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     Recycle iPhone 3GS - The iPhone 4 is Here
Very recently, Steve Jobs announced the iPhone 4, kicking off the hype and pre-order madness. If
you're considering updating to the latest Apple gadget, you need to ask yourself a few questions...
Are you looking to upgrade to an iPhone 4? Do you have an older iPhone? Do you need some money
towards the upgrade? If yes, why not look to recycle iPhone 3GS for some extra funds towards that
shiny new mobile?

                     The iPhone 4
                     Before you make any decisions to recycle iPhone 3GS, let's see what the iPhone
                     4 offers in the way of improvements on the older 3GS model:

                            The Design: Black glass forms the entire back and the front frame of
                             the phone. The sides are an attractive silver, which also act as a signal
                             boosting aerial.
                            The Screen: The screen is incredibly high resolution, and Apple claims
                             that you can't actually see any of the pixels on the screen.
                            The Processor: Apple's new A4 chip ensures that your phone runs at an
                             ultra-fast speed whilst keeping power usage to a minimum.
   iOS4: The new operating system, iOS4 is what powers the whole iPhone. It looks a lot different
    and will run extremely fast on the excellent processor, reason enough to get rid of your old
    model and recycle iPhone 3GS.
   The Camera: One of the most long awaited improvements is the camera. The camera has been
    bumped up to 5 megapixels and promises crisper photos. It also records HD, and there will soon
    be an app available to edit your video straight from the iPhone.

Recycle iPhone 3GS
You're probably thinking what's the best way to get rid of your old iPhone to make way for the new
model? Simple, recycle iPhone. If you recycle your iPhone, you will get offered a cash payment.
Along with getting a decent sum of money for your phone, you are also helping the environment.
Recyclers buy phones, refurbish them and sell them on to a new owner. If the phone can't be re-
used, then it is broken down and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

What are you waiting for? If you want the iPhone 4, recycle iPhone 3GS now!

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