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									                               WEB SITES FOR ESL STUDENTS

                                             Thousands of quizzes, puzzles, and other activities which
http://a4esl.org/                            ESL students can do by themselves; choose English-only
                                             or bilingual.
                                             Searching for a vocabulary word in the Reference section
                                             brings up a dictionary, thesaurus, word tutor, and
                                             translation tool.
                                             Quizzes, articles, reference tools, writing help, and a Q
                                             and A forum where you can ask teachers your questions
                                             about English. Also has exam prep for GRE, GED, SAT,
                                             and TOEFL.
                                             Reading and listening activities for all levels. Features
http://www.elllo.org/                        news, opinion, advice, discussion of real-life issues, and
                                             Offers listening, reading, speaking, and writing practice
                                             for 6 different levels, with optional translations. Also
                                             offers networking with other ESL learners. Requires
                                             registration and email address, but free.
                                             Offers a 15-minute lesson for each day of the week, at
                                             seven different proficiency levels. Has a special section
                                             on the U.S. Citizenship exam and a chat room for getting
http://www.learnamericanenglishonline.com/   in touch with other English learners. Additional features
                                             include video lessons on specific grammar topics, a
                                             vocabulary “pictionary,” and idioms with definitions and
                                             Grammar, idioms, slang, verbs, and general English
                                             practice; with quizzes and discussion forums where
                                             students can “connect” with each other.
                                             A large, yet easy-to-use, site for English language
                                             learners to study and practice vocabulary, grammar,
http://www.manythings.org                    reading, speaking, writing, verbs, and more. Does not
                                             include explanations about any of the study topics, but
                                             features many games, puzzles, and other interesting
                                             activities. Includes a link to materials from VOA’s Special
                                             English program.
                                             Extensive general practice with a focus on reading, with
                                             questions that you can answer in an online discussion
http://www.eslpartyland.com/students         forum. Special sections on Business English, phrasal
                                             verbs, trivia, and TEOFL practice questions. Many fun,
                                             interactive activities and quizzes graded easy, medium,
                                             or hard.

http://www.dmvnow.com/                       Practice for the Virginia driver’s license exam.
                                             Choose "Sample Knowledge Exams."

                                             Somewhat slim but useful site featuring reading and
                                             listening activities with follow-up focus on vocabulary
                                             and pronunciation. Non-level-specific. Excellent
http://www.reepworld.org/studentsite/        navigation with lots of images. Includes a list of links to
index.html                                   specialized topics in English language learning, and help
                                             with citizenship exam preparation at
                                             This web site is an adjunct of VOA’s Special English radio
                                             program, and provides world news and current events in
http://www.voanews.com/specialenglish/       simple American English that new English speakers can
                                             understand. Has a topics index, a word list, and a link to
                                             the Special English radio program which you can listen to
                                             Audio “stories” you can listen to online, on any of 11
http://www.cdlponline.org/                   different relevant topics such as health, environment,
                                             family, law and government, etc.
                                             An online magazine that features ESL student writing
                                             contributions in a magazine format together with
http://www.topics-mag.com/                   generous use of high-quality color photos. Departments
                                             include class writing projects, personal narratives,
                                             poetry, travel, and viewpoints. An extremely attractive
                                             and interesting reading resource.
                                             Companion reading/listening presentations that
                                             specialize in everyday English and focus on common
                                             situations in American life. Each situational topic
http://www.dailyesl.com                      features an expository audio together with script that
                                             highlights key vocabulary. Relevant follow-up activities
                                             include a wide variety of pronunciation practice
                                             (phonetic transcriptions provided), cloze exercises,
                                             interviews, or role-plays. Audios are speed-adjustable.
                                             High-quality audio presentations on culturally relevant
                                             topics (answering machines, credit cards) include pre-
http://www.esl-lab.com                       and post- listening activities, vocabulary/idiom exercises
                                             with scoring, and a script for each audio with key
                                             vocabulary highlighted. First-rate site for practicing
                                             listening and vocabulary skills.

http://alexandriava.gov/                     Information about the city you live in, including city
--> (Choose "Residents")                     services and how to contact your local officials.

                                             Fun games to play with your kids. Try "Spellaroo," "Word
                                             Confusion," "Paint By Idioms," or "Grammar Gorillas". If
                                             you speak Spanish, try "Translator Alligator".

http://www.starfall.com                      Wide variety of reading materials including comics,
                                             fables, myths, and short plays. Great phonics practice.
                                             Grammar-focused site for ESL learners. Not flashy, but
                                             good grammar explanations (somewhat advanced),
                                             indexed by topic, with accompanying instructional
                                             videos. Sections on pronunciation, punctuation, and
                                             writing tips. Features a Q and A forum, a grammar
                                             correction/proofreading tool, and a variety of games and
                                             tests students can take online, with scoring that is
                                             delivered by email. Requires registration and an email
                                             account, but free.

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