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					                                         International ICST Conference on
                                  Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare
                                      18-20 October, 2010, Ayia Napa, Cyprus
Steering Committee
                                              The objectives of this conference are to advance medical diagnosis, treatment, and patient care through
Imrich Chlamtac (Chair), CREATE-NET, EU
                                              application of wireless communications, mobile computing and sensing technologies. It aims to provide
James C. Lin, UIC, USA                        an international forum to bring together researchers and experts from academia, healthcare
Janet Lin, UIC, USA                           organizations, research institutions, and industrial enterprises working in the field of wireless
Arye Nehorai, WUSTL, USA                      communication and health care to share ideas and discuss cutting-edge research, present experience
Konstantina S. Nikita, NTUA, Greece           with recent developments in healthcare delivery, and to provide practical guidance to policy makers and
George Papadopoulos, UCY, Cyprus              the setting of applicable standards. Original unpublished contributions are solicited that can improve the
                                              knowledge, understanding and practice in the interdisciplinary design of efficient protocols and
                                              technologies to help implement and provide advanced mobile health care applications.
General Chair
James C. Lin, UIC, USA                        Topics
                                              We invite researchers, academicians, practitioners, and others to submit original papers describing new
Technical Program Chair                       research, applications, or case studies. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
Konstantina S. Nikita, NTUA, Greece
                                              •   Emergency and disaster applications               •    Novel mobile encryption technologies
                                              •   Specialty and site specific applications          •    Coding and communication standards
Technical Program Committee                   •   Wearable, outdoor and home based                  •    Identity and privacy enhancing
                                                  applications                                           technologies
Konstantina S. Nikita (Chair), NTUA, Greece
                                              •   Sensing of vital signs and signatures             •    Mobile data management and processing
Robert Allen, Univ. of Southampton, UK
                                              •   Intra-body propagation and communication          •    Wireless access in ubiquitous systems
Paolo Bernardi, UniRoma, Italy
                                              •   Mobile devices for patient monitoring             •    Wearable computing and communication
Nikolaos Bourbakis, Wright SU, USA
                                              •   Measurement and monitoring technologies           •    Wireless and wearable devices for pervasive
Gouenou Coatrieux, ENST, France
                                              •   Decision support algorithms for sensor                 healthcare
Thomas Falck, Philips, The Netherlands            analysis                                          •    Mobile and wireless technologies for
Dimitrios Fotiadis, UoI, Greece               •   Transmission of patient data                           healthcare delivery
Osamu Fujiwara, NITECH, Japan                 •   Ad hoc and sensor systems and networks            •    Sensor networks for pervasive healthcare
Maysam Ghovanloo, GaTech, USA                 •   Real-time transmission of multiple medical        •    Patient monitoring in diverse
Robert Istepanian, Kingston Univ., UK             data                                                   environments (hospitals, nursing homes,
Irene Karanasiou, NTUA, Greece                •   Healthcare telemetry and telemedicine                  assisted living)
Mohan Karunanithi, AEHRC, Australia           •   Secure and high quality networks                  •    Medical Device Control Via Wireless
Ilkka Korhonen, VTT, Finland                  •   Ad hoc wireless networks for enhanced                  Technology
Luis Kun, NDU, USA                                monitoring                                        •    Radio-Frequency Wireless Technology in
Niels Kuster, IT'IS, ETHZ, Switzerland        •   Remote diagnosis and patient management                Medical Devices
Norbert Leitgeb, TU Graz, Austria             •   Accuracy and reliability of diagnoses             •    Safe, Effective, Secure and Reliable Use
James C. Lin, UIC, USA                        •   Home and rural environments                             of Wireless Technology in healthcare
Janet Lin, UIC, USA
Dimitrios Lymberopoulos, UPatras, Greece
Ilias Maglogiannis, UCG, Greece               Paper Submission
Garik Markarian, Lancaster, UK
Arye Nehorai, WUSTL, USA                      Papers should be submitted to by 30 April, 2010. The preferred length for initial
                                              submission is 4 pages, however the length of final paper should not exceed 8 pages including all figures,
George Papadopoulos, UCY, Cyprus
                                              tables and references. Extra pages will incur additional charges. The papers must be submitted in PDF
Constantinos Pattichis, UCY, Cyprus
                                              format. All papers will be reviewed. All submissions will be peer reviewed, and acceptances will be
Agnette Peralta, DOH, Philipines              provided by 30 June.
Nada Philip, Kingston Univ., UK
Laura Roa, US, Spain                          Publication
Georgios Sakas, Fraunhofer IGD, Germany
Dan Schonfeld, UIC, USA                       The Proceedings of Mobihealth 2010 will be published in LNICST, appear in SpringerLink and will be
Min-Yi Shih, POC, USA                         referenced in ICST's digital library, the European Union Digital Library (EUDL).
Koichi Shimizu, Hokudai, Japan
Toshiyo Tamura, Chiba, Japan
                                              Further Information
Paula de Toledo, UC3M, Spain
Thanos Vasilakos, UWM, Greece
Manolis Tsiknakis, ICS – Forth, Greece
Jianqing Wang, NITech, Japan                                                 Paper submission        :    30 April 2010
Ouri Wolfson, UIC, USA
                                                                      Acceptance notification        :    30 June 2010
Yuan-Ting Zhang, CUHK, Hong Kong
                                                                          Camera ready paper         :    30 July 2010

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