Agenda for WTEC Board Meeting by bullsonparade


									                     Agenda for WTEC Board Meeting
                  Wednesday, September 15, 2004, 9:00 a.m.
                                   Goshen C-SET
                                 30498 Diagonal 69
                                 Goshen, CA 93291

1. Approval of Agenda -- Chair

2. Approval of minutes of August 11 meeting – Gloria Calderon.

3. ED status report – Joe Arpad

      a. Violet Gomes, USDA EZ/EC coordinator, filing of MOA and grant

      b. Huron and Coalinga benchmarks in OCDX system.

      c. Attempts to reorganize Five Points CBO.

      d. Need to have formal Strategic Plans from Huron and Tule.

4. ED interviewing committee report: applications, interviews,
recommendations—John Nash, Joe Arpad.

5. New Business -- Chair

6. Adjournment -- Chair

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