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mobile phone policy - ss 150310 (3)

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					                             Mobile Phones Policy – Senior School
The phrase ‘mobile phones’ in this policy should be taken as referring to mobile phones and all
similar devices.

The use of mobile phones in school is strongly discouraged. The School cannot take responsibility for
loss or damage to phones. Emergency messages from parents for students should be given to
Reception. Parents should be aware of potential risks such as theft, bullying and inappropriate
contact, including grooming by unsuitable persons. Parents are encouraged to ensure that suitable
filtering devices are activated on mobile phones used by pupils.

However it is recognised that mobile phones are necessary in certain circumstances e.g. for students
with long or awkward journeys who need to contact parents en route.

Phones may only be used outside normal school hours or during morning, afternoon or lunch breaks.

They must not be used during lessons or prep lessons.

They must be switched off during all lessons and activities such as tutorials, Assembly, and when in
the Library or other area of study.

Phones must not cause disruption to others and should not be used, for example, in the Dining Room
or lunch queues.

If a phone rings during a lesson or activity it will be confiscated for the rest of that school day.
Staff should bring confiscated phones to the School Office.

Pupils are discouraged from using mobile phones to gain access to the internet in school.

Pupils must seek the permission of a member of staff before using their mobile phone to take
photographs or make recordings on school premises.

If a member of the staff of the School has any suspicion that a mobile phone has unsuitable material
stored on it, students will be required to hand over the phone to a member of staff and parents will
be asked to collect it from a senior member of staff.

We reserve the right to carry out a spot check in cases of suspected misuse of mobile phones and to
impose sanctions as appropriate.

Examples of misuse of mobile phones and similar devices would include:

    -   taking photographs without permission
    -   making recordings without permission
    -   any activity in furtherance of cyber-bullying
    -   gaining access to inappropriate internet sites

This is not an exhaustive list

Please refer to our guidelines on Internet Use in School

April 2010
Review April 2011

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