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									Program Project Minutes
From the year 1999

               Agenda for Dec.22, 1999 Meeting Drs. Earp and Mohler

1) Microscope / image analysis system
2) UNCPCRP(UNC Prostate Cancer Research Program) was not declared a
   developmental program in core grant. No clinical side can declare any time
3) Henry Longley
4) Urologic oncology recruitment
5) UNC prostate cancer SPORE

               UNC PROSTATE CANCER S.P.O.R.E.

Notes regarding UNC SPORE from meeting in Maine with Suresh Mohla and Jorge

Suresh Mohla is in charge of the prostate transnational research including prostate cancer
(his daughter works in Gary’s lab) and Jorge Gomez is in charge of prostate organ
systems and SPORES for NCI.

1) The number of SPORES will increase from 3 to 9 or 10. We should apply as soon as
   possible to maximize the opportunity to reapply. Two re-applications will be
   permitted. Application deadlines are February 1, June 1, and October 1 in the years
   2000 and 2001.

2) UNC needs to begin planning a SPORE immediately. Recommended is a gene
   therapist( Jude Samulski), two biologists with an emphasis on cell signaling (David
   Lee, Terry Vandyke, Al Baldwin), two urologists, 1-2 pathologists and several
   additional scientists. The emphasis should be upon bringing several new people into
   the field of prostate cancer. If the SPORE project is funded as an RO1, then the
   project leaves and is replaced by a new development project.

3) You need to get with the breast SPORE people to see how to do it as the UNC group
   are experts. UNC already has expertise in models, xenografts, Dunning tumor and
   tissue acquisition.

4) The SPORE should be composed of 3-4 projects, each must be highly translational.
   There should be 10 total investigators, 10 other peripheral people and they would
   look favorably upon interaction with Duke University, NIEHS or a joint application
   coming from Duke and UNC.

Discussion among our PO1 Committee:

1) Premature due to each of clinicians
2) Just got PO1
3) Doesn’t think those involved in grant space will be interested in CaP SPORE

SPORE application could center around cell signaling pathways divided into:
1) Androgen receptor signaling co-activators: Frank French, Betty Wilson, Chris
   Gregory, Jim Mohler, Desok Kim and John Cidlowski;
2) Growth hormone signaling: Michael J. Thomas, David Clemmons, Sharon Presnell,
   Gary Smith and David Lee; and
3) Cell signaling pathways regulating grwoth and apoptosis: Young Wang, Shelley Earp,
   Channing Dur, Terry VanDyke, Al Baldwin, Sharon Campbell and David Price

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