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					                                   Mobile Drainage System

MDS Platform – complete drainage Systems to de-
pollute End of Life Vehicles. Mobile, compact and           Fully Air Operated
Mobile Drainage Systems from SEDA are the
combination of modern d
      bi ti      f    d    de-pollution t h l
                                ll ti                d
                                        technology and      Industry best extraction rate
the mobility of a transportable platform system. Ideal
                                                            Fire & explosion certified
for mobile crushing crews or recyclers preferring a
flexible yard lay-out and equipment versatility.            Easily moved with forklift
The well known SEDA gas tank defueler, a perfect
                                                            Hi-efficiency suction
organized workflow area and a lot of utilities help drain
up to 50 vehicles per day on a MDS Individual               6 minute drainage time
configurations allows an extensive variety of
adaptations of this hi-efficiency unit.                     No liquid double handling

Order Information:                                          Capacity: up to 50 cars/day
 A528171 Mobile Drainage System MDS Compact
 A528170 Mobile Drainage System MDS Basic
                                       Mobile Drainage System
Developed as a fully integrated, easily moveable
drainage system, the SEDA MDS is unmatched in
performance, efficiency and safety.

 FLUID EVACUATION: Powerful Suction Pumps
1 inch, ex-rated, UL listed, double diaphragm suction
pumps create a powerful suction for fast an complete
evacuation. The drained fluids can be pumped up to
200 feet to external tanks. Each pump is color coded for
quick identification. Max. system (compact version) air
requirement is 45 cfm at 116 psi.
 RACK: Hydraulic Tilting Vehicle Rack
The 3 ton vehicle ramp can be tilted vertically to access
the lowest point of the gas tank. Tilting allows an extra
0.5-0.75 gallons of fuel to be removed. The fork distance
is adjustable enabling easy fit for varying vehicle makes
and models.
 Gas & Waste Oil Removal: Swing Arms
The operating area is kept entirely free to maneuver as
needed and unobstructed thanks to the SEDA swing
arms. Fully integrating all air and fluid hoses, pneumatic
height controls and suction tools the efficient and
simultaneous drainage of gas, transmission, engine and
differential oil is done safely and ergonomically friendly.
 FLOOR CATCHMENT: Containment & Anti-slip Grid
The zinc coated floor catchment satisfies requirements
for secondary containment should a rare spill occur. The
anti-slip grid next to eliminates lost time accidents from
slips and falls.
 GEARBOX DRILLING MACHINE: Added Efficiency                   Optional Items:
Accelerated extraction, added versatility and                  A52100 Gearbox Drill
eliminating exposure to waste oil altogether are the           A527109 Mobile air compressor
core benefits of adding the unique gearbox drill. The          A518063 Oversized waste oil funnel
gear box drill makes light work of thick cast iron, steel or   Various Catalytic converter cutters
aluminum engine blocks, transmissions, torque
                                                               Various Freon removal units
converters and differentials.

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