Draft Agenda for Residence Training on by bullsonparade


									                                              Agenda for Residence Training on
                                                Climate Services Operations
                   NWS TC Lecture Room 127                                                     NWS TC Lab Room 123
Time                   Tuesday, Aug 26                          Wednesday, Aug 27                            Thursday, Aug 28
8 – 12     Introduction                                Climate Variability (8:00-9:00)           CPC Seasonal Forecast Verification
           (8-8:10) Bair                               Staudenmaier. Explain meaning,            (8:00-8:30) Timofeyeva
           (8:10 – 9:00 ) Tribble                      applicability and relevance of ENSO       Explain customers where, when and how
           Know CFP role and functions, Mapping        phenomenon to customers                   good is CPC seasonal forecast
           functions to the course agenda
           Climate Observations (9:15 – 10:45)                                                    Local Forecast Products Bair (8:30-
           McGuirk. Know how to ensure on site                                                    10:00) Deliver Local 3-month
           QC for NCDC climate data and how to                                                    Temperature Outlook (based on
           report data problems using Datzilla;                                                   downscaling)
           explain what impact integrity has on                                                     Identify role of local office in issuing
           climate observations.                                                                       product
                                                                                                    Explain product to customers
                                                                                                    Explain methodology to customers
                                                                                                  Guide consumers in potential use and
                                                                                                  application of the products.
           Climate Observations (11 – 11:45)           Climate Variability (9:05-10:00)           Composite Products (10:30-12:00)
           Eggleston Know how NWS regional             Know how to use CDC website to             Timofeyeva Deliver local climate product
           and local offices will participate in       develop ENSO related web graphs and        (based on composite analysis)
           NCDC lead projects on ThreadEx and          how to use NCDC data in separation           Identify role of local office in issuing
           Health of the Network                       and analysis ENSO active and neutral            product
                                                       events                                       Explain product to customers
                                                       Climate forecast terminology (10:15-         Explain methodology to customers
                                                       11:45) Hartmann Explain and apply            Guide consumers in potential use and
                                                       climate forecast terms (e.g. meaning of         application of the products.
                                                       categorical and probabilistic forecast,      Conduct composite analysis
                                                       forecast confidence, use of EC, etc.)
12 – 13               LUNCH starts 11:45                        WORKING LUNCH:                                     LUNCH
                       with group picture                 Local Climate Problem Discussion
13 – 17    Climate Observations (1:00 - 1:30)           Interpretation of CPC climate             Lab on Composite Products (1:00-1:45)
           Mayes                                        products (1:00-2:15) Halpert              Timofeyeva
           Follow referral procedures for climate       Explain main CPC climate products
           data distribution                            to local staff and customers (although
           Lab xmACIS (1:40-2:35) Eggleston             the main focus will be LRO, other         Climate Variability (2:00-2:50)
           Use of xmACIS tool for local                 products, e.g. ERF, ENSO and              Staudenmaier
           climatology studies                          drought monitoring products will be       Explain phenomenon of Drought to local
                                                        discussed).                               office staff and customers, explain
                                                                                                  standard definitions on NOAA drought
                                                                                                  indices, be able to identify drought in
                                                                                                  climate records, know who declared
                                                                                                  beginning and end of drought state and
                                                                                                  what is used in making these decisions
           Reference to Climate Services               Intro to verification (2:30-3:00)          Local customer outreach (3:00-4:30)
           Providers and Their Products and            Hartmann                                   Adolphson and Mayes
           Services (2:50-3:40) Timofeyeva               Use verification terms                  Conduct climate related customer
           Use Reference Tool, access climate               appropriately                         outreach, including local climate products.
           information, answer customer inquiries,       Explain quality of forecast             Know how to organize customer targeted
           education of local office staff and              products to local staff and           outreach activities and what information is
           customers                                        customers                             required by different customers’ groups.
           Climate Variability (3:50-4:50)             Verification tool (3:00-3:45)
           Staudenmaier                                Hartmann
           Explain meaning, applicability and          Use the Verification tool to access
           relevance of climate change to              CPC and Local Climate Product
           customers. Identify guidelines for          verification statistics, Guide local
           addressing inquiries related to climate     customers in potential successful use
           change                                      of the forecast information
           Day Summary (4:50-5:00) Livezey             Day Summary (4:00-5:00)                    Course Conclusion (4:30-5:00)
                                                       Staudenmaier                               Timofeyeva

Breaks are not explicitly stated in this agenda, but assumed in the time spans between two consequent presentations.

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