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									  MD110 Convergence

                                                                                    Mobile Extension

What if your GSM phone or cellular     Be mobile                                     Wireless access, allowing you to move
phone was connected to your PBX just                                                 around and still be able to call or be
                                       In today’s companies employees are            called, is a fundamental element of
like any other office extension?                                                     mobility. But supporting mobile behavior
                                       increasingly mobile – some around their
                                       desks, some within the office/factory,        requires much more. You need access,
                                       and others over a wider area. No matter       but you also need applications, services,
The MD110 can give you this unique
                                       where you are, or who you are,                support, and flexibility.
service and more.
                                       communication is a critical factor for        The MD110 Mobile Extension will bring
                                       your performance. Different persons and       you both wireless access and the
                                       different jobs have different requirements    services needed to allow your
                                       regarding total communication                 employees to become truly mobile.

                                                        Mobile Network


How it works                                   warding from your PBX extension to your        calling in wanting to change delivery
                                               cellular phone – but with no services, no      dates and requesting confirmation
The traffic to, as well as from, the mobile    back office/secretary and no support           before the meeting. His manager hangs
user passes through the MD110 com-             from your company operators. To be effi-       up and he accepts the call from his cus-
munication platform. While passing the         cient you need to get hold of colleagues.      tomer. Having talked for a while, he
MD110, the system will be able to link         And for your performance, the people at        parks the call from the customer. He
services to the calls. Users of the            the office must also be able to have           then calls the supply manager to estab-
MD110 Mobile Extension are defined in          access to you. For them you should just        lish a conference call and get an agree-
the MD110 as other standard exten-             be another person and extension. They          ment. He hangs up leaving the cus-
sions. A telephone number is associat-         can’t know what you are doing, and they        tomer and the supply manager to sort
ed with the extension as well as the           should not need to care.                       out the details. He re-dials his manager
relevant Class of Services. The Personal                                                      to finalize the discussion. Having fin-
                                               For the attendants, cellular users are         ished the call, he is immediately called, it
Number function will bring a true one-         handled like any other extension, making
number solution to a Mobile Extension.                                                        is the supply manager who had a call-
                                               it much easier to actually extend the call     back on him.
For other users of the MD110, the              to the sought party. This not only
mobile user exists just like any other         increases service to incoming callers, it      Some MD110 unique features made this
MD110 extension. This then means that          also simplifies handling for the atten-        scenario possible to our salesman;
any normal service is applicable and           dants. Employees don’t have to spend
                                               time on calling back to people just            – Intrusion
they do not need to know that they are
specifically calling a Mobile Extension.       because they are away from their desk          – Conference
                                               when the call comes in.
                                                                                              – Call-back
                                               Reducing the need to re-dial for missed
Benefits & Features                            calls corresponds to a reduction in tariff     Also, the following services were used;
                                               costs. Depending on the company’s
There are three winners in this:               communication patterns, savings can            – Parking
• The Customer calling in                      also be achieved when moving traffic
                                                                                              – Second Line
                                               from cellular to fixed/wireline connections.
• The Mobile user                                                                             – Original CLI/A-number in mixed
• The Company                                  Flexibility
                                               With a simple procedure from the phone,        The above scenario proves the useful-
Any one calling your company is a              the user can "move" his Mobile                 ness of having access to MD110
potential customer. Keeping control of         Extension to any other phone. For exam-        features when on your cellular phone.
the call, and at the same time providing       ple the user may spend a period in the
as efficient and fast a service as possible,   office or in another office, or maybe
is a must in today’s competitive environ-      he/she wants to use the home phone for         Technical Specifications
ment. You have to make sure the caller is      a while.
connected to the right person – or if the
person is busy or unavailable, make sure                                                      Service levels
the call is handled in the most profes-        For security reasons these alternative
                                                                                              • Network operator independent.
sional way. Depending on the call, this        telephone numbers has to be registered
may mean connecting to the appropriate         in the MD110 in advance.                       In this form, any public subscription can
colleague, the secretary, voice mail, or                                                      be used as long as the telephone can
you may need to make an intrusion into                                                        generate, and the network can distrib-
an ongoing GSM/cellular call!
                                               User case                                      ute, tone signals (DTMF signals). The
                                                                                              operator also have to deliver the correct
If you are a cellular user today you may       When travelling to meet with a customer,       CLI from the Mobile Extension terminal
belong to a common numbering plan,             a salesman is called by his manager.           to the MD110.
and you may have automatic call for-           When in conversation, the operator
                                               makes an instrusion. It is his customer

                           - Mobile DNA -
                          Search                                 Transfer
                          Personal Number
                          Msg Diversion                                          Conference
                          DNA Msg
                          GSM-WAP                                                                           ECA
                         from corporate
                                                    MD110 Mobile Extension

                             Call Waiting                                               “speak-to-dial”
                                                                                       voice interface to
                                                                                       access corporate
                                                   Hold                                    directory

• Network/Operator-complemented.              Contact Center Agent                          • Common bell group
If the MD110 Mobile Extension is com-         Mobile Extensions can serve as agents         • Conference
plemented with a Mobile extension             in MD110 – Solidus eCare contact
VPN/IN service offered by an operator,        centers, Ericsson’s new server based          • CSTA Monitoring
the solution can be enhanced even fur-        contact center platform. By configura-        • Customer Identity Storage (CID)
ther. The solution grants that all calls to   tion of CTI groups and CSTA agent
and from the Mobile Extension user is         monitoring, Mobile Extension can              • Data privacy
routed through the MD110, with no spe-        expand the flexibility of the already pow-
                                                                                            • Do Not Disturb
cial actions needed from the users.           erful Solidus eCare platform. In this solu-
                                              tions up to 250 CTI groups with any           • Emergency Category
Capacity                                      combination of Mobile Extensions and
                                              other MD110 extensions can serve as           • External Number Redial
• Up to 400 Mobile Extensions per LIM         agents to the Solidus eCare contact
  (at 0,2 Erlang and 1% blocking)                                                           • Faultman’s Ring Back
• The number of registered                                                                  • Follow-me
  A-numbers for authority verification is                                                   • Three party services
  maximum 47000 per system,                   Features
  depending on configuration and num-                                                         – Hold
  bering plan used.                           The extension features starts with:
                                                                                              – Inquiry
                                              • Abbreviated Dialing
                                                                                              – Refer Back
                                              • Account Code
• CLI/A-number verification                                                                   – Transfer
                                              • End-to-end DTMF
• Authentication with PIN-code in case                                                        – Conference
  correct CLI/A-number is not available.      • Authorization code
                                                                                            • Internal Group Hunting
                                              • Call-back
                                                                                            • Intrusion
Compatibility                                 • Call Diversion
                                                                                            • Malicious Call Tracing
• MD110 release BC11                          • Call Offer
                                                                                            • Message Diversion
• Any public subscription supporting          • Call Pick-up
  touch-tone signaling                                                                      • Hot-line
                                              • Operator/attendant svs
• MD110 connection to public network                                                        • Paging
  - ISDN PRI                                    – Extending
                                                                                            • Parking
  - DASS, DPNSS                                 – Camp on busy
                                                                                            • Personal Number
  - CAS (MFC-R2, DP, DTME)                      – Monitoring
                                                                                            • Secretarial monitoring
                                                – Recall
CTI Support                                                                                 • Repeated Individual Diversion (RID)
With the integration of the Mobile
                                                – Serial call
                                                                                            • Simplified Interception
Extension in MD110, users can inter-            – Call Splitting
work with standard CSTA applications,
such as Ericsson Communication                  – Intrusion
Assistant. This allows the user to search       – Forced release
directories and make call set-up etc.
directly from a PC / computer.                • Call waiting
                                              • Class of Service

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