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					Iframe vs scrolling div

Written by Bob Scaggs
Wednesday, 15 October 2008 16:34 - Last Updated Friday, 17 October 2008 20:36

In one I my apps at work I had a problem which was solved with the use of a scrolling div.  The
application formerly used an iframe to load a piece of content from the CMS.  The iframe had a
width and height parameters of 420 pixels wide and 750 pixels high.  The iframe automatically
scrolled vertically to present the full content.  The resource that was loaded into the iframe had
a cookie with it which contained two pieces of information that were required by the application,
a document id and a revision number.  These fields were interrogated in the JAVA code and
loaded into a DB where they were associated with a customer record and timestamp.  The goal
being to have a record of what version of the terms and conditions the customer saw at the time
they applied.  The first thing that changed was that the CMS team had decided that they no
longer wanted to be in the business of creating cookies and the associated business logic
required around that.  They had come up with an XML content based approach where the
calling applications will be returned an XML based response with elements in the container to
pass information such as document id, revision number, title and raw html content. 

Here is a sample of the scrolling div.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. In eget lorem a neque iaculis placerat.
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urna. Cras et dui vel turpis ullamcorper adipiscing. Donec a mauris sit amet urna facilisis
fringilla. Quisque nec odio at elit tempus varius. Etiam egestas vehicula tellus. Proin turpis
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euismod. Nulla elit. Aliquam lobortis pharetra lectus.

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Iframe vs scrolling div

Written by Bob Scaggs
Wednesday, 15 October 2008 16:34 - Last Updated Friday, 17 October 2008 20:36

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