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									                               Journey into Learning
August/September 2010                                                                                Miss Christal Earp
Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                 My Elementary School

                                A Note from Your Principal…
                                School is back in session!! Welcome back to another exciting school year. My
                                Elementary school is a student center educational facility that prides its self on the
                                success of their students. Every two months you will receive a newsletter quite similar
                                to this one, discussing news, tips, student involvement, and many more. Each
                                Newsletter will be personalized to your specific classroom. I wish parents and students
                                a very successful year ahead and I am anxious to get to know everyone. Welcome Back!


Principal’s News           1

Dear Parents               1

Upcoming Events            1
                                         “The more that you read, the more things you will
Good Reads                 2
                                         know. The more that you learn, the more places
Stuck on a Word            3             you'll go.” –Dr. Seuss
Wonderful Websites         3

New Students               4

About Miss Earp            4

Blog link                  4

Contact Information        4

                                Dear Parents
                                Welcome Back to School. I am so glad that        Some things the students will be doing
       Upcoming                 we will have the opportunity to get to know      this year is a journal, tea time with
        Events                  each other over this next school year. I have
                                spent all summer getting ready for our
                                                                                 teacher, Florida Report and project,
                                                                                 career explorations, take 10 for reading,
                                upcoming year together.                          and much, much, more.
      Open House
                                I promise to make it a very exciting and         Like I said before, I am so excited to get
                                enriching time for all involved. I always        to know the children. See you the first
      Grandparent’s Day        looking and encouraging parent involvement       day of school!
       9/12/10                  in the classroom. If you are able to volunteer
      Native American          yourself anytime throughout the school year
       Day 9/20/10              I would be honored to have you. I feel it is     Miss Earp
                                very important to have adults other then
      Columbus Day             myself in the classroom as role models.
  Page 2 of 4                            Good Reads                My Elementary School Newsletter

                   Amelia Bedelia Goes Back to              himself and embarrassing Peter. Read and see how
                   School (grades K-2)                      peter and their family deal with Fudge.
                   By, Herman Parish and Lynn Sweat
                                                                           Otherwise known as Sheila the Great
                 Follow the adventures of Amelia                           (grades 3-5)
                 Bedelia as she goes back to school.                       By, Judy Blume
                 Amelia is always known for silliness
 and excitement. Read through the book and learn                             Read along as Shiela has her
 vocabulary and “ridiculousness!” while Amelia is at                         confidence tested as her and her
 School.                                                                     family go on vacation to Tarrytown,
                                                            where The Legend of Sleepy Hollow took place.
                 Back to School From the Black              Sheila the Great is pushed almost to her limits. This
                 Lagoon (grades 3-5)                        is a great lesson on admitting your fears and knowing
                 By, Mike Thaler                            it is okay not to be right all the time.

                 One book in a series full of               Fancy Nancy (K-2)
discovery, Hubie tries to come up with different ways       By, Jane O’Conner
to keep summer vacation from ending. Read along as
Hubie’s mom takes him all over town in order to             Nancy is a seriously fancy person. Unfortunately, she
prepare for his first day back to school.                   lives with very un-fancy people. Read along as Nancy
                                                            teaches her family a thing or two about being fancy.
                 Mr. Peabody's Apples (grades 3-5)
                                                            This book is a great way to learn fancy vocabulary.
                 By, Madonna
                                                                         The Boxcar Children (grades 3-5)
                 Mr. Peabody is a coach for a little
                                                                         By, Gertrude Chandler Warner
                 league softball team. When one of
                 his players sees him take an apple
                                                                        This a classic of a book. Read along as
from the fruit stand without paying, rumors start
                                                                        four orphans live in a dressed up Boxcar
flying. Read through this wonderful book and find
                                                                        and venture into the world around
how the boys learn a hard lesson in assuming.
                                                            them. The book is filled with adventure and mystery.
                 The Mysteries of Harris Burdick
                 (Grades 4-7)                               Poetry for Young People: Edward Lear (grades 3-5)
                 By, Chris Van Allsburg                                  By, Edward Lear

                  An Amazing book filled with many                       A fun book full of rhymes within poems.
                  photos that will get any persons                       This book is a great way to teach
brain thinking. I plan to use this book during the year                  children about rhyming and even how to
to write creative stories on what is happening in the                    find their own way through out their
picture. This book is a great conversational piece.                      discovery of life.

                  Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing                         Dirty Dog Boogies (grades K-2)
                  (grades 4-6)                                            By, Loris Lesynsk
                  By, Judy Blume
                                                                          A Wide variety of poems guaranteed to
                  This book is the first in the series of                 make anyone smile. Read along or sing
                  the “Fudge Books”. Read about                           along with Lesynsk and her wonderful
Peter deals with all the attention going to his little      rhythmic rhymes. This is a great way to teach young
brother fudge. Fudge is always making a spectacle of        kids word recognition.
My Elementary School Newsletter                                         Helpful Hints                          Page 3 of 4

Stuck on a Word?
Here are some helpful hints on how to assist your child with reading at home:                               School
     1.    Say, “Skip it and go on.” Have the child read the rest of the sentence and then go
           back and think of a word that would fit with the meaning of the sentence.                     Pencils
     2.    Say, “Does it make sense?” Have the child think about whether the word they said              Markers
           makes sense with the meaning of the sentence.                                                 Crayons
     3.    Say, “Back track. Read it again.” Again, this is to have the child use the sentence           Journal
           meaning to choose a word that sounds correct in the sentence.                                 Notebook Paper
     4.    Say, “Look for picture clues.” This is appropriate if there is a picture that would help      Three Ringed
           the child figure out what the words are saying.                                                Binder
      When these types of clues or strategies are not working, then use the following clues to           Dividers
     have the child look at the big and little word parts (phonics):                                     Ruler
     1.    Say, “Say the beginning sound and read the rest of the sentence.” Then backtrack              Favorite Magazine
           and think of a word that would make sense and starts with that sound.
     2.    Say, “Look for little words in big words.” For examples, out in shout. (Watch out
           with this strategy because it does not always work. For example, it doesn’t work
           with fat her in father.
                                                                                                      "There are many little
     3.    Have the child learn to “look and listen for letter patterns.” For example, rhyming
           words like at, cat, bat, and stain, rain, main.                                             ways to enlarge your
     4.    Have the child notice if it is a compound word or if the word has an ending.                       child's world.
                                                                                                        Love of books is the
The bottom line is do not insist that each unknown word be sounded out. Sometime you                            best of all."
need to just tell the child what the word is. You want reading to be enjoyable and to help the
child build confidence. So be positive and READ, READ, READ! Short (10-15 minutes), daily
practice sessions work the best.                                                                      — Jacqueline Kennedy
(Article from Professor Greene at Florida Gulf Coast University)

                                                      Wonderful Websites Worth Your While!

                           ” is the best place on the web for kids to find info about their
   favorite books, series and authors. Reviews of the newest titles, interviews with the coolest
   authors and special features on great books are our specialties. And for even more reading fun we
   have trivia games, word scrambles and awesome contests!” (, 2010)

              is a great place to go for those, “wish you had a
   manual” moments. This site includes everything from columns on everyday dilemmas to activity
   suggestions to do with your child.
                        New Students
                        Welcome new students and parents! I hope         guardians come with students to the open
                        after reading about some the exciting things     house. This will be a great opportunity to
                        we will venture into this school year you will   walk the school with your children. I would
                        be excited.                                      even go as far to do a mock bus walk, if
                                                                         possible. A new school can be a bit
                        I hope to meet the whole family at open
My Elementary School                                                     overwhelming, being prepared is one great
 123 Anywhere St.
                        house on August 20, 2010 at 5:30 pm. I will
                                                                         way to avoid anxiety.
  Naples, FL 34119      have light hors d’ourves. I will also have
                        many examples from past students for you         See you soon,
        Phone:          to view.
    (555) 555-0125                                                       Miss Earp
                        I highly recommend parents and/or
    (555) 555-0145                                                                  We’re on the Web!
       E-mail:                                                    About Miss Earp
                        I was born in St. Cloud, Florida. I moved to     When I am not at school I enjoy boating,
                        SW Florida near the age of 16. I graduated       reading, and arts and crafts, including
                        from Cypress Lake High School and went on        sewing. I come from a large family and am
                        to get my degree at Florida Gulf Coast           excited for our 2010-2011 adventure.
                        University in Elementary Education. I plan to
                                                                         If you ever have any questions please feel
                        start my graduates program in Elementary
                                                                         free to contact me by email. I will also be
                        this summer.
                                                                         available for appointments if needed.

My Elementary School
 123 Anywhere St.
  Naples, FL 34119

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