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Mobile Security

Antivirus for Smartphones and PDAs

                                                       Why an antivirus for mobile devices?
 BitDefender Mobile Security                           The threat of viruses infiltrating handheld devices increases as the popularity and
                                                       functionality of these devices continue to rise. Users and developers realize and
       provides permanent anti-
                                                       further expand the capabilities of these appliances so security tends to be traded
    virus protection for mobile                        for functionality, giving rise to a whole new class of opportunities for malicious
   devices running SymbianTM
          or Microsoft® Windows                        Why BitDefender?
          Mobile™. Relying on the
                                                       As mobility seems to breed vulnerability, BitDefender steps in with a solution
                valuable BitDefender                   that will keep handheld devices free from harm while on the move. BitDefender
                                                       Mobile Security provides permanent antivirus protection for handheld devices
   experience in fighting com-
                                                       running Symbian or Microsoft Windows Mobile.
     puter threats, BitDefender
                                                       With a direct and practically effortless install, it sets a virus shield at startup and
      Mobile Security is a light,
                                                       calls for no user intervention at all. The possibility of running on-demand scans,
  easy to use instrument that                          even inside archives, further enhances the protection status of the device.
will keep your mobile device
                                                       The antivirus relies on the valuable BitDefender experience in fighting computer
                               on the move.            threats and on fast and flexible updates that enable a rapid response to virus
                                                       outbreaks. Mobility being the key word, BitDefender Mobile Security is a light
                                                       instrument that uses optimized scanning processes to save power.

                                                       Key Benefits:
                                                       •	 Permanent	antivirus	protection	
                                                       •	 	 n-demand	scan	and	virus	removal	
                                                       •	 Low	resources	consumption
                                                       •	 	 ast	updates	through	GPRS	or	via	PC	
                                                       •	 Easy	to	install	and	to	use
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  Features                                                                         System Requirements:
  Permanent	Antivirus	Protection
                                                                                   BitDefender	Mobile	Security	works	
  The virus shield runs at start up and continuously monitors the device,          on	the	following	types	of	mobile	
  preventing the execution of infected files.                                      devices:
                                                                                   •	 	 indows	Mobile	Pocket	PC	
  On-Demand	Virus	Scan                                                                versions	2002	and	higher	-	HP	
                                                                                      iPAQ	1915,	HP	iPAQ	3115,	Dell	
  Using the award-wining BitDefender technologies, the product can check the          Axim	x50v,	T-Mobile	MDA,	Qtek	
  internal memory, memory card or the entire device, removing the malicious           S200,	etc.
  files found. The scanning engines are also capable of detecting infected files      W
                                                                                   •	 	 indows	Mobile	Smartphone	ver-
  within common archive types.                                                        sions	2002	and	higher	-	Motorola	
                                                                                      MPx220,	Orange	SPV	C600,	etc.
  Fast,	Flexible	Updates	                                                             S
                                                                                   •	 	 ymbian™	60,	(7.x/8.x)	-	Nokia	
                                                                                      3230,	6600,	6680,	N70,	N90,	
  The product can be updated either via GPRS from the service provider or             etc.
  from an internet-connected PC. The virus definitions updates are provided by        S
                                                                                   •	 	 ymbian™	80	(7.x)	–	Nokia	9300,	
  the BitDefender Lab, an industry leader in terms of response time to virus          9500,	etc.	

  Engineered	for	Mobility
  Optimized scanning processes provide permanent protection while
  minimizing resource consumption for a longer battery life.                       System Requirements
                                                                                   for the PC Update Module:
  Easy	to	Install	and	to	Use
                                                                                   •	 	 icrosoft	.NET	Framework	1.1	
  The product can be installed directly to the mobile device, via a mobile            (or	higher)
  Internet connection or via the PC application. The interface is simple and          I
                                                                                   •	 	nternet	Explorer	5.0	(or	higher)
  friendly and no user intervention is required while the product is running.
                                                                                   •	 	 icrosoft	ActiveSync	(for	Win-
                                                                                      dows	Mobile)
  Professional	Technical	Support
                                                                                   •	 	 okia	PC	Suite	v6.6	or	higher	(for	
  Offered online by qualified support representatives and by accessing an             Nokia	devices	with	Symbian	OS)
  online database with answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

  Download your evaluation version from or

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