Gillespie Spring 2010 Survey Report

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					Date Tabulated: Spring, 2010

Constituent Survey

 1) Government is attempting to promote the selling of beer (6-packs) in supermarkets and convenience stores. Do
    you support this policy?

                                                                            Count    Percent
                 Yes                                                         554       55%
                 No                                                          377       38%
                 Undecided                                                    66       7%
                 Skipped                                                      2        0%
                 Totals                                                      999      100%

 2) Pennsylvania remains the only state in the nation that does not tax smokeless tobacco and is one of only two
    states that does not tax cigars. Would you be in favor of the governor's plan to tax these products at 30 percent
    of their wholesale value?

                                                                            Count    Percent
                 Yes                                                         794       80%
                 No                                                          167       17%
                 Undecided                                                    34       3%
                 Skipped                                                      4        0%
                 Totals                                                      999      100%

 3) A casino license could be offered to a group of investors a few miles from historic Gettysburg National Park in
    Adams County. Do you support a referendum allowing the citizens of Adams County to vote on this issue?

                                                                            Count    Percent
                 Yes                                                         767       77%
                 No                                                          176       17%
                 Undecided                                                    50       5%
                 Skipped                                                      6        1%
                 Totals                                                      999      100%

 4) The governor is proposing a tax on natural gas extracted from the Marcellus shale. Opponents prefer a land
    leasing deal with the revenues to be divided among the state, local governments and conservation districts.
    Which do you prefer?

                                                                            Count    Percent
                 Extraction tax                                              255       25%
                 Leasing of land                                             685       69%
                 Skipped                                                      59       6%
                 Totals                                                      999      100%
5) The major spending increases in the governor's budget proposal occur in basic education, public welfare,
   corrections and debt service. Which of these areas do you feel does NOT deserve an increase in funding?

                                                                            Count    Percent             **Q5 This
                                                                                                         count is higher
                Basic education                                              221       14%
                                                                                                         because some
                Public welfare                                               582       38%               respondents
                Corrections                                                  361       24%               chose more
                                                                                                         than one
                Debt service                                                 312       21%
                                                                                                         answer for this
                Skipped                                                       44       3%                question.
                Totals                                                      1520      100%

6) Would you favor a proposal that would require Pennsylvania residents to prove their U.S. citizenship before
   collecting state benefits such as Medicaid, welfare and in-state college tuition?

                                                                            Count    Percent
                Yes                                                          943       94%
                No                                                            35       4%
                Undecided                                                     17       2%
                Skipped                                                       4        0%
                Totals                                                       999      100%

7) In addition to addressing property tax relief, which two of the following issues do you believe should be the top
   priorities for the state legislature?

                                                                            Count    Percent
                Bring jobs & business to the state                           549       25%               **Q7 This
                Welfare reform                                               267       12%               count is higher
                                                                                                         because some
                Controlling the cost of health care/Rx drugs                 295       14%               respondents
                Improving roads, bridges, & highways                         205       9%                chose more
                Protecting the environment & preserving open space           146       7%                than two for
                Holding down the growth of state spending                    578       27%               this question.
                Other                                                        128       6%
                Skipped                                                       4        0%
                Totals                                                      2172      100%

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