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									                                  Cancellation Policy

[insert your company name] will hold the customer liable for no more than any reasonable costs already incurred
up to the time of cancellation. All cancelled jobs will be invoiced if a charge is made making it clear to the
customer what the cost is for.

[insert your company name] have a duty to act responsibly with the interests of the customer in mind and work
to keep all costs to the customer as low as possible.

If a customer makes a cancellation of any works or orders.

    1.   Before work has started no charge will be made to that customer unless:

         Parts ordered for that customer cannot be returned or encore handling charges to return. In this case
         the customer with be charged for the parts or the cost encored to return said parts.

    2. Once work has started:

         Costs may include labour and parts for work already completed plus the cost of other parts or services
         ordered or obtained which cannot be cancelled, returned or resold.

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