sync server connects outbound to the proxy server. With this architecture, no
                 inbound ports are required between the enterprise DMZ and the internal network. DMZ Proxy checks connections
                 from mobile devices, authenticates the user and validates protocol packets before allowing traffic through the firewall
                 to the OneBridge Server. Proxy Server can differentiate between multiple department or company servers using a
                 specific company ID. The Proxy Server does not stage data.


                 Easy installation and deployment
                   The OneBridge Mobile Groupware site
                 wizard allows administrators to quickly set up
                 the server configuration for synchronization
                 and Live Connect, as well as setting
                 parameters for management functionality.
                 With this configuration tool, IT administrators
                 are able to quickly and easily configure
                 OneBridge Mobile Groupware for individual
                 users in the corporate environment.

                   The client deployment wizard eases
                 OneBridge Mobile Groupware rollouts, saving
                 IT managers a considerable amount of time and eliminating steps for the device user. This wizard allows IT
                 administrators to pre-configure standard settings on every OneBridge client to quickly and easily deploy that client to
                 devices. The configurable settings include: IP address; server name, carrier-standard and custom data APN settings;
                 encryption key and default profile. The client deployment disables desktop sync automatically and features a Notes
                 address book auto replication wizard. The configuration file is packed in an executable format (exe) and can be
                 distributed via email or SD card for over the air deployment. There is no need for desktop tools, such as Active Sync or
                 Hot Sync, for the installation.

                 OneBridge Monitoring Service
                   OneBridge Monitoring Service ensures that
                 the OneBridge Service is highly available by
                 monitoring all the components of deployment
                 and taking remedial actions in cases where
                 there is an outage. It also enables customers
                 to be aware of the status of the OneBridge
                 server without having to worry about any
                 unscheduled down-time. OneBridge
                 Monitoring Service also notifies
                 administrators of changes or potential issues
                 in the OneBridge environment.
                 Device management
                   OneBridge Mobile Groupware provides IT administrators with tools to manage all the data transferred to mobile
                 devices and devices themselves as well as controlling what can be accessed by mobile users.

                     • Software distribution
                     • Software and hardware inventory
                     • File transfer
                     • Backup/restore
                     • Profiles and configuration management
                     • Kill pill
                     • Clock sync
                     • Server scripting
                     • Power-on password enforcement
                     • Device access/rejection list

                   For advanced device management, organizations can use Afaria to automate electronic file distribution, file and
                 directory management, notifications, and system registry management tasks without having to learn a programming
                 language. Afaria provides efficient file transfers, incremental updates, and checkpoint restart for handheld devices.

                 Distributed installations
                   For easier integration in complex networks and for improved scalability, OneBridge Mobile Groupware supports the
                 deployment and configuration of remote components throughout the enterprise. For example, OneBridge adapters
                 can be installed on a OneBridge server or distributed close to the data source, based on what is optimal for the
                 enterprise deployment.

                   ONEBRIDGE SYNC SERVER
                   OneBridge is a “behind-the-firewall” enterprise solution. The sync server is the core component that manages all
                 synchronization sessions. It communicates with multiple OneBridge components distributed in various locations
                 throughout an enterprise. Below are the requirements for the OneBridge sync server.

                   The minimum supported server configuration shall be as follows:
                     • Pentium 4 or AMD Processor of 2 GHz or higher—server class machine with two or more processors will
                       enhance performance. Should support industry standards for hard drive redundancy/fail-over.
                     • 2 GB RAM Minimum—recommend 2 GB for up to 500 users, 4 GB for 500-1000 users
                     • 100 MB free disk space for server software + 4 MB for each defined user. Application: 3 GB for 100 users, 15 GB
                       for 500 users, 30 GB for 1000 users, etc. Recommend overall data storage capacity of 60 GB or greater, 7200 RPM
                       minimum disk speed, and a RAID class disk array.
                     • TCP/IP LAN connection: 100Mb or higher connection to network

                 Platform support
                     • Windows 2003 Server

                     • HTTP-based (device-server, server-groupware; supports SSL)
                     • Data protocol: request / response
                     • Persisted sessions using AES key sequence
                 License management
                     • Features controlled by license management using digital certificates

                   DESKTOP CONNECTOR
                   OneBridge Desktop Connector allows users with tethered devices to connect to the OneBridge Server through a
                 PC’s network connection. OneBridge Desktop Connector allows IT administrators to eliminate support for third-party
                 sync software (ie., HotSync, ActiveSync). It also provides additional security by only allowing authorized users to
                 connect to corporate data. In addition, OneBridge Desktop Connector can be used through a Citrix terminal.

                   OneBridge adapters provide an interface to enterprise systems.
                 Adapters can be installed on the OneBridge server or distributed
                 close to the data source based on optimal enterprise deployment.
                 Groupware sync adapters provide the link between OneBridge
                 software and corporate email systems such as Lotus Domino or
                 Microsoft Exchange. Server groupware adapters can be deployed in
                 a variety of configurations to meet a company's scalability needs.
                 For example, the groupware adapters may be installed on a different
                 server than OneBridge to improve throughput.

                   The OneBridge listener is monitoring the users’ mailboxes. When the user receives a new and/or updated email,
                 calendar, contact, task, or note, it is detected by the OneBridge listener and an IP notification packet is sent by the
                 OneBridge sync server to the device.

                    EMAIL SYSTEMS
                   OneBridge extends Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange to mobile devices. Users are able to access email,
                 calendar, contacts, tasks, notes, and custom notes databases. The section below outlines the supported email systems
                 and specific features of the messaging components.

                 Supported email systems
                     • Lotus Domino R6.5/R7/R8
                     • Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003/2007
                 Messaging features
                    • Smart Forwarding: Allows users to remotely forward emails
                      and attachments stored on the groupware server without
                      downloading them to their device.
                    • Attachments: Allows users to receive and view file
                    • OneBridge MailPlus Client: An enhanced Palm mail client
                      adding several key features that allows users to synchronize
                      attachments, respond to meeting requests and synchronize
                      follow-up flags. Attachments are viewed with “Docs2Go”
                    • OneBridge Mailbox for Symbian: An enhanced, user-friendly
                      mail client for Symbian devices that allows users to
                      synchronize attachments and respond to meeting requests.
                    • Read/Unread flags: When a user reads email on the device, it is marked as “read” on the server. Users can also
                      mark items as unread, if desired.
                    • Drag-and-drop files: Allows mobile users to transfer Office documents from desktop to mobile device.
                    • Auto-truncation: Automatically trims the text when it is set to a certain character limitation by the user
                      and to reduce the amount of data sent to the device. Users can also choose to “get more” of a truncated
                      email message.
                    • Smart text: Allows user to directly dial a phone number or compose an email from a phone number or email
                      inside the text of an email.
                    • Subfolder support: Ability for users to subscribe to the subfolders that
                      they want to view on their mobile device.
                    • Adobe Acrobat support: Ability for users to view Adobe Acrobat files on all
                      device platforms.

                  Corporate Directory Lookup
                    • Easily find a colleague’s contact information within the corporate address
                      book without having to download the entire address book.
                    • Integrated within the email and contact applications for Windows
                      Mobile, Symbian and iPhone.

                    • Global Address List (GAL): Both private and corporate address books can be
                      combined so that users can view all their contacts.
                    • Smart mapping: Transfers all important telephone numbers from the
                      groupware server to devices regardless of the availability of fields.

                    • Recurring appointments: Full support for repeating appointments
                      (repeating patterns are preserved on both the device and server). Supports
                      exceptions to a repeating appointment.
                    • Native Meeting requests: Allows users to accept and decline meeting requests from their device.
                    • Time Zones: Supports time zones. Users can change time zones and refresh their data.
                                  Tasks and Notes
                                     • Can be synchronized, opened and edited.

                                  Custom Notes Databases
                                     • Supports mobile access to any native Lotus Notes database.

                                  With its flexible, modular architecture, OneBridge Mobile Groupware offers mobile PIM access and IT management
                                services straight out of the box; and gives IT managers the flexibility to add services as their environments change
                                and as mobile user needs evolve. Using the OneBridge Mobile Platform, IT managers and developers have an easy way
                                to extend any other backend enterprise system for mobile deployment, such as CRM and ERP.

                                Take advantage of a free 30-day trial version of iAnywhere Mobile Office, including OneBridge Mobile Groupware.
                                This evaluation process takes advantage of existing security policies and does not require the creation of any special
                                accounts. You will be able to get the evaluation pushing email to your mobile device in a matter of minutes.

                                Free 30-day evaluation available at:

                                iAnywhere Mobile Office, OneBridge and Afaria are key components of the Information Anywhere Suite, a secure,
                                scalable mobile software platform that addresses the converging IT requirements of enterprises today. By combining
                                email/messaging, mobile device management, enterprise-to-edge security and back-office application extension
                                capabilities, Information Anywhere enables organizations to empower employees to do the work they need to do
                                anywhere, at anytime, on any device. For more information, please visit:

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