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                                                  mobile security

GadgetTrak® Mobile Security provides the most advanced data protection and theft recovery
solution for mobile phones, enabling full control of your device and data in the event of theft.
Remotely wipe the device & media card                                                GPS & cell tower based device tracking 1
Remotely wipe personal data stored on your device                                    Send a remote command to have current device
without requiring Blackberry Enterprise Server                                       location2 sent to you

Backup contacts                                                                      Tamper proof
Send all of your contacts to another phone                                           Password protected con guration

SMS noti cation on SIM change                                                        Send a message to thief1
Sends new number assigned to the phone to a                                          Remotely send a custom message that appears on
pre-de ned recipient                                                                 the screen

Lock device & signal an alarm 1                                                      Remote call back1
Remotely lock the device and signal an alarm the                                     Remotely initiate a call to the number of your choice
thief cannot disable

Data Wipe, Lock & Alarm & More                                                       Unauthorized SIM Detection

                                                                                                                     mobile security
                                                             mobile security

                                                                                                                                       Phone Number
                                                                                                                                       Backup of contacts

                                                                                          Unauthorized SIM Card

                        SMS/Email Commands

GadgetTrak® Mobile Security enables you to send                                      GadgetTrak® Mobile Security detects unauthorized
remote commands via SMS or email to your phone,                                      Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards and will
to wipe sensitive data and more.                                                     silently send noti cations to pre-de ned contacts.
                                                                                     By knowing the new number assigned to the device
For Blackberry devices a command can be sent to                                      the owner can continue to send remote commands.
lock the device and signal an alarm the thief cannot
disable. In addition you can get the speci c location                                In addition Blackberry devices will send location2
of the device as well as make the device call a speci c                              information to pre-de ned numbers when an
number where you can listen in.                                                      unauthorized SIM card is detected.

Supported Mobile Platforms: RIM Blackberry 4.2 or above, Windows Mobile 2005, Windows Mobile 6

1 Feature only available for RIM Blackberry devices                                                               GadgetTrak
2 GPS enabled Blackberry devices are accurate to a few feet, non-GPS phones                                       PO Box 3284 , Tualatin Oregon 97062
  are accurate to 100-200 meters in urban areas and 1500 meters in rural locations                                Phone: (503) 608-7310 Fax: (503) 536-6555

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