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					       Minnesota's Lake Superior Coastal Program

                       ST. LOUIS RIVER TRAIL
                                   CARLTON. MN




                 Project No.     306-STAR03-07

                     Contract No. ~~~--------------

This project was funded in parI under the Coastal Zone Management Act, by NOAA's
Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management, in cooperation with Minnesota's
Lake Superior Coastal Program.

To obtain appraisals of propel1ies within the proposed rome corridor of the SI. Louis
River Trail. These document will allow the trail committee to develop a budget and Elpply
for grant opportunities to acquire title or easement figh{s upon lands in Carlton County
along the abandoned Burlington Northern Railway corridor from the City of Carlton to
the City of Scanlon for the purpose of developing a paved pede~trian trail from the
M unger State Trail in the City of Carlton to the Scanlon Park and Ride lor at County
Hi ghway 61 and 1-35. This project will complete Phase I, approximately 3.0 miles of a
three phase project to provide public access to the wilderness area along the St . Louis
River for recreational activities such as bicycling, hiking, rollerblading, etc .


The professional appraisal firm of Ramsland and Vigen, Inc. Duluth, MN was contracted
to develop appraisal documentation supporting potential costs for the acquisition of lands
along the abandoned Burlington NOJ1hern and Santa Fe Railroad bed. The abandoned
railroad travels approximately 3 miles from the City of Carlton, MN to the City of
Scanlon, MN. This work was completed and delivered lO the project engineer Me John
Krysaik PE (It the firm of Shorl Elliot Hendrickson, Inc. on Ju!y 25,2007.


W it h the completion of this appraisal work Ihe partners lnvol ved in the developmem of
the Sr. Louis River Trail can deteonine an accurate budget for land acquisition, fioalize
the proposed trail route and develop the project memorandum, make grant applications to
State and Federal agencies for [he purpose of obtaining acquisition monies . These
documents wit! also assist with land purchase negotiations.


The vision of a SI. Louis River Trail system has been discussed and investigated for
nearly 20 years in tbe Carlton area. The need for ROW acquisition was not identified
readily as lands (primarily owned by Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railroad) that
now need to be acquired were initially identifted as being County owned. Identification
of legal owner and establishment of appraised value were the primary goals of this grant.
Now that this work has been completed, the trail committee working with SEH. Inc,
Carlton County, MNDNR Trails and Waterways and our local legislators, can move
forward with the project memorandum, ROW acquisition and other planning activities
associated witl1 [his projecl.