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									Mobile Clinic
Sri Lanka
                                SRI LANKA

                               Columbo     Eliya

     Target Area for Mobile Clinic

   God’s love in action... 
The Mobile Clinic
The RAPHA (Rural Area Physical Health
Advancement) mobile clinic is a team
of nurses and a doctor that travel to the
rural areas of Sri Lanka attending to the
medical needs of the people. Jehovah
Rapha means “The Lord our Healer.”
Many people walk a very long distance
to come to the clinics. Most of the clinics
operate from churches in the local areas.         People being treated at a clinic
The most popular clinic at the moment is
one held at a Buddhist temple - strangely         Aims and Objectives
enough a large number of Muslims attend
this clinic!                                      • To provide affordable health care to
Apart from the reular church-based                  people in remote rural areas.
clinics, the team hold clinics at three           • To bring health care to the people
orphanages and a day care centre.                   where it is needed.

In 2005 the mobile clinic team treated            • To reach the poorest of the people in
12,500 patients at their regular clinics.           the area.
                                                  • To provide care regardless of gender,
                                                    race or religion.
The Team
                                                  • To provide basic health education.
Sherine now leads the mobile clinic team          • To provide basic training for
and continues to carry out the vision of            nursing staff.
RAPHA. There are currently six nurses
                                                  • To visit two villages every week,
and one doctor.
                                                    reaching a population of around 100,000.
                                                  • To treat around 1000 patients
                                                    per month.

Monthly Running Costs
Salaries of doctor, nurses, driver        £330
Food                                        £40
Medical drugs and materials               £210
Vehicle running costs                     £160
Local administration costs                  £30

Total                                     £770
                                                  Sherine dressing a wound

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