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eKEY for Windows Mobile Update
A new version of eKEY software for Windows Mobile devices has been
                                                                                       eKEY Fob for
released. This version of software allows several non-infrared models of
                                                                                 Non-Infrared Smartphones
Windows Mobile smartphones to use the eKEY fob to interact with iBoxes.
For the updated list of supported devices, click here.
The supported device list now contains additional Windows Mobile devices that are qualified but not certified.
Qualified devices are devices that have not gone through our regular testing but the eKEY software should work on
them without any difficulty. Qualified devices could encounter slight interface anomalies, but all core features are
available and functional.

eKEY icons
The main Supra eKEY icon has been updated, and the eKEY and eDATA icons have been updated. The eSYNC option
is accessed by opening the Supra eKEY application and selecting Options and eSYNC.

                                                                           eSYNC option

‘Use eKEY Fob’ checkbox
Before the Windows Mobile software can recognize the eKEY fob, a setting needs to be turned on in eKEY
From the eKEY menu select Options and Preferences and check Use eKEY Fob.

                                                                    Check to use the eKEY fob

          imagination at work
Pairing the eKEY Fob
The eKEY software for Windows Mobile does not need to go through a separate step to pair the eKEY fob to the
device. It pairs the eKEY fob automatically the first time it is used.
If Bluetooth is disabled on the Windows Mobile device, the device automatically turns on Bluetooth, uses Bluetooth to
perform the function, and turns the Bluetooth back off.

Using the eKEY Fob
Non-Infrared Windows Mobile devices require the use of an eKEY fob to translate the Bluetooth signal from your
Windows device to an infrared signal for the iBox.
To use the eKEY fob, begin the function on your Windows device (open the key container, open shackle, etc.). When
prompted, press the power button on the eKEY fob until the blue light comes on. When the green light flashes, aim
the eKEY fob at the iBox.

KIMweb Change
A change to KIMweb has been made so that the eKEY software for Windows Mobile devices can no longer be
downloaded from KIMweb (www.supraekey.com) and must be downloaded directly from the device by going to
If an agent logs in to KIMweb and selects the Download Applications link, and select Windows Mobile as the
platform, they will receive the following message:
       Please visit www.ekeymobile.com from your device to download the latest version of eKEY.
Agents with Windows Mobile devices can still update their eKEY software using a PC-Sync connection if they don’t
have an Internet connection or a data plan on their smartphone.
If an agent doesn’t have a data plan, they can connect their Windows Mobile device to their PC and browse the web
using the PC Internet connection. To do this, they can just go to Internet Explorer on their device and navigate to

Updated eKEY QuickStart for Palm/Windows
The eKEY QuickStart for Palm/Windows devices has been updated. Click here to view the updated QuickStart.

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